Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Pirate Den is No More

Kitties, we had a very traumatic weekend. We learned some bad news - our very own pirate den room is being taken away from us and the humans are giving it to the Cabin Boy! You see kitties, we've always had the "guest room" as our room - our big bed was in it and some of our toys. The room was gated off so only kitties, and no woofies, could come in. It was the room that Fagin stayed in when he first came to live with us. Well, a few weekends ago Daddy and Uncle Dave took all of the furniture out of the rooom - even our bed! We heard them say they was going to paint it so we thought "Finally! They are going to fix up our pirate den in a way that befits such rare and fierce pirates as us three!" Aunt Susan came over and they put all this white putty stuff on the walls and Mommy showed us the color she choose to paint it - its called "Drifting Dunes" which is pawsome cause pirate hangouts should be sand colored right?

We got all excited until we heard Mommy and Daddy talking - they renamed our pirate room "The Baby's Room." Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE GIVING OUR ROOM AWAY TO THE CABIN BOY!! NOT FAIR!!! And then we heard the woman that claims to be our mother say she was going to lock us out of the room because she did not know how else to keep us out of the crib. How dare she!! Kitties, we are going to rebel - we will not stand for this!! How could she?!?!

(PS: This is the Purrageous Mom. Does anyone out there have any ideas other than utter banishment of the kitties from the room? They adore that room but I do not want them sleeping in the Cabin Boy's bed and I know that space will be way too tempting for the kitties. I hate to lock them out, but I think I might have to. Thanks!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

We wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all of you - our wonderful kitty, woofie, and bean friends. You have been so wonderful to us and our Mommy over the last month, that we cannot express how grateful we are. As you know, Mommy has been sorta sick with the kitten that is in