Monday, December 14, 2009

Mancat Monday

As you know, our new Cabin Boy arrived a couple of weeks ago. Since then life has really changed around here - you would not believe how loud little humans can be - especially at 3am! Since Mommy and Daddy are so busy with the new baby, we've decided that real mancats help out with their little humans.

Right now Cabin Boy is sleeping in a bassinet in the big room with Mommy and Daddy. Dante was afraid the bassinet might float away and carry the Cabin Boy off so he has taken to sleeping in the storage basket underneath. Also, this way the brave First Mate can defend the baby against all attackers! Dante is certainly a fierce mancat!!
Captain Jack is helping out by guarding Callum's new room since he is not in it yet to protect it himself. As you can see, the fierce Captain is sacrificing his own self and comfort by sleeping on the pad on the changing table. Also, he has to make sure that its comfortable enough for our Cabin Boy to be laid on. Captain Jack is one brave kitty!!
Finally, brave Samwise is also helping out by guarding Callum night and day. Here he is sleeping alongside our little one to keep all of the bad dreams and nightmares away. Samwise is certainly an inspiration to all mancat woofies the world over!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cabin Boy is Here!!

The kitties and crew of the Black Furrball are pleased to announce the arrival of our Cabin Boy, Callum Andrew. Callum was born on November 25, 2009 at 5:54am. He weighed 8lbs, 8 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Here he is sleeping in his bassinet in the hospital. Isn't he cute?

Here is a portrait of all of the human members of the Black Furrball. This was taken the day after Callum was born while Mommy and Daddy were still in the hospital with Callum. They were actually there for 5 days but it was okay because Uncle Dave came over lots to take care of us.

No member of the Black Furrball is consider ship shape and ready to sail without an examination from our personal V-E-T Aunt Susan. From the look on her face, he seems to have passed. Aunt Susan is little Callum's godmother.

Daddy took this picture Monday night while we were watching the Saints game. Callum enjoyed his first Saints game a lot!!

We are doing very well with all of the changes of bringing Cabin Boy home. Mommy and Daddy are making sure that we get paid attention to as much as possible. Daddy brought home a blanket of Callum's the day before he came home so we could get used to the new smells of the baby and Mommy has let us all look at him too. The only problem is Captain Jack and Dante both want to sleep in Callum's bassinet but other than that, things seem to be going quite well. Thank you all for your well wishes - we really appreciate them all!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Getting Exciting Around Here!

Heya kitties! As most of you are pretty aware, our Mommy has a kitten in her tummy that will be coming out soon. Cabin Boy, as we call him, is due any day now and things are getting very exciting around our house!

On Saturday Nana and Grandpa came over and brought the coolest thing - a glider chair!
Mommy says it's to rock Cabin Boy in but as you can see from the picture, Captain Jack disagrees. It is now his favorite place in the house and Mommy and Daddy will rock it for him while he is laying on it and he just adores it! We do not know if he will share with Cabin Boy or not; we think he considers it his own pirate booty. Nana and Grandpa also brought over a cradle swing for Cabin Boy. Mommy says they are going to put the Captain in it and turn it on to see if he likes that rocking but Daddy is afraid he will like it too much and take it over too.

Mommy told us today that her very last day day hunting for a while is Wednesday. We is very excited that she will be home with us for a few weeks - 12 of them to be exact! YAY!!

Samwise is very excited that Thursday is Turkey Day. It is his absolute favorite holiday because he gets a ton of turkey which is one of his favorite foods. Mommy and Daddy were not going to take him to Nana and Grandpa's this year, just in case Cabin Boy decides to come (Mommy's nurse says the busiest day of the year for having babies is Thanksgiving), but Nana assures her they will bring Samwise home so he gets to go and have turkey and ham and dressing and all the good foods. He is so excited that he cannot wait.

Cabin Boy will be here soon. YAY!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tybalt's Blurpy is Here!!

The Purrageous Pirates are pleased to announce that Tybalt's blurpy has arrived!! Chloe Renea was born a little after 6pm tonight and weighed 6lbs, 14.7ozs. She was 20 inches long. Mommy talked to their Grandmama and both baby and Mommy are doing wonderful!! YAY!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mancat Monday

For this Mancat Monday, we have two mancat guidelines to discuss. The first will be presented by Captain Jack!

Captain Jack: Real mancats know how to show their true feelings. You see, our Nana and Grandpa came over Saturday to bring some things they had picked up for the Cabin Boy. Well, there were some snuggly blankets in what they brought that just had to be for me, right? So I decided to thank Nana by climbing up on her lap and making biscuits as hard as I could. I had to show my appreication, right? Can you believe that she tried to push me off and said "Jack, that hurts!" I was most displeased so to show her how angry I was, I had to put the bitey on her hand. That will show her not to let me show her my thanks in future, right?

Uh yeah, Captain, whatever you say, just don't bite us!

Our second mancat guideline is that all real mancats know how to get the 5 star treatment. You may remember us telling you about the black cat that showed up on Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's front porch this past Halloween. Well, Mommy was over there last night and Hootie, as they are calling him, was still there! He refuses to stay in the house though so Aunt Susan made him a right snug little nest on the front porch complete with heating pad for when it gets cold. And he is a real mancat as he knows how to get attention. Mommy walked by the front door and he meowed and headbutted the door until Mommy came out outside. She sat on the glider on the porch and Hootie jumped up into her lap (not easy with the Cabin Boy due any day now) and purred and headbutted her. She tried to snap a picture of him but he would not cooperate, preferring to be petted and worshipped to being photographed. Mommy says he is one of the sweetest kitties ever and the good news is his leg is better (Aunt Susan examined him and X-rayed him and even had another V-E-T that she works with look at him and they cannot see an injury or deformation so hopefully its just a sprain that will heal on its own) and that he combo tested negative. Aunt Susan said she will try to find him a forever home soon, but that he is quite snug on their porch until then. He is well on his way to being very spoiled because if there is anything Aunt Susan does well, its spoil kitties and woofies...that and making them healthy and well too - just ask Fagin!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mancat Mystery Monday

Hiya mateys!! It's been a long time since our last blog post, we know, but Mommy has been a lazy person and has not been helping us. We will forgive her for now because dude, her tummy is HUGE! She's bigger than Dante even!! That's going to be one big kitten when he gets here!! And he will be here soon - probably this very month!! WOW!!

To follow up on our last post, we asked if you could guess the chef that Daddy was cooking with. Here's the picture again, you case you forgot.

Some of you guessed Alton Brown, and although you were close (we live in Atlanta and so does Mr. Brown), that is not who this is. This chef was on the show Top Chef a couple of seasons ago, he did not win but came in 2nd place, and has a very successful resturant here in Atlanta. Still no idea? Mommy says you have two other hints - people always remark on his hair AND he really really likes liquid nitrogen. Still no idea? Go here for the answer!!

