Monday, September 29, 2008

No Mancat Monday

Our Mommy forgot to take our pictures to day hunting today so we will have no Mancat Monday today. Fagin was going to show you some pictures of the really cool nip and toys Hendrix and Bendrix sent him, but Mommy was once again busy and distracted when she left home this morning and she forgot her thumb drive which has the pictures on it. Sigh.

Mommy has been very stressed and forgetful lately. You may have noticed we are not visiting as many blogs as we used to and that is because Mommy's day hunting gig just moved into their busy season. Mommy works for the human government in a budget division and this time of year she has to make budget decisions which takes a lot of time. This year it's harder because she is having to decide who gets to keep their jobs and who becomes unemployed. It's hard on Mommy and she really wants another day hunting gig and she has been looking for a year with no luck yet. She had an interview last week for a job she really wants so we have all of our paws and tails crossed that she gets it. We want Mommy to be less busy so we can blog some more and visit our friends more. We also want her to be less sad and stressed - losing three beloved furry children in 4 weeks has be really hard on Mommy and she is not smiling much anymore.

Please do not think that we have forgotten you or that we are getting tired of blogging. We are not and we miss you all. We just want this ick-onomy to get better so that Mommy can find a better job, so that Aunt Susan's clients have more money to get better V-E-T treatment (that was one side of the ick-onomy Mommy did not think of until she asked Aunt Susan last night how work was going. Aunt Susan says it's frustrating and depressing because she has clients that she knows she can treat and/or cure but that the ick-onomy is not allowing the beans to have as many green papers so they cannot pay for much beyond helping their beloved pets to the Bridge. It sucks and it has Mommy very upset right now too!!), and so that people are smiling and happy once again when they do not have to wait in line for gas here in Atlanta!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

For Cap'n Nels - Fagin's Promotion

Alas, it is with a grieving heart that we must convey to you that our pirate brother - Cap'n Nels the Cranky, has left us. He has gone to captain that great pirate ship that sails on the oceans at the Bridge and we are all very sad. But out of everything sad, there is the joyful too.

As you know, the young Cabin Kitten, is up for a promotion. We had been waiting to get a ceremony and a party organized before we had the grand annoucement, but in light of the fact that Fagin first distinguished himself on Meow Like a Pirate Day under the watchful eye of Cap'n Nels, we decided to honor that great Captain's passing by making the annoucement today (we'll have the party later). So, gather round all of you kitties and witness the deed.

We want it known that out of all of the guesses of what young Fagin's new rank would be it was in fact, the Great Captain Nels and the rest of the Meowers who came the closest when they guessed "he'll be the pick-pocket-in-chief?" Yes, and now we have the honour of presenting to you:

Fearless Fagin, the Ferocious Fighting Tabby, Quarter Master and Purser (in charge of all acquistions and riches) of the Black Furrball.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Totally Annoyed Thursday

Captain Jack here. I must tell you kitties, I have not gotten one moment of peace since Fagin heard about his pending promotion. The boy will not leave me alone but keeps pestering me, demanding that I tell him what his rank will be. Just look at these pictures Mommy took!

Here he is trying to sneak up on me, hoping that I will give him some clue. And let me tell you kitties, he is unrelenting in this too. Following me everywhere hoping to learn something. Mommy says he is like a kid waiting on Christmas. Sigh. You kitties would not believe what I put up with!!

Fagin: Tell ME Captain, PUH-LEEZE!!! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!

Captain Jack: NO! Your promotion, if indeed there is one coming (wink,wink) will only be given when I say so, when the time is right, when the moon is in the right phase and the planets align...

Fagin: MOMMY! Jack is being mean to ME!!

Fagin: Sigh...ME hate waiting. ME wish he would give ME just one hint but he won't and when ME ask Dante he just shrugs and says its up to the Captain but that they are planning a ceremony and maybe a party to celebrate so maybe ME will try to wait. If ME gets presents at the party for ME! And we get to PLAYPLAYPLAY at the party too! ME like parties!!

