Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fagin the Thief

Fagin: Hey kitties, this is Fagin. YAY!! I gotta tell you about what happened last night. My mommy said something very mean to me kitties. She called me "Fagin the Thief" and said that will be one of my new nicknames. But its not my fault kitties, really its not! It's all the chicken's fault!!

You see, last night Daddy made nummy chicken and cheese quesadillas for him and Mommy. Well, Mommy ate all of hers but ONE LONELY piece which she left on her plate that she set down on the counter. She then went outside to do something with the woofies and I was just sitting there - honest I was - when the quesadilla said to me: "Fagin! Fagin! Do not leave me here all alone, all by myself. Fagin! I need to be eaten!" And then it began to cry, it really did, so I jumped up on the counter and NOM NOM NOMed the piece of quesadilla, just as it asked me too. And Mommy did not even know - she thought Daddy ate it because I left no incriminating evidence. Later when he ratted me out (BAD DADDY!) she called me "Fagin the Thief!!" Well, what do you expect woman!! Look what character you named me for - the head thief!!

Purrageous Mom: Fagin, that is a good story and all but what about Daddy's missing shrimps from the night before?

Fagin: I do not know Mommy - maybe they swam away? Look! What's that?!?! (giggles are heard as Fagin runs off)


Niko and Cloud said...

You were not being bad, Fagin. You wuz doing jus wat it asked you to.
I (Cloud) drink mom's water cuz it asks me to. She doesn't unnerstand either. We should hold a Bean Training Class.

The Meezers or Billy said...

FAGIN NOT BAD!! foods haf to be eated!!! ME eats mommy's foods! ME eated shrimps too!!!


Anonymous said...

Fagin listen dude, yoo should try and make the dad bean listen to yoo. I mean really guys gotta stick together!

~ Shadow ~

Fagin, personally I fink yoo shud pee on yer dads pillow, dat will teach him to rat yoo out!

~ Molly ~

Fagin, little man, I'm with you. I'd had stolen that nom nom nomy good stuff too!

~ Troo ~

Mr. Hendrix said...

man, you are one lucky kitty Fagin. you're eating like a king! a pirate king!

i too think the shrimps just swam away (and right down your belly...)

hey, what did pirates do to rat finks? walk the plank?

PB 'n J said...

MOL! Fagin you're just living up to your namesake!!!

My dearest ManCat,
I'm on my way over now, the treatment that I'm receiving is simply not up to my standards! Save a snuggly spot for me on the quilt!
Purrs and nosekisses,
The feisty (and ignored) Black Pearl

Daisy said...

Fagin, it was not your fault. You were just following directions! You should be rewarded for that.

Everycat said...

Remember this Fagin!

Finders keepers
Keepers eaters

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We bet mom isn't really all dat mad...besides, cold kasadeeas (yoor mom spelled it funny and we hadda ask our mom what it was) is icky so yoo were doing yoor mom a favor. Effuryone knows dat shrimps are fur kitties. Duh. By da way, Santa Claws always brings us stuff even if we know we was nawty...we think he's a purrty forgiving guy.


Fagin young man, I think you have been eating rather well and I commmend you for it. The only thing is you should share this bounty with your big brothers, Jack and Dante!

Purrs and headbumpies
your devoted lady love
Miss Boo

The Island Cats said...

Fagin, we think things left on the counter are free game...yesterday, Zoey ate some chicken and cheese nachos that mom left on the counter...

Wally & Ernie

The Furry Kids said...

Fagin, there is nothing sadder than unattended foods. They just cry and cry and beg you to eat them all up, don't they? You did a good job. Don't worry about the thief thing. If the worst thing they call you is thief, you're doing pretty good. hee hee


LZ said...

Thievery is GOOD!! I'm a thief so it must be good!


Sunny's Mommy said...

You're not a thief. You just know good food when you smell it :-D Are you supposed to let the good food go to waste?! Nooooooo!

Fat Eric said...

You mean she left the delicious foods all alone and she REALLY expected them to be there when she came back???


Anonymous said...

Ummm. Pirate!? Besides, Fagin, all is fair in love and foods!

Unknown said...

Fagin, that's a good one! I say if someone leaves food down on the counter then it is up for grabs : )

Mickey's Musings said...

Imagine your Dad ratting you out!!!!!Sheesh!!!
As for the shrimp...they are probably over at Parker's house!! heehee
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

haha Fagin food tells me that same thing ALLLL the time!!
I can understand you Fay I can :)


Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Fagin, we NEFER touch food on plates unless they are on the floor (then they are meant fer us)...

Skeeter and LC

I have a slightly different view on this...


Just Ducky said...

Oh Fagin the Bold! You wouldn't be able to do that here. Mum keeps a close eye on her plate!