Well, we had a very nice weekend here at the Black Furrball. On Saturday, Daddy put up the closet organizer in our pirate hang out- we mean in the Cabin Boy's room. Captain Jack tried to take many naps in the new crib, but Mommy kept squirting him with water and running him out every time she caught him. Maybe one day he will learn.

On Saturday night the beans went to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house for Halloween celebrations (we stayed home and napped) and Mommy met a NEW KITTY! Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave woke up the day of Halloween to find a solid black kitty sitting on their front porch - very Halloween like. Right now he is staying in their basement and Aunt Susan is taking him to work today because he has a limpy leg that she wants to look at. Mommy says he is very very sweet - he crawled into her arms and purred lots and made biscuits all over her shoulder.

Mommy made up for being gone all Saturday night by staying home and laying around with us on Sunday. Daddy went to work at the resturant all day so we had her home to ourselves. Captain Jack slept on her and we all watched bad tv and took naps. YAY!! Have a great week kitties!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

We are so glad that it is Finally Friday, for lots of reasons. First of all, our woofie Samwise is home and safe. This is a picture Daddy took of Sammy yesterday morning. We think he was saying "I do not like it here. Can we go home now, please please please?" The V-E-T had to pull two of his teeths and was unable to sew the wound up (not enough healthy tissue because the teeth were very bad) so he has an open wound in his mouth. What this means is Samwise gets lots of Auntie Botiks and pain med-a-shuns and he gets to eat as much stinky goodness as he wants for a few days because he cannot have crunchies. Thank you all for your purrs and purryers. We all really appreciate it.

Secondly, we are thankful that it is Finally Friday because both of our beans will be home all weekend - unlike last weekend. Last weekend we had Mommy all to ourselves all day on Caturday because Daddy had to go and cook FOODS for people, at a cemetery no less (Purrageous Mom: It was a dinner for participants of a Halloween event at this particular historic cemetery so that is why they had the dinner there). Here is a picture of Daddy cooking - he is in the black shirt on the right.

Can you guess who is on the left? He has on Halloween makeup so he looks a little different than normal. Mommy says if you or your beans are something called "a foodie" then his hair should be a huge hint. Your other hint is that this person has been has been on TV lots. Do you know?

Finally, we are happy it is Friday because Fridays now mean Daddy is home with us from day hunting, all day. Yay!! That means we have someone to wait on us and serve as as we should be taken care of. Oh, and he can make sure samwise is doing well too! Have a great weekend everykitty!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Samwise at the V-E-T

That is right kitties. As we type this, our woofie Samwise is at the V-E-T getting ready to have his teeths cleaned. Daddy took him this morning. The very good news is that his cornea is completely healed and the V-E-T is very happy with his progress there. She just wants him to have his eye cleaned and Auntie Botiked one more day and then his is done there. The bad news is Daddy had to leave our Sammy at the V-E-T so they can so all sorts of awful things to him - they may call it teeths cleaning but who knows what they will do to him!!!!

We are worried about him and so is Mommy. Mommy says she is worried because they will put him under 'stesia so they can clean his teeths. We do not know what that means but it sounds scary - What Daddy? It means make Sammy take a nap? But he will wake up again, right? Daddy says he will wake up just fine and that Daddy will pick him up at 4:30 from the V-E-T and bring him home. Mommy is still worried though so any purrs or purrayers would be much appreciated. Thanks!! We will keep you updated!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mandog Monday Update

Today we have an update on our puppy brother Samwise. As we told you kitties about on Friday, Sammy had to go to the V-E-T because he had owies in both eyes! Well, Daddy came home early from day hunting on Friday to take Sammy. That vet, Dr Becky, who is friends with our Aunt Susan, put dyes is Samwise's eyes and yep, he had a very stratched left eye. His right eye is okay, just irritated from Sammy pawing at his face. He is on the same pain medication and topical eye Auntie Botiks that Aunt Susan put him on. However, when Dr. Becky was looking at Samwise's mouth, she found some really nasty teeth. Aunt Susan showed them to Mommy on Saturday and Mommy says they are not pretty at all. What this means is Sammy has to go back to the V-E-T on Thursday to have his teeths cleaned and has to take an oral Auntie Botik to help clear up that infection. Poor Sammy!! Four V-E-T checks in one week - of course two of them were Aunt Susan either coming to our house or Mommy taking him to her house where he got to see his girlfriend Storm and her sister Romy, but still!! Poor Sammy!

Wait, what was that Sammy? Oh, yeah! Sam wants us to thank all of your for your purrs and purrayers that he feels better. He thinks that is why his eyes are healing so very fast. He would also appreciate it if you would all purr for him on Thursday, when he had to go back to the V-E-T. He is a bit nervous about that, as they will have to knock him out to clean his teeth. Mommy is nervous about it too! Thanks everykitty!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Samwise has an Owie!

Heya kitties! It's Captain Jack and I am here with some unhappy news. My woofie, Samwise, has an owie - two owies actually. Yesterday when Mommy got home from dayhunting she looked at Samwise and realized something was not right! One of this eyes was completely closed and leaky and the other was only half open and leaky and both were really RED! She called Aunt Susan who came over to look at him and Samwise has owies alright! He has a very obvious ulcerated cornea in one eye and the other eye is very red and inflamed. Aunt Susan also said from his eye dialation that Sammy is in pain from his owie eyes. She had some eye Auntie Botiks that she and Mommy put in his eyes and Mommy has some pain med-a-shuns for him too. Today, Daddy is taking him to a V-E-T clinic to have dyes put in his eyes so the amount of trauma can be determined (Aunt Susan could not do this from home so we're going to the clinic our Aunt Mary works at). Poor Samwise!! We hope our favorite puppy cat gets better soon!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy Has a Sad

Heya kitties! Sorry it has been so long since we last updated but we've had lots going on with the Cabin Boy coming soon and all. We've got lots of pictures to show you of our pirate hangout room being converted into the Cabin Boy's nursery but those will have to wait until Mommy can locate the cable that gets the pictures onto the computer from the camera. Daddy has been selling lots of computer stuff on Ebay lately and that cable is somewhere in the abyss known as "The Study" and Mommy and us have been scared to go down there lately to look for it!!

In other news, the Cabin Boy is growing big and strong. At least check he was almost three whole weeks ahead and getting bigger everyday. Unfortunately, when they stole Mommy's bloods a few weeks ago they discovered that she has something called di-a-bee-tus from the Cabin Boy. Do you know what this means kitties? NO ICECREAM OR FRENCHY FRIES FOR US!! We is not happy about this at all!! Mommy says that when the Cabin Boy gets here we will be able to have ice cream and frenchy fries again but that is such a long time away. Purrageous Mom: It's less than two months kitties. He will be here around Turkey Time. See, it is a LONG TIME!!!