Here's a hint: Fagin's rank, his new duties on the Black Furrball, has to do with the origin of his name and how the character he was named for made his living and also the way in which he proved himself during the Meow Like a Pirate Day adventures with Cap'n Nels of the Cat o'Nine Tails. Anyone have a guess?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fagin Update

Mommy is really busy day hunting today so we might not get to post beyond this but we wanted to give you guys an update. Last night Fagin was spoiled rotten!! When he tried to jump up onto the counter to get FOODS as he normally does, the beans would stop him "so he did not hurt himself" and feed him whatever he wanted. It was bad! In fact, Mommy woke up at about 1am and realized Daddy was not in bed with her and went to find him. She found Daddy asleep on the couch with Fagin laying on his chest and when she asked him why he had not come to bed, he said that he did not want to disturb Fagin so he thought he would sleep there until Fagin woke up. Eventually he came to bed because Mommy was woken up about 3 times by Fagin purring and snuggling with her. This morning his pupils are no longer dialated and he seems to be back to his normal kitten self. Thank you all for the good thoughts and purrs and purrayers. We will be annoucing his new rank as soon as Mommy gets a free moment!!

PS: If you have no seen the pictures of drugged Fagin that we posted last night, scroll down and see - they are too funny!
PSS: Billy- Fagin says we PLAY NOW?? PLAYPLAYPLAY!! YAY!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fagin's Home

He' s home and just look at the poor little guy. Mommy gave him some invalid cat food to eat since he has gone almost 24 hours without food and the poor thing made a mess! He was really hungry though.

The poor thing cannot walk straight (though he wants to attack everything) because they drugged him lots. Aunt Susan wound up picking him up from the spay/neuter clinic (Daddy's car broke down while he was on his way to get the little guy so he called her for help) and she said that Fagin is good and drugged. In fact, they gave him so much he may be seeing pink elephants until tommorow. Of course, there may be another reason why he was drugged so much. Just look!!

Those two words were written on every page of Fagin's record - Careful! Caution! We are so proud of the little guy- they told Aunt Susan he was "agressive." AWWWW! What a good little lad. He's definetly getting promoted now!! As soon as he's not stoned that is!!

Mancat Monday

Hiya kitties, Captain Jack and Dante here - no Kid this morning as he is in the PTU on his way to get his hoohaa-ectomy. We do not think he ever guessed what was going on - not even when Mommy picked up all the food and water bowls last night. Heck, he didn't even seem to care much when Mommy did not listen to our demands for treats this morning and instead said "I know Jack and Dante and I am sorry. You will have to wait until Fagin gets into the PTU to get somethng to eat cause you know he cannot have any." Sigh. And people wonder why we say the Kid drives us nuts! Well, if you can please purr for Fagin today. Mommy is a bit nervous as you know.

One more thing - as you may know Fagin did prove himself on the adventuring for Meow Like a Pirate Day (go here to learn about it) so we have decided to promote him from Cabin Kitten to something else. Since today is such an auspicious day, we thought that we will surprise him with his new name and title when he gets home from his hoohaa-ectomy. Since Captain Jack is obviously the Captain and Sir Dante Barbossa is First Mate - we ask you kitties - what should Fagin be called??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Dare

Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for us!! Hey kitties, First Mate Dante here. The Captain and I were quite impressed with the large crew of kitties that we were able to recruit for Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday. In the next couple of days, we will be coming by to let everyone know that they were awarded the highly prized Black Furrball Crew Member badge, but if you cannot wait until then, please feel free to take the badge now for your bloggie.

On other news, we have accepted Karl's dare! Although our beans do lots for the enviroment - they recycle, use green household cleaners whenever they can, and Mommy even takes the commuter bus to work 5 days a week (and the bus runs on natural gas too) - they do one thing that we really love in the spring and fall - they turn off the AC and open all of the windows to cool the house! You see, we are kitties of a southern clime and its way too hot to open the windows and turn off the AC in the summer, but we do this every chance we get. In fact, this is the first weekend since late spring that we've done this and just look!!

Here I am showing Fagin how awesome the windows in the den are for window sitting. You see, we have a great ledge that runs along one side of the room underneath the windows so we can sit and lay and stare outside all day long quite comfortably! In fact, there is so much room here that Samwise has been known to get onto this ledge in front of an open window and sleep too!

Captain Jack, should we tell him? Should we give him advance warning or should we just let him enjoy the weekend and tell him Sunday night?

Let's wait. I do not feel like having to answer his questions all weekend. The open windows are way too nice to ruin with kitten excitement! He'll know somethings up on Sunday when they take our food and water away.
Hey guys, what are you talking about? Are you talking about ME? What's going on? Why would Mommy and Daddy take our FOODS away? Did ME do something bad??

*SIGH* How do you prepare a mini-mancat for their hooha-ectomy? Fagin's is Monday - should we warn him or just let it go and see if he notices anything after he wakes up??

PS: Once again, thank you all so much for your kind words following Merlyn's passing. You thoughts and love meant a lot!! Mommy is worried about Fagin on Monday since he will be having his hooha-ectomy so if you guys could purr for him to be okay on Monday, we would really appreciate it!! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Aye me mateys! Welcome aboard the decks of the most fearsome of pirate ships, The Black Furrball. I am your Capt'n, Capt'n Jack Kitten and this be my first of mates, Sir Dante Barbossa and over there be our cabin kitten, Fagin The Kid. Welcome to the second annual Meow Like a Pirate Day adventure. As we get ready to make way to meet up with the most infamous of pirates, Cap'n Nels of the Cat o'Nine Tails and may want to get ready to look as fearsome as any good pirates should be. If ye did not bring ye own gear, we have some extras and you can get your eye patches, swords, and other pirate gear from this little fella. Make sure you know how to swing those blades about, as we plan to board any catnip or stinky goodness ships we may find along the way!!

Alas, ye might have heard tale that our human pirate lady, Red the Purrageous Mom, lost another pirate kitty last night - that magical pirate known on the Seven Seas as Merlyn the Magnificent and that our mission was almost aborted. Have no fear kitties, we thanks you for yer kind words, and Red has decided that Merlyn would want us kitties to pilage and plunder and today, we shall do so, in that kitty's name!! ME' ARRRRR!!!

Oh be ye a woofie, do not fear, Cap'n George of The George is docked right besides us so there be plenty of room for all!

Now sit back and relax, and if you fear your stomach is rumbling loud enough to summon the royal navy and give us pirates away, never ye fear! On the way to port this day we were able to round us up some grub and grog.

As you see we have a seafood extravaganza and below decks we have gastronomical delights the like of which ye have never before seen!! So eat, drink and be merry kitties, and we are off to find our destiny on the open sea. Cap'n Nels, we are on our way!! We shall find glory and treasure!! Now, all together, MEOW LIKE A PIRATE!!! ME'ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Bad News

Merlyn (left) and Midnight (right) sleeping together

Nana just called Mommy and broke the news to her - Merlyn is gone. He went to the Bridge this morning. We posted about Merlyn before but we'll tell you about him again. He was Mommy's kitty - she got him when she was 17 years old and he was also brother to Smudge who went to the Bridge exactally a month ago today. He did not live with us because he wanted to stay with Nana and Grandpa when Mommy moved out and got married, but he was still Mommy's special kitty.

Mommy named him Merlyn because when he was a kitten he could teleyport! Really! Just like a wizard!! He would walk out of a room one way and then POOF! he would be on the total other side of the room before you would knew it and you'd have no clue how he got there! He was also best friends with Midnight (pictured above) who left us a few years ago and we are sure that Midnight is happy to see him (his sister Smudge too). Merlyn was a great kitty and we know Mommy will miss him lots. Nana said that Grandpa found the beautiful grey kitty this morning and thinks that he laid down and went to sleep and then left for the Bridge. he had been sick for a while and was getting old. We know he's happier now.

Mommy cannot stop crying! We're going to try to help her to feel better but this is THREE beloved pets that have went to the Bridge in the last month and she keeps saying "I cannot take anymore! Please let this be the last one!!" We know tommorow is Meow Like a Pirate Day and that we invited all of you kitties out on the Black Furrball with us, but we just don't know if we'll be able to go out now. It will depend on how Mommy feels. Please purr for her and for Merlyn.

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of tommorow being Meow Like a Pirate Day, this week's Thursday Thirteen will be:

Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Meow Like a Pirate

1. You are invited on not one but two of the most fearsome pirate ships ever to sail the Seven Seas - the Black Furrball captained by your own Cap'n Jack or the Cat O'Nine Tails captained by Cap'n Nels.
2. We might see some catnip boats that we can acquire.

3. Dressing up like a pirate makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

4. You get to meow funny and talk with a piratey accent all you want.

5. Yes, Fagin - FOODS and treats will be served on the pirate ships.

6. You have a good reason for never having your claws trimmed again - we need those weapons if you are going to be part of the crew.

7. If you have woofie friends, you can bring them, because sailing at our side will be the fearsome woofie Cap'n George who captains the woofie sailboat the George with her trusty first mate Beaux.

8. The ships have ropes to climb, high places to hang out like the crow's nest, and sails to slide down.

9. Sunbeams on the open ocean - need we say more?

10. Tuna lives in the ocean and we have big nets to catch them with.

11. We heard tale of a treasure map. There could be temptations or stinky goodness treasure that we find and as a crew member, you get a fair share of all the spoils

12. You get to spend all day with your friends reeking havoc and mayhem!

13. If you come along on the Black Furrball, you can have an official Black Furrball Crew Member badge for your bloggie!!

Hope to see you hear, in the morning, as we sail towards are destiny!! Me'ARRRRRR!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tattle Tuesday

Hi Kitties! Captain Jack here. For today's Tattle Tuesday I am going to tell you what Fagin did to Mommy a few mornings ago. Now, you must first know that Mommy is in no way, shape or form a morning person. She HATES mornings. Usually in our house during the work week Mommy is up first. She stumbles downstairs all bleary eyed and goes straight to the coffee maker. We have one of those pod coffee makers so she can make a cup of coffee in about 45 seconds. After her coffee is made, she gets out our treats and gives us our breakfast. Well, on this particular day she had sat her coffee onto the counter and turned to get our Temptations. As she turned around Fagin jumped onto the counter and SPLASH!! Fagin spilled Mommy's coffee! In fact, not only did Fagin spill Mommy's fresh, hot coffee but he spilled the coffee on Mommy! Let me tell you kitties, Mommy SCREAMED loud enough to wake Daddy and then she screamed some adult words that I am not allowed to say. But the worst part kitties? Mommy was so upset and so soaked that she ran upstairs and jumped into the shower without giving me my morning nummies!! And it was all Fagin's fault!! Yes, The Kid is a menance!! Some of you may wonder when Fagin will be promoted from cabin boy and let me tell you, if he continues to act like this, he will be swabbing the decks forever!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pirate Kitties Unite!!

Aye, we be calling all pirate kities to join the crew of the Black Furrball as we take on our most fearsome mission yet. We've heard tale of a certain treasure map that is in the possession of one Cap'n Nels the Cranky, the fearsome pirate who sails the Cat o’ Nine Tails, and we are getting ready to make way on Friday, September 19th (otherwise known as "International Meow Like a Pirate Day") to journey far to the seychelles with an entire flotilla of our pirate brethren!

Be ye brave enough to face this mission as a crew member of the Black Furrball? If so, you are welcome to come aboard and journey with us this Friday. Pirate kitties unite!! This is a most secret mission so kitties you must tell NO BEANS about this mission until it is done and we are home with the bounty of our journey. Me'ARRRRRR!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Pixie

It was with heavy heart that we learned today that our dear friend Pixie was called to the Bridge. Every time we see a banana we will remember you fondly, Pixie, and we know that one day we will see you again. Until then, we know that we have another guardian angel who will watch over all of us kitties (and woofies and buns and beans) of the blogosphere with love.

Dear friends, if you can, please go and see Daisy and her Mom and let them know we are thinking of them.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally Friday

We Purrageous Pirates are so happy that it's Friday that we just could not contain ourselves. We wanted to celebrate that we'll have the whole weekend with our beans at home all the time with us - well, as soon as they get home from their day hunting gigs that is. In order to make them hurry up and get home from dayhunting, we decided that they needed to hurry up and go day hunting (faster there, faster home, right?) so we conned the woofies into waking both beans up at 5:30am!! And it worked! Both beans got up and Daddy even left much earlier than normal! Wait, what is that Mommy? Daddy had to leave early to go to another office today and would have gotten up early anyway? We wasted our time and made our beans grumpy? NAW! We don't believe that at all!!

In order to celebrate this Friday, we finally made Mommy post some of our awards. Here they are!!
This award was given to Fagin by those cool cats over at Manx Mews (Captain Jack sends his love and affection to "my own pirate lady love, Miss Boo!"). Isn't it great kitties? Well, Fagin knows he is supposed to pass it along but we think most kitties have gotten this one. However, if you have not gotten it yet consider yourself awarded!!

We got this award from two different families. First PB&J (Dante sends all of his love to his sassy calico cutie and fearsome pirate lass, the Black Pearl) and then we got it from Tybalt. Here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Put links of those blogs on yours, and

5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated

Because we are feeling generous, we are going to let The Kid give this award out.

YAY! ME, the BRAVE FAGINATOR (one of Mommy's nicknames for me - its like the Terminator, but Faginized) wants to give this award to the Tuxedo Gang Hideout (of which both Captain Jack and Samwise are members), Katie Too, Billy Sweetfeets (Billy! PLAYPLAYPLAY! NOW!) and Gandalf and Grayson. Is that SEVEN? Did I give it away enuffs? Oh well - PLAY!! PLAY NOW kitties!! RUN and JUMP and ATTACK DANTE!! ME loves to ATTACK Dante. Its FUN!! YAY!! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Remember/Never Forget

Today, we will let the pictures and the memories speak for us....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Worried Wednesday

Hello friends!! Instead of the usual Wordless Wednesday today we are having Worried Wednesday in honor of Mommy. As you know, in the past couple of weeks Mommy's family has had Smudge and now Buck go to the Bridge. Those loses have made her very sad and also very worried.

Apparently humans have a saying that "Bad things always happen in threes" and since we have lost two fuzzy children, she is afraid of there being a third. This is compounded by the fact that on September 22nd, little Fagin is going for his hoo-haa-ectomy. Because of scheduling and such, Aunt Susan will not be doing the procedure. Another V-E-T she referred Fagin to will be doing it. Although Mommy has talked to Aunt Susan before and knows that the procedure is very quick and very easy (it's why Aunt Susan recommended us out to this other, less expensive vet. If Fagin were a girl Aunt Susan would do it and we would pay the higher ER V-E-T clinic cost but Aunt Susan feels Dr. Amy can do it no probem), she is nervous. Can you kitties and beans give her some encouragement? She has actually considered canceling Fagin's appointment and then tells herself she is being silly and he needs to have it done. Poor Mommy! She just needs some reassurance that everything will be fine.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tabby Tuesday

This week we have a very special Tabby Tuesday. Mommy was going through her old pictures and found a picture of a very special kitty. Here she is:
Mommy says this picture is over 25 years old so that is why the quality is so bad (can you kitties believe they did not have digital flashy boxes way back then?). No, its not Fagin in this picture but another special kitty. Her name is Toby and she was Mommy's first ever kitty. Mommy got her when she was only 4 years old (younger than Samwise is now). She was often called "Bobo" as her nickname and was a very sweet if not very bright kitty. Toby was also the first tabby kitty Mommy ever had and she says that Fagin is only the second classically colored tabby that she ever had (Dante is the only orange tabby she ever had). Bobo lived a very long life and went to the Bridge when Mommy was 21.

Toby's trip to the Rainbow Bridge is a great story too. In the last years of her life, Toby wanted to go outside so Mommy and our grandbeans let her. She never left the fenced backyard and had her two woofies to protect her. She never came inside and lived happily in the yard. One day, when Toby was very old she did something she had not done in years - she asked to come inside. Mommy and the Grandbeans knew she was very old and sick and that she would soon go to the Bridge. Toby knew too because after she came in she stayed inside for two whole weeks and made it a point to sleep on everyone at least once. Then one night, Toby demanded to go outside. The next day Grandpa found her in the front yard (where she had not been in years) curled up under her favorite tree. Grandpa thought she was sleeping but when he got closer, he realized she had gone to the front yard on purpose so she could have her last moments on earth in her favorite place. It was truly a beautiful passing.

Mommy has lots of great memories about Toby and when our grandbeans and aunt and uncle came to our house last Saturday to help celeybrate Daddy's BD, she showed them this picture and they spents lots of time remembering Toby. Mommy says that she still loves her and knows that one day she will see her again and she will love to hear her purr again!! Happy Tabby Tuesday everyone!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sad News

We have some very sad news to tell. Buck, our grandparents doggie and Mommy's doggie too (she used to live with our grandparents when they first got Buck and Buck called her "Little Mommy" since Nana was also his Mommy) was helped to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He has been suffering from numerous health problems including an enlarged heart and spleen. Nana said around 1am he woke them up crying in pain. They finally called Doc (their V-E-T) around 5am and he met them immediately at his clinic. He said he felt a large mass in Buck's tummy and that it was probably cancer and recommended Buck be helped to leave his pain behind. Nana and Grandpa agreed and in tears said goodbye to the sweetest Border Collie on earth.

Buck was a very special woofie. Nana and Grandpa and Mommy rescued him from the pound when he was about a year old. He had some bad scars on him and all agreed that whoever had Buck first tried to turn him into a guard dog, not knowing that Border Collies are herders and never meant to be guard dogs, and got mad when they could not make him vicious. Our family showed him lots of love and he always reciprocated. Mommy says that when they first got him she was going through a hard time in her life and he always knew when she was upset and would lay his head in her lap and refuse to leave her until she felt better. Later, when Mommy met Samwise, she knew she had to keep him beccause he looks so much like Buck does. He was also one of the smartest woofies Mommy ever met. He will be sorely missed.

We ask you to please purr especially for our Nana and Grandpa. They are absolutely heartbroken and Mommy worries because now they are all alone. Doc said he is now on a mission to find them a new special friend, and they have asked Mommy to call Aunt Susan and ask her to do the same. We hope they find a friend as special as Buck. They are certaintly big paws to fill.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Guess what kitties? It is our Daddy's Birthday!! YAY!! Dante is most excited about this as Daddy is his human. He made this graphic for Daddy and is preparing to purr and purr at him all night.

Look, we even made Daddy a cake!! We hope he doesn't mind a few cat hairs here and there!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Happy Birthday Daddy!! We all love you very much!! YAY!!!

We hope every kitty, woofie, bean, bun - all of our friends - has a very good weekend. Mommy also wanted to thank all of you for your continud purrs and purrayers. We intend to lay on her all weekend so she is forced to rest! Have a good Friday!!! YAY!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mommy Update

We have a Mommy update for everyone. She went back to her V-E-T today and the V-E-T was encouraged by her progress. She is still coughing lots and lots but it's getting better and the wheezing is too. The V-E-T said that pneumonitis takes a while for anyone to recover from but Mommy is going to take longer because of complications arising from being asthmatic. Mommy is experiencing one of those complications - she has some sort of infection in her lungs. The V-E-T put her on Auntie Botiks to keep the infection from becoming pneumonia. The V-E-T wants her to continue to take it easy and get plenty of rest. Mommy has to go back to see the V-E-T if she is not lots better in 10 days so she can see a special V-E-T called a Pulmonologist.

We want to once again thank everyone for their purrs and their purrayers. We really think that they are helping Mommy to get better. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuxie and Tabby Cat Bathroom Tuesday

Heya friends! We wanted to show you what happened at our house this weekend. It was a long weekend this weekend which means that the humans were home with us lots more than normal. As you may know, Mommy had hurt lungs all weekend and had to take it easy and rest. When she got absolutely stir crazy, Daddy would take her out to the store called Target and while they were there, they bought the things to finish the cat guest bathroom. If you will remember, we posted about Mommy and Daddy painting the bathroom a while ago. Now we want to show you the end result.
Here's Fagin helping to show off the new wall color, bathmat, and towel bar and towels. As you can see, it is a very cat friendly room!! We can tell you that the new bathmat is really comfy to nap on. Here are the new towels which Mommy really loves. Those are embroidered tabby kitties on the white towels.

Here is Fagin showing off the sink area. Mommy found the blue candles in a box. She had bought them years ago - before any of us where even borned. We think they look very good in our cat bathroom. Daddy wants to change the hardware on the sink to match the patinaed bronze of the new towel bar and toilet paper holder. Above Fagin's head is a really pretty candle holder made to look like leaves. Mommy has two porcelin fairies that Daddy hung from the candle holder because he thought that fairies would want to hang out in a cat garden bathroom too.

This is the closet. It had an ugly door on it that never really fit right before, but when Mommy painted the shelves and saw how the bathroom looked with the closet door off, she decided to leave it off. The bottom shelf has new towels on it, the middle shelf has pretty decorations including Mommy's Hello Kitty basket (she finally found something to do with it). The picture says "Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we will never cease to be amused." It's hard to tell in this picture, but in front of the picture is a crystal sleeping cat candle holder. Mommy says the top shelf is a work in progress. She wants to get three pretty wicker baskets for hidden storage.

Do you like the new bathroom? Mommy is very pleased with it! Oh, what is that? What were we doing while the beans were decorating?
We were resting on the bed in the guest bedroom!! We know what to do on a holiday, sleep!!

PS: Mommy says to tell you that she is feeling better still, and is able to return to work today. She is not sure she will make it a full day but is glad for whatever improvement she can get. Thank you all for your continued good thoughts and wishes - it means a lot to all of us. And for those who were wondering about Uncle Dave's family in New Orleans - they all rode out the storm and they are all fine! Yay!!