Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

Heya kitties - it is ME, FAGIN!!! YAY!!!

Kitties, ME has a question for you - Why does humans not like us to put the bitey on them? You see, this morning FAGIN was a good FAGIN and decided to cuddle and snuggle with Mommy before she had to get up to go day hunting. It was about 5am and she seemed happy to see FAGIN. FAGIN cuddled up to her and purred lots and even made biscuits!! Mommy even petted FAGIN's head. Well, FAGIN wa so excited, that ME could not help it - ME snuggled her arm and then BITE!! ME was gentle, honest!! FAGIN just could not help putting the bitey on Mommy's arm!! Mommy screamed really loud and said "FAGIN!!!!" and then suddenly FAGIN was flying through the air off the bed and onto the floor. Well, FAGIN'S Mommy would never throw FAGIN off the bed on purpose (would she?) so ME climed back into bed and cuddled and snuggled again. Mommy petted FAGIN again so tossing ME must have been a mistake. I got so excited that well - BITE!! And do you kitties know what? FAGIN flew through the air again!! FAGIN no think Mommy likes the bitey - do you kitties?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mancat Monday

Hiya kities, it is ME, FAGIN!! YAY!! Well, not YAY actually. FAGIN is here to complain about Mommy. Why is Mommies so lazy when they had a bitty bean in their tummy? Mommy SAID she would help FAGIN to get HIS pictures online - of FAGIN climbing up a screen on our porch this weekend like a REAL MANCAT and everything but what happened? Mommy could not find the camera cable and you know what? SHE BARELY LOOKED!!! She said she is too TIRED!!!! FAGIN not get it!! All Mommy did ALL DAY LONG was lay around and watch TV and nap with Dante and Captain Jack and Samwise. She didn't even PLAY with FAGIN!!! FAGIN is hurt!!! FAGIN is going to run away!! BILLY, can ME come and live with you?? ME feels neglected.

Fagin, you cannot run away...

But why not Dante?

Because it would make Mommy sad. And we do not want her to cry, do we?

No, FAGIN guess not. But will she stop being tired and help ME with my pictures soon do you think?

Yes, I know she will help us to get pictures online soon. We just have to be patient with her for a while.

What do you think kitties? Should FAGIN be patient? Will Mommy be tired forever? Will she ver help us with our pictures again? What if all the kitties forget what FAGIN looks like. You guys still remember what FAGIN looks like, don't you? FAGIN hopes so!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Finally Back

Heya kities - its us, the Purageous Pirates posting this Monday - finally!! We've not been blogging since FAGIN's Gotcha Day party and we are not very pleased with this. However, we do have a real reason as to why we've been away so long. Mommy has just not felt up to helping us blog. Mommy has been really tired and has even been throwing up a lot lately. And then last Thursday Mommy and Daddy left us, not for their day hunting gigs, but to go and see a doctor and have some very amazing and special pictures made - here's the one Daddy took with his CrackBerry and showed us....

Yep kitties, like many others on the Cat Blogosphere, we are having a baby. Mommy actually found out the exact same day that our friend Tybalt's Mommy found out about their baby but we wanted to wait a while to tell anyone. Mommy says it will be COLD again before we see the baby, but that it will be before Santa Claws comes. Because the doctor said something about Mommy being a really risky human (which we could have told her), we will get to know the exact day that the baby will be here and we are very excited about that. Mommy says the baby V-E-T said she will make sure the baby comes right after Thanksgiving.

In order to help Mommy and the baby, we are making sure that Mommy is sleeping enough and resting all she wants to. Samwise is guarding her and making sure nothing attacks her or bothers her. FAGIN is tasting all of her FOODS before she eats it and making sure it is good for her and the baby. Beaux however, may be sick of all of our baby preparations because all he is doing is staying outside and sleeping in the warm spring air rather than hanging out with us and making sure Mommy takes care of herself. Or maybe he is just enjoying the 70+ degree weather......