Finally, we just wanted to say that Mommy has a sad today. She found out last night that a Special Person passed away on Tuesday. This Special Person was like an adopted grandfather to her while she was growing up from a kitten and she is very sad. He passed away on the 6th anniversary of Daddy's brother's death so it has been a sad week all around.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys!!! Welcome aboard the decks of the much feared Black Furrball. Ahoy the Cat O'Nine Tails and her fearsome crew!!! Captain Jack and crew are almost ready to depart to our port of call for this year - the mystical Isle of Baast - a kitty paradise that cannot be found on a map but instead can only be found by those who know where it is. Good for us, Captain Jack knows where it is. As we get ready to make way, please feel free to wander the decks and help yourself to the treats and noms that our pirate wench (Mommy) has placed out for us -including all kinds of seafood and even HAMM!! To the left you will find Fagin with lots of fishing poles and nets for those who wish to fish. There be hammocks for napping, and lots of pirate catnip rum for sipping.

In order to get to the Isle of Baast our first stop is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in which a number of aircraft and surface vessels are alleged to have mysteriously disappeared and cannot be explained as human error, piracy, equipment failure, or natural disasters. Popular culture has attributed some of these disappearances to the paranormal, a suspension of the laws of physics, or activity by extraterrestrial beings. But we know the truth kitties- the Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than one big teleyport machine - one of the few enterances to the Isle of Baast. Let's go!!

Be not afraid kitties, the Captain and crew have made this trip numerous times. Captain Jack will see us through. We will arrive momentarily.......

And here we are, at the Isle of Baast - the paradise island for kitties of all sizes, colors and meows.AH!!! The Isle of Baast!! There be beaches for sun and fun, plenty of seafood and noms and goodies, and even natives to see to our every need. Enjoy yourselves kitties and now, join in us in our call - Meow Like a Pirate - ME-ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mommy Update Monday

Hey kitties! Someone of you and your beans have asked how our Mommy and little Cabin Boy are doing, so we thought we would use this Monday to tell you all about it. First of all, Mommy has gotten big and fat! We are not kidding, she has! Just look!!

Mommy took this picture of herself last weekend for our Aunt Adri who asked her how big she is. She says she was 27 weeks pregnant here so that means she has 13 more weeks (less than 12 now) to get even bigger! We wonder how Mommy will fit out the door soon - she is bigger than our house!!

On a serious note, we have been doing a good job of keeping Mommy's blood pressures down and of making sure she gets plenty of rest. Her blood pressures are still borderline high, but the doctor thinks all will be well there. Unfortunately, right when we get this fixed, something else pops up. Mommy had to have a test a little over a week ago to make sure the sugars in her bloods are okay - well, she failed that test. Flunked it bad. This means that tommorow she has to go to a LAB place for three whole long, boring, hours to have another sugar in bloods test run. They is going to steal her bloods FOUR TIMES kitties! Its bad!! If she fails it, no more ice cream for us!! Can you believe it?? We really really hope she passes this test! Maybe we should help her study for it. What do you kitties think?

Finally, we just wanted to tell you - all of our bestest kitty, woofie and bean friends, thank you so much for all of your love and support. Mommy says that it has been a challenging time growing the Cabin Boy in her tummy, but it will all be worth it when he gets here. Thank you again. We really appreciate it and are truly touched by the outpouring of purrs, purrayers and love!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Pirate Den is No More

Kitties, we had a very traumatic weekend. We learned some bad news - our very own pirate den room is being taken away from us and the humans are giving it to the Cabin Boy! You see kitties, we've always had the "guest room" as our room - our big bed was in it and some of our toys. The room was gated off so only kitties, and no woofies, could come in. It was the room that Fagin stayed in when he first came to live with us. Well, a few weekends ago Daddy and Uncle Dave took all of the furniture out of the rooom - even our bed! We heard them say they was going to paint it so we thought "Finally! They are going to fix up our pirate den in a way that befits such rare and fierce pirates as us three!" Aunt Susan came over and they put all this white putty stuff on the walls and Mommy showed us the color she choose to paint it - its called "Drifting Dunes" which is pawsome cause pirate hangouts should be sand colored right?

We got all excited until we heard Mommy and Daddy talking - they renamed our pirate room "The Baby's Room." Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE GIVING OUR ROOM AWAY TO THE CABIN BOY!! NOT FAIR!!! And then we heard the woman that claims to be our mother say she was going to lock us out of the room because she did not know how else to keep us out of the crib. How dare she!! Kitties, we are going to rebel - we will not stand for this!! How could she?!?!

(PS: This is the Purrageous Mom. Does anyone out there have any ideas other than utter banishment of the kitties from the room? They adore that room but I do not want them sleeping in the Cabin Boy's bed and I know that space will be way too tempting for the kitties. I hate to lock them out, but I think I might have to. Thanks!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all of you - our wonderful kitty, woofie, and bean friends. You have been so wonderful to us and our Mommy over the last month, that we cannot express how grateful we are. As you know, Mommy has been sorta sick with the kitten that is in her tummy, and we've had some real big scares. Knowing the entire time that we had such wonderful friends purring and purraying for us really helped. We truly think that it is what has been keeping Mommy and Cabin Boy healthy and off of bedrest and out of the hospital. Thank you all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tabby Terror Tuesday

It's ME kitties, FAGIN!! YAY!!! FAGIN has decided that FAGIN likes Mommy having a kitten in her tummy for one reason - FAGIN'S SNOOGLE!!! You see, Mommy and Daddy bought FAGIN the SNOOGLE PILLOW to sleep with - what's that Dante? Mommy bought the Snoogle for Mommy? UH HUH!!! NO WAY!!!

What is a Snoogle you may ask? FAGIN will tell you! It's a special pillow for kitties with pregnant Mommies who have hurty backs and hips. Here is a link to the website for it and here is FAGIN'S proof that Mommy and Daddy bought the SNOOGLE for FAGIN!! YAY!!!
Doesn't FAGIN look cute and comfy all cuddled up with HIS SNOOGLE? Forgive the poor quality picture kitties - Daddy took this with this camera phone because he left Mommy's camera at work. You see, FAGIN was just too adorable to resist!! MINE SNOOGLE! YAY!!!

And what will happen if anyone tries to take FAGIN'S SNOOGLE away from FAGIN you might ask??


Monday, August 17, 2009

Manly Monday

We had a lovely story here (it was about a black lab named Reggie - we undertand its on Snopes if you want to read it) that we later found out people thought was real and got angry when they discovered it was not. For that reason, we have removed it. Sorry for any confusion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mommy Update and Auntie Deb

First of all, the Mommy Update. The Cabin Boy V-E-T is very very happy with Mommy. Although her blood pressures were REALLY high at the office (they even had her lay down and try to relax so they could take it again), her overall pressures are really good and that is what Dr. J is going by. She said that Mommy looks great and that she should keep doing what she has been doing. YAY!! This means Mommy can still day hunt for a while longer and we still get plenty of time to help Mommy rest and nap. Its the best of both worlds for us pirate kitties!! We want to thank all of you kitties, woofies and beans - we really think your good thoughts over hte past 3 weeks have really really helped Mommy and Cabin Boy stay healthy and well!!!

And now, onto today's business!

What do you feed an invisible cat? Evaporated milk!!!!

What didn't the leopard go on vacation? He couldn't find the right spot!!!

What's worse than it raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis!!!!!

How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, we agree - those were really bad!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday, we is thankful to have a loving home with our humans. With Mommy having to be home so much because all she can do is rest, we get plenty of snuggle and napping time.

We do have one request though kitties - we needs all of your purrs and purrayers. Mommy goes back to the Cabin Boy doctor tommorow and she is nervous about being told she has to be home with us all of the time because she is worse. Her bloods pressures have been up for the last day (we thinks it cause she is nervous because they have been great for the last three weeks) and her feets were a bit puffy yesterday. She is day hunting now with her feets up at her desk and drinking lots and trying to remain unstressed, but she could use your good thoughts and wishes too!!

Mommy says we will let you know how things go tommorow and to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your love and support. It makes us happy that you kitties care about our Mommy like we do. So we say again, thank you kitties, woofies and friends. We loves you!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Well kitties, another weekend has come and gone. It was a mostly restful weekend at the Black Furrball. We started off Saturday really well. Daddy got up early and let the woofies outside and discovered we kitties had NO CRUNCHIES for breakfast so he gave us all cans and cans of stinky goodness (well, maybe he only divided two cans among the three of us but it was still good)! Mommy stayed in bed and slept in so we kitties went upstairs and took a nap with her. Later, Daddy went to pick up the Cabin Boy's crib (its like a bed for babies) and crunchies for us from the store and Mommy laid on the couch with us. And then later that night Uncle Dave and Aunt Susan came over for dinners!!

We love to see them, but well, Aunt Susan brought over something we DID NOT LIKE - a month old calico kitten that she is fostering. We thought it was staying and we was not happy at all but Mommy explained that Aunt Susan had come to our house straight from work and had brought the kitten with her because she goes back and forth to worth with Aunt Susan the way Fagin used to when he was a little guy. We was so glad when that kitten left though because Mommy kept making weird baby noises at her and we was afraid she would want to keep her (Purrageous Mom: She is a very sweet, beautiful calico with one the sweetest faces I have ever seen! We think our friend Chrys may be adopting her but we know that Aunt Susan will find her a good home like she does all of her fosters. Its always nice to hold a month old kitty)!!

Yesterday all we did was sleep. Daddy went to work and Mommy laid around the house and watched swimming and the X Games on TV. We're still keeping a close eye on Mommy but so far her blood pressures have stayed stable and her ankles are not all swollen again so that is good news. Well, that is our weekend update. We hope you all have a great week and that the next weekend gets here soon!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

First of all, we wanted to tell all of you kitties THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Knowing so many of you care and are out there purring and purraying mean so much to us! We're going to get around to thank all of you in person, but it may be a few days because right now Mommy is just not up to helping us blog.

You see, Sunday Mommy woke up feeling pretty awful - she was coughing lots and really warm feeling when you laid on her. She was planning on going to the V-E-T first thing Monday morning by herself until about 4am when Daddy woke up shivering and sick. Yep, Mommy and Daddy are both sick. They were tested for flu and it came back negative but their V-E-T gave them lots of med-a-shun to help them. She also sent Mommy to the heart V-E-T because her hearts was beating really really fast. Mommy had pictures taken of her heart and had to wear these weird things on her chest for a whole day so they could monitor her. She goes back to see that V-E-T next week - Mommy has seen a lot of V-E-Ts lately.

The good news is Mommy's blood pressures are continuing to be good (she took some readings to her Cabin Boy V-E-T and she was satisfied with them) and she is not swelling at all since she is staying in bed lots more than she is on her feet. We hope that the good news continues, and that her blood pressures stay low and that the heart V-E-T finds nothing wrong. We is being good kitties and are taking turns laying on her so she stays in bed. Samwise dog is helping us too!! Its hard work being nursemaids for Mommy and Cabin Boy - especially since we has had no break since Thursday because Mommy has not been able to go day hunting - but we kitties think its worth it to make sure Mommy and Cabin Boy are healthy!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hanging in There

First of all, we want to thank all of you so much for your good thoughts and purrs and purrayers. It really does mean so much to us, to Mommy and to the Cabin Boy. Mommy has been resting lots and so far her blood pressures are still in the pre-hypertensive range where they need to stay and not go any higher. We're all helping out around here. Daddy is doing the laundry (something Mommy always does) and Samwise and Beaux are guarding her and scaring bad things off with their barks. And just look at what we are doing...

Daddy took this with his phone when Mommy laughed and called us her jailers. We is not her jailers, we is just making sure she and the Cabin Boy are not alone. So far we are doing this Mommy has to rest and relax thing pretty well. We are just purring and purraying that she can continue to have only borderline blood pressures so that she can work and not go on total best rest. We ask that you all keep purring and purraying kitties. We know that cat blogosphere purrs and purrayers are very special. We all saved Fagin and we know we can keep Mommy and Cabin Boy healthy too!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Purrs and Purrayers Needed

Kitties, we need your purrs and purrayers. As we've posted about before, we is having a new cabin boy in a few months. Right now the kitty is in Mommy's tummy and has been there for 21 weeks now - halfway to being borned. Well, Mommy went to the doctor yesterday and got some scary news. It seems her blood pressures are high and her ankles are swollen. The cabin boy V-E-T is concerned and has told Mommy that while she is allowed to go to work for now, if she is not at work she needs to be at home, resting with her feet up. She has to destress. She also has to monitor her blood pressures three times a day and do everything she can to keep it down. The V-E-T also told Mommy to let her work know that it probably will not be long before she is placed on total bed rest due to pregnancy induced hypertension and possible pre-eclampsia. All this could mean Mommy will have the cabin boy a lot earlier than she wanted. Mommy is afraid it will be too early - way too early.

Mommy is very scared as this is quite early for these problems to be popping up. She is afraid of losing our cabin boy. She is afraid of him being borned way too early and not making it or having lots of health issues. She is also worried about losing her job is she has to go on bed rest too early and day hunting gigs just are not easy to find. Of course, all of these worries are NOT helping her and are doing the exact opposite of what the doctor needs for her to do. Kitties, we need your purrs and purrayers. We know we has not been posting much and we are sorry, but we really could use some special cat blogosphere support right now. Thank you in advacne for your purrs and purrayers. We can use all of those we can get!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally Friday!!

Hey everykitty!! We has news on this Finally Friday. As most of you know our Mommy has a little alien in her tummy that we are told is a little kitten waiting to be borned. Captain Jack has even curled up next to Mommy's tummy and felt squirming in there. Its realy weird!! Well, on Wednesday Daddy took Mommy to the V-E-T to find out if its a boy kitty or a girl kitty and we are pleased to announce


Yep, it looks like we will have a new cabin boy on the Black Furrball sometime in November. It's a good thing we promoted FAGIN so that we have room from the new kitty on the ship! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

#2 is Here!!!

He's here! He's here!!! Hendrix's #2 is here!!!

Joel William was born on Friday, July 10th at 8:36am. He weighed 7 lbs, 11.7oz and was 20 1/4" long.

Our Mommy just spoke to Hendrix's Mommy and she reports that Mommy and baby are doing great and are home tonight with Hendrix. Mommy says Hendrix's Mommy is doing so well that she does not sound as if she just had a baby.

Welcome to the world Joel!!!!! Congrats to Hendrix and family!! In the immortal words of FAGIN - YAY!!!!!!!!!

PS: Hendrix has already posted the great news too!! Please swing by his blog to offer concatulations too!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We are so excited here at the Black Furball!!! WHY?? Because our adopted/honorary cousin cat Hendrix is going to be the brother kitty to a brand new baby bean tommorow!!!!!

As some of you know, Hendrix's Mommy and our Mommy have been friends for years and years - for even longer than Captain Jack has been borned!! They are pen pals that found each other in a magazine and developed a wonderfully close friendship from that. It is because of Hendrix and his Mommy that we get to blog now.

Today Mommy gave us some exciting news - Hendrix's Mommy has asked that we tell all of the blogging kitties and woofies and beans when #2 is borned tommorow!! YAY!!!! What this means kitties is to watch this blog (and the Cat Blogosphere page too) for the lastest news and hopefully pictures too!! YAY!!!

This is a big responsibility for us!! Because of that, we are not going to let FAGIN do the updating. We do not think the kitten could handle it and would crack under the pressure. FAGIN does not agree so Dante and Captain Jack are going to take turns sitting on him until we can get the news posted ourselves. We do not want to dissapoint our friend Hendrix!!

Until then, we just wanted to say that we are purring and purraying for Hendrix's Mom and #2 so that everything will go well. Perhaps if you kitties could purr and purray, even more good vibes would be sent to our beloved friends. We are sure Hendrix and his Mom and Baby would really appreciate it!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Manic Monday

Heya kitties. Here at the Black Furrball, we've been laying low. This past week or so has been very traumatic in our house, and so far no kitty has been effected, but we is nervous. Here's let us tell you about it.

Last weekend, the last weekend in June, Mommy and Daddy discovered a HUGE hot spot on Beaux. It was HUGE, almost as big as his tail, and really painful for him. Mommy and Daddy had to sedate him and clean it and he had to take med-a-k-shuns for a whiles and wear the cone on his heads. He is better now.

Last Monday Mommy had to go to the human V-E-T at the human hos-bit-tal because her heart was beating really really fast and her bloods has lots of pressure and the alien's doctor was afraid something was wrong. She got lots of tests run, and they stole lots of her blood and she had wires going to everywhere she said and was in the ER for hours for Daddy. So long that Uncle Dave had to come over and feed us and lets the woofies out. Turns out Mommy had not dranken enough waters so her body was not happy. That force fed her waters (in an EYE VEE) and sent her home to rest and drinks more waters. She is better now. The alien is fine and is moving a lot now. We saw her tummy move for the first time yesterday (though Mommy says its been moving on the inside for a couple of weeks now) - there really is an alien in there!!!!!! Sammy, you might want to come check it out!!!

At work last Thursday, Daddy hurt his shoulder. Daddy said that he thinks he pulled a muscle in his shoulder at his night hunting place and he is feeling very owie. Poor Daddy. We are hoping he gets better soon or Mommy is going to make him go to the V-E-T --- and we don't mean Aunt Susan neither!!

Then on Saturday, July 4th, Mommy and Daddy came home from Uncle Dave's (Aunt Susan was at the V-E-T clinic) and Samwise was shaking a lot like he does when he is in pain. It took a while (humans is slow) but they finally realized Sam had hurt his front ankle, right above the little hobbit paw (Purrageous Mom: It was not swollen kitties, that is why it took us so long to figure out. We knew he was hurting but we did not know why because he is not limping or favoring the leg either. It truly was a mystery until he jumped off of the bed and let out a yelp). Mommy says Sammy a-sprain-ed it and now Aunt Susan says he has to take med-a-k-shun to make the owie go away.

As you can see kitties, it's been a scary week or so here at the Black Furrball. So far all of us kitties are healthy and happy (Thanks Baast and knock on woods) but we certainly are being cautious! Here is hoping that this week is a lot calmer than last!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July 4th!!

We want to wish everyone a very happy Independence Day!! YAY!!! We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday!

We hope everykitty and woofie out there gets some nummy food from the beans today and has safe places to hide from the fireworks. Our city had their boom boom boom fireworks last night so hopefully tonight will be somewhat quiet. Mommy and Daddy and Samwise are going to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's today but say they will be home early and bring us home some noms so yay!!! PAR-TAY!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Greetings from the decks of the Black Furrball!! It is time for the weekend update, and Baast! Do we have lots to update!

First of all, Dante would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. In honour of his 4 years on this earth, we celeybrated on both Saturday and Sunday by getting lots of treats and stinky goodness. We also got our claws trimmed on Sunday morning too, but we will ignore that for now. Mommy says we will have a party for him soon so that all of us can get together and have a good time! We think we will take the Black Furrball out on a cruise again, but this time we will be going to a new and never before visited locale. Keep in touch kitties, you will not believe where we will be partying. More details to come!!

Also on Saturday, Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Mark came over and we had lots of fun. Beaux and Samwise were very excited because Grandpa will always pet and pet them. And he did. Fagin was excited cause he got to attack Uncle Mark, which always makes him happy too!!

On Sunday, Fagin had a little scare and we want to tell you about it so you kitties will be careful too! Fagin loves to go out onto our screened porch and nap and hang out. Well, Sunday was very hot here (over 95 degrees) but Fagin seemed alright outside and laid in the shade with the ceiling fan on, and Mommy checked on him lots too. Well, in maybe 10 minutes Fagin went from being fine and happily sleeping to not fine - Mommy found him panting and shaking in the heat. Mommy quickly scooped him up and she said it was like picking up a rag doll Fagin was so limp and lifeless. She quickly brought him inside and laid him on the cool table. Fagin mostly perked right back up and immediately stopped panting, but it was still scary. Fagin was droopy the rest of the night but it could have been so much worse. Be careful outside kitties! We kitties love the heat so much but sometimes it can get bad for us very quickly!

Finally, we has a new crew member on the Black Furrball - a little bunny rabbit who has moved into our big azalea bush in our front yard! Daddy has seem him lots at night and discovered his house on Saturday. Mommy was afraid Daddy had scared him off but she saw him in the yard eating grass this morning. Mommy is wondering if anyone knows what a good treat would be for our new friend. She would like to leave him something nice that he would like to munch on.

That is the update from the Black Furrball. We hope all of you kitties and your beans have a nice and fast week at work!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hiya kitties, it is ME, FAGIN!! YAY!!! ME get to do this week's Thankful Thursday because what we are thankful for is ME!! Let ME explain. As most of you know, FAGIN was bottle raised by Aunt Susan (we does not have a V-E-T here at the Black Furrball; we has an Aunt Susan) from the time FAGIN (then know as Little Kitty or LK) was only about 8 days old. She kept FAGIN alive and healthy so ME could become the big, strong mancat FAGIN is today.

Well, last night Mommy and Daddy went to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's for dinner and Mommy got to meet Aunt Susan's newest foster - a little girl tortie who is so tiny that she is calling Ethel!! She may be about 3 weeks old or older. Aunt Susan has had her for about two weeks but she is not growing much so its hard to guestimate age at this point. Mommy says if we could all send healing and growing purrs and thoughts to little Ethel that she thinks it could go as well for this little kitty as it did for ME - the FAGINATOR!! YAY!!!! Ethel needs purrs to eat lots and gain weights and not be what Mommy calls "failure to thrive." So come on kitties - purr hard for FOODS and WEIGHTS and ETHELS!! YAY!!!

That means that for this week's Thankful Thursday, we is thankful for Aunt Susan taking in little kitties to foster and grow into big kitties, and for all of the kitties at the cat blogosphere who send special purrs and purrayers to help little kitties like FAGIN and Ethel to grow big and strong. Come on kitties - you pulled FAGIN through - can we get some of the same magical purrs for little Ethel?? YAY!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

Ahoy mateys!! Its Mancat Monday here at the Black Furrball and in honour of this day, we are going to tell you how we spent the weekend - punishing the scurvy dog who is She Who Calls Herself Our Mother. Yep!! We have started our revenge tatics to punish the Woman Who Claims to Be Mommy for not helping us blog! Just listen to what we did!!

Saturday morning, Captain Jack started the revenge by meowing as loud as he could beginning at 4am!! The Captain did not stop this until 6am (he sung 99,000 Bottles of Catnip Rum on the Wall - it was pawsome!) when She Who is Not Really Our Mommy made Daddy get up with us. Not to be outdone by the Captain, Fagin began round two by performing the classic snuggle, snuggle, purr, purr, CHOMP!! YES! This made the Woman We Are Mad At get out of bed much earlier than she wanted. We then faked her out by actually being nice to her the rest of the day. Saturday night now, that was a mission for the First Mate! Sir Dante punished the Woman Who is No Longer Sick But Still Does Not Help Us Blog by sleeping on her head all night! He even made biscuits on her head occasionally to wake her up. When she got mad that crazy ginger pirate purred and squinted at her quite fetchingly, deflecting her anger and urge to toss him across the room. He is the master!!

Last night we let the Woman Who Had Better Shape Up sleep as we planned our next round of attack. What do you kitties think? What should we do next??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Checking In!!

It has been so LONG so we posted and even longer since we posted regularly and we are NOT PLEASED about this either! Almost a month!! We have informed the woman who claims to be our mother than this is UNACCEPTABLE!! She has sworn to do better....

Now granted, the woman who claims to be our mother has been very sick lately - the kitten in her tummy has made her very very sick and she has been unable to eat - either kibble or treats - it was bad. She has even lost a lot of weight (and we thought kittens were supposed to make Mommy's fat) - but woman who claims to be our mother - you have been feeling better lately and still NOT HELPING US BLOG!!!

Why are we being so hard on the woman that claims to be our mother you may ask? After all, women expecting kittens deserve pity and pampering and all that jazz. Why? Because we have proof she is feeling fine - just look!!!

She is too sick to help us blog but she can go to Tybalt's Mommy's wedding and be a honorable maid for the day?? We think not!! Totally unfair!!!!! What if the Lady Boo has forgotten Captain Jack? He will be devestated!! What if the Black Pearl has forsaken Dante - he will cry!! And Fagin - he misses his bestest friend Billy horribly. BAD MOMMY!!! You will be punished as soon as we figure out what horrors we will unleash upon you. Live in FEAR!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tabby Tuesday

Heya kitties - it is ME, FAGIN!!! YAY!!!

Kitties, ME has a question for you - Why does humans not like us to put the bitey on them? You see, this morning FAGIN was a good FAGIN and decided to cuddle and snuggle with Mommy before she had to get up to go day hunting. It was about 5am and she seemed happy to see FAGIN. FAGIN cuddled up to her and purred lots and even made biscuits!! Mommy even petted FAGIN's head. Well, FAGIN wa so excited, that ME could not help it - ME snuggled her arm and then BITE!! ME was gentle, honest!! FAGIN just could not help putting the bitey on Mommy's arm!! Mommy screamed really loud and said "FAGIN!!!!" and then suddenly FAGIN was flying through the air off the bed and onto the floor. Well, FAGIN'S Mommy would never throw FAGIN off the bed on purpose (would she?) so ME climed back into bed and cuddled and snuggled again. Mommy petted FAGIN again so tossing ME must have been a mistake. I got so excited that well - BITE!! And do you kitties know what? FAGIN flew through the air again!! FAGIN no think Mommy likes the bitey - do you kitties?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mancat Monday

Hiya kities, it is ME, FAGIN!! YAY!! Well, not YAY actually. FAGIN is here to complain about Mommy. Why is Mommies so lazy when they had a bitty bean in their tummy? Mommy SAID she would help FAGIN to get HIS pictures online - of FAGIN climbing up a screen on our porch this weekend like a REAL MANCAT and everything but what happened? Mommy could not find the camera cable and you know what? SHE BARELY LOOKED!!! She said she is too TIRED!!!! FAGIN not get it!! All Mommy did ALL DAY LONG was lay around and watch TV and nap with Dante and Captain Jack and Samwise. She didn't even PLAY with FAGIN!!! FAGIN is hurt!!! FAGIN is going to run away!! BILLY, can ME come and live with you?? ME feels neglected.

Fagin, you cannot run away...

But why not Dante?

Because it would make Mommy sad. And we do not want her to cry, do we?

No, FAGIN guess not. But will she stop being tired and help ME with my pictures soon do you think?

Yes, I know she will help us to get pictures online soon. We just have to be patient with her for a while.

What do you think kitties? Should FAGIN be patient? Will Mommy be tired forever? Will she ver help us with our pictures again? What if all the kitties forget what FAGIN looks like. You guys still remember what FAGIN looks like, don't you? FAGIN hopes so!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Finally Back

Heya kities - its us, the Purageous Pirates posting this Monday - finally!! We've not been blogging since FAGIN's Gotcha Day party and we are not very pleased with this. However, we do have a real reason as to why we've been away so long. Mommy has just not felt up to helping us blog. Mommy has been really tired and has even been throwing up a lot lately. And then last Thursday Mommy and Daddy left us, not for their day hunting gigs, but to go and see a doctor and have some very amazing and special pictures made - here's the one Daddy took with his CrackBerry and showed us....

Yep kitties, like many others on the Cat Blogosphere, we are having a baby. Mommy actually found out the exact same day that our friend Tybalt's Mommy found out about their baby but we wanted to wait a while to tell anyone. Mommy says it will be COLD again before we see the baby, but that it will be before Santa Claws comes. Because the doctor said something about Mommy being a really risky human (which we could have told her), we will get to know the exact day that the baby will be here and we are very excited about that. Mommy says the baby V-E-T said she will make sure the baby comes right after Thanksgiving.

In order to help Mommy and the baby, we are making sure that Mommy is sleeping enough and resting all she wants to. Samwise is guarding her and making sure nothing attacks her or bothers her. FAGIN is tasting all of her FOODS before she eats it and making sure it is good for her and the baby. Beaux however, may be sick of all of our baby preparations because all he is doing is staying outside and sleeping in the warm spring air rather than hanging out with us and making sure Mommy takes care of herself. Or maybe he is just enjoying the 70+ degree weather......

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Fagin


Yep, today it has been one year since FAGIN came to live with Mommy and Daddy and Samwise and Captain Jack and Beaux and Dante. YAY!!! It is hard for FAGIN to remember that he ever lived anywhere else but FAGIN did for a few weeks before he got to come HOME furrever and ever. Anyway, Mommy says we cna have a party to celeybrate FAGIN's Gotcha Day and not just any kinda party - a Kitteh Slumber Partay!!

So come on over, bring your favorite blankets, cups, beds, snuggles, everything and we can have a real live slumber partay. Mommy says we can stay up late watching movies and eating NOMS! We'll have hamms and chick-hens and steaks and shrimps and fishes and cheezburgers too. We also have tons of toys (including FAGIN's Cheese Chase game) but bring your own too and we can have one wild night. What's that Mommy? Oh. Mommy says to say to tell your beans that she and Daddy will be here t0 supervise (and scoop the boxes and cook the NOMS) so we will be chap-e-roned. We hope you can make it. We will PLAYPLAYPLAY all night long!! YAY!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Heya kitties, it's ME, FAGIN! YAY!! Mommy said that I should do this week's Thankful Thursday post cause guess what Saturday is!! GUESS GUESS GUESS!!! Here, I has a hint for you:
Do you know? Can you guess?? Well kitties, Saturday is FAGIN'S FIRST EVER GOTCHA DAY!!! YAY!!! Yep, it means that FAGIN has been living with Mommy and Daddy and Samwise and Captain Jack and Beaux and Dante for ONE WHOLE YEAR!! YAY!! Do you remember these pictures??FAGIN'S first meeting with the bestest big brofurr ever, Dante!! YAY!!! Do you kitties remember that Dante never once growled at FAGIN but immediately began to PLAYPLAYPLAY with me?? He's is AWESOME!!Ah, when FAGIN first met the Cheese Chase game. Look at how TINY I was!! FAGIN was playing on the kitchen table here if you can believe it. I remember when FAGIN was little I would sit on one side of the game and Dante would sit on the other and we would BAP the play back and forth to each other!! FAGIN still PLAYPLAYPLAYs with this game sometimes.

So kitties, this week FAGIN is thankful for his furrever home, and to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave for keeping FAGIN alive and healthy so that FAGIN got to come home. Mommy says FAGIN can have a par-tay on Saturday if ME wants. What do you kitties think? Should FAGIN have a Gotcha Day party?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kinda Wordy Wednesday

Aunt Susan has a coffee mug with this picture on it. While we've always liked it (cause birds are nummy) we have it on our bloggie today to show you what Mommy's day was like yesterday because this is what she looked like when she came home from day hunting. She was not pleased at all! Even when Daddy got home from his night hunting gig early and brought her a burnt marshmellow and nutella milkshake (they are nummy kitties! They are Mommy and our favorite milkshakes from Daddy's resturant) she STILL was not happy. And then Fagin and Samwise played in front of her and you know what kitties, she still looks like that nummy bird!! So kitties, we have got to figure out a way to make our Mommy smile again. We took turns sleeping with her overnight and Samwise did too but she is still not happy. Do you kitties have any ideas? Being cute and cuddly has only had a little effect and we need something BIG!! What do you kitties think?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mancat Monday - We're Back!!!

Hey every kitty!! You guys haven't forgotten us, have you?? Oh how we have missed all of our friends!! Mommy has been a very BAD MOMMY and has not helped us to blog lately. Well kitties, we were real mancats this weekend and sat Mommy down - okay, we actually sat on her and held her down while she was lying down watching TV - and we told her that we were tired of her neglect. Captain Jack has not seen Lady Boo in forever, Dante really misses his Black Pearl, and if Fagin does not get to play with Billy soon we might kill him ourselves!! Mommy promised she would stop neglecting us poor kitties and help us more! That means we are back!!! YAY!!!

So what has been going on kitties? Did you guys miss us? We certainly missed all of you!! Anyone want to come over and PLAYPLAYPLAY!?!?! It's warm here and has finally stopped raining so we could play and take naps in sunbeams! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Captain Jack!!


Hey everyone!! Thanks for stopping by to help us wish Captain Jack a very Happy 5th Birthday!! Come on in, we gots lots of FOODS!!
Samwise's favorite food on earth - TURKEY!!!
And Daddy's favorite steaks right off the grill....

And Mommy's favorite FOODS on earth - SHRIMP!!


In honor of Saint Patrick's Day we have special green nip tinis. They are made with our special pirate nip rum too so they are very good!! Dante just made a new pitcher so please try some!!

And if you are just a wee lad or lassie, we have fresh milk - yum!!

And look! We have lots of pirate birthday cake and pirate cupcakes!!

Mommy says we can PLAYPLAYPLAY and walk on the ceiling and everything!! YAY!!! Happy Birthday Captain Jack, let's PAR-TAY!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

Hey kitties! Pssst! Come here!!!

Mommy just reminded us what tommorow is. Do you kitties know? What? Yes, its St. Patrick's Day for the beans but it's another special day too. Do you know??

It's Captain Jack's 5th birthday tommorow! Yep, the Captain will be 5 whole years old and Mommy says we can have a surprise party for him tommorow.

We hope all of you kitties will come by and help us to celebrate the Captain's birthday. We will have FOODS and FOODS and even some NOMs. Mommy says we can have toys and play games and walk on the ceiling and everything!!

Come by tommorow kitties for Captain Jack's party. It will be right here, all day. SHHHH! Don't tell the Captain!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Update

Kitties, we must say that we had quite the weekend - well actually, we had quite the Sunday since all of the really cool things happened to us on Sunday. Okay, well actually maybe we should say that all of the COLD things happened to us on Sunday!!

First of all kitties, we got a milkshake early Sunday morning!! YES!!! A Krispy Kreme doughnut milkshake from Daddy's night hunting gig at the resturant. Well, technically Daddy did bring it home for Mommy (he brings her a different milkshake about once a week) but we had to try it. You see, they actually put whole doughnuts into the milkshake (apparently first they zap them with liquid nitrogen to make them crumble) and it was oh so sweet and nummy. If you kitties come and visit, we will make Daddy bring home more of those milkshakes cause just NOMNOMNOM!!! But that was not all that happened to us this weekend kitties!! Just look!!!

It SNOWED!! It actually SNOWED here in Atlanta. It never does this!! We were so excited!! It started snowing sometime around lunch and kept snowing until about 6pm. It was so pretty kitties and just look!!

It was Fagin's First Snowfall. He was so excited!! He ran outside onto our screened porch and jumped up to look at all of the white things falling from the sky. Mommy said that he chittered and tried to whap the snow through the screen before he realized one very important fact: SNOW IS COLD and ran back into the house to stay warm. Mommy and Daddy opened all of the window blinds for us kitties and the woofies to look out and watch. It was lots of fun being all warm while the cold stuff continued to fall. YAY!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mancat Monday

Well kitties, we had a very busy and mancatly weekend. You see, on Saturday morning Mommy announced that she had a fever - not the kind of fever you get when you are sick (though she is still coughing and aching and trying to get over the flu) but the kind of fever you get in the spring. We thought that meant she wanted kittens maybe (isn't that the kind of spring fever us kitties get?) but she had a spring fever that made her want to clean and organize the house! Huh??!! Yes, we think that our Mommy is weird!!

Anyway, she spent the weekend cleaning two rooms in the house - the laundry room which we are not allowed into and her closet room (years ago Daddy converted the smallest bedroom in our house into a closet for Mommy) which we often nap in. On Sunday when Daddy was home (he works on Saturday at the resturant) she asked him to move some furniture around in her closet and we mancats could do nothing else but lend a paw or 12. In fact, Daddy exclaimed "I have plenty of help! They are all three in here!!" Yep, he meant us big, bad, furniture moving mancats! WOOHOO!! In order to award our effort, after we helped Daddy to move a dresser under a window, Mommy got one of our blankets so we can sleep on the top of the dresser in the window of the closet now. YAY!!!! Nothing is more fun than new sleep spots that allow you to survey your outside domain while laying in a comfy sunbeam.

We hope all of you have a great week!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Gots an Award

One of our oldest and bestest friends, Hendrix, gave us this wonderful award!
“This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

All we can say is thanks buddy, we are honored. Now we have to give it to 8 of our friends. We are going to choose:

The beautiful Miss Boo and her family at Manx Mnews
Tybalt because he is also one of our oldest friends
Billy because he is Fagin's bestest buddy ever
The lovely Black Pearl and her brothers too

Is that enough? We hope so!!

We also wanted to say sorry that we have not been around lately but Mommy has not been feeling well and has not been up to helping us to type. She went to an urgent care place last night and that doctor told her that she probably has the flus even though she had a flus S-H-O-T. Poor Mommy. When she feels better, we will get aroudn to everyone again, we promise!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mancat Monday

As real mancats, we know that its very manly to participate in sports. Because we are cats, no stupid human trick sport will do, so we invented our own!!

We call it Synchronized Sleeping!!!

Dante and Fagin are quite good at this mancatly sport. Even their stipes match which helps with the synchronicity!! While inventing this new sport, Beaux actually helped them improve their design with this aspect.

We call this Synchronized Dog Glare. This happens when a woofie interrupts your Synchronized Sleeping by coming into the room. Silly, stupid woofie - go away so we can go back to sleep!! Have a good Monday everykitty!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Springing Into Tuesday

We just had to tell you kitties about last night!! Mommy came home from day hunting (we're pretty sure that Daddy was day and night hunting last night because once again he came home late smelling of cheezburgers - nomnomnom) and when she let the woofies out, she did not shoo us back inside but left the back door to our porch open for a long time. Why did she do this? Because kitties, it was 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE!! We sat on our porch and sniffed the air (Dante said it smells like spring) and stalked some birds from behind out screens and basked in afternoon sunbeams and even napped on our rocking chairs. Oh it was awesome kitties. Everyone should come over and hang out with us on our porch today because it's the last day of the pretty weather. Tommorow we return to rain and cool weather but kitties, its worth it to enjoy the spring weather in February!! As Fagin would say - YAY!! Springspringspring! PLAYPLAYPLAY!! YAY!!!

PS: We also want to thank every kitty who helped us celeybrate Fagin's 1st birthday. We hope to get around to everyone and thank them in person soon, but until then we hope you had a great time because we certainly did!! YAY!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fagin's 1st Birthday Party!!

It's that time everyone!! Welcome to Fagin's First Ever Birthday Party!!!

We've brought the Black Furrball out of her winter berth and are ready to sail. Please watch your step as you go from the boarding ships to the Black Furrball. We would not want anyone to fall in the ocean!!

Welcome aboard the decks. As you can see we have plenty of comfy places for you to sun yourself. Since the Kid could not decide, we are going to sail around both hot and cold climates looking for big fish. That was all he said he wanted to do CATCH BIG FISH so Captain Jack will be sailing around looking for these:
Mommy says we cannot catch them and eat them though, that we can just look at the because they are magestic and beautiful animals but never fear kities - the Black Furrball is well provisioned for the party.

We gots all the seafood you could ever eat.

We gots hamm, hamm and even more hamm.

All of this is available upabove decks at the bar. Of course we got niptinis, our special pirate nip rum, and even milk for the kittens!

If you kitties need a break from the sun or snow, please go below decks where we have another fully equipped bar and tons of treats for everyone!! Tons of TemptationsLots of stinky goodness
And a pirate cat nip cake to celebrate the Kid turning one. YAY!!

And since occasionally you will see humans here to clean the litter boxes or bring us more food, we wanted to make sure to have a cake for them to celeybrate another important birthday that takes place tommorow. Happy Birthday Mommy!!! YAY YAY YAY!! Let's PAR-TAY!!! DANCE! SPIN! PLAYPLAYPLAY!!! WOOHOO!!!