Monday, March 30, 2009

Mancat Monday - We're Back!!!

Hey every kitty!! You guys haven't forgotten us, have you?? Oh how we have missed all of our friends!! Mommy has been a very BAD MOMMY and has not helped us to blog lately. Well kitties, we were real mancats this weekend and sat Mommy down - okay, we actually sat on her and held her down while she was lying down watching TV - and we told her that we were tired of her neglect. Captain Jack has not seen Lady Boo in forever, Dante really misses his Black Pearl, and if Fagin does not get to play with Billy soon we might kill him ourselves!! Mommy promised she would stop neglecting us poor kitties and help us more! That means we are back!!! YAY!!!

So what has been going on kitties? Did you guys miss us? We certainly missed all of you!! Anyone want to come over and PLAYPLAYPLAY!?!?! It's warm here and has finally stopped raining so we could play and take naps in sunbeams! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Captain Jack!!


Hey everyone!! Thanks for stopping by to help us wish Captain Jack a very Happy 5th Birthday!! Come on in, we gots lots of FOODS!!
Samwise's favorite food on earth - TURKEY!!!
And Daddy's favorite steaks right off the grill....

And Mommy's favorite FOODS on earth - SHRIMP!!


In honor of Saint Patrick's Day we have special green nip tinis. They are made with our special pirate nip rum too so they are very good!! Dante just made a new pitcher so please try some!!

And if you are just a wee lad or lassie, we have fresh milk - yum!!

And look! We have lots of pirate birthday cake and pirate cupcakes!!

Mommy says we can PLAYPLAYPLAY and walk on the ceiling and everything!! YAY!!! Happy Birthday Captain Jack, let's PAR-TAY!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

Hey kitties! Pssst! Come here!!!

Mommy just reminded us what tommorow is. Do you kitties know? What? Yes, its St. Patrick's Day for the beans but it's another special day too. Do you know??

It's Captain Jack's 5th birthday tommorow! Yep, the Captain will be 5 whole years old and Mommy says we can have a surprise party for him tommorow.

We hope all of you kitties will come by and help us to celebrate the Captain's birthday. We will have FOODS and FOODS and even some NOMs. Mommy says we can have toys and play games and walk on the ceiling and everything!!

Come by tommorow kitties for Captain Jack's party. It will be right here, all day. SHHHH! Don't tell the Captain!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

Kitties, we must say that we had quite the weekend - well actually, we had quite the Sunday since all of the really cool things happened to us on Sunday. Okay, well actually maybe we should say that all of the COLD things happened to us on Sunday!!

First of all kitties, we got a milkshake early Sunday morning!! YES!!! A Krispy Kreme doughnut milkshake from Daddy's night hunting gig at the resturant. Well, technically Daddy did bring it home for Mommy (he brings her a different milkshake about once a week) but we had to try it. You see, they actually put whole doughnuts into the milkshake (apparently first they zap them with liquid nitrogen to make them crumble) and it was oh so sweet and nummy. If you kitties come and visit, we will make Daddy bring home more of those milkshakes cause just NOMNOMNOM!!! But that was not all that happened to us this weekend kitties!! Just look!!!

It SNOWED!! It actually SNOWED here in Atlanta. It never does this!! We were so excited!! It started snowing sometime around lunch and kept snowing until about 6pm. It was so pretty kitties and just look!!

It was Fagin's First Snowfall. He was so excited!! He ran outside onto our screened porch and jumped up to look at all of the white things falling from the sky. Mommy said that he chittered and tried to whap the snow through the screen before he realized one very important fact: SNOW IS COLD and ran back into the house to stay warm. Mommy and Daddy opened all of the window blinds for us kitties and the woofies to look out and watch. It was lots of fun being all warm while the cold stuff continued to fall. YAY!!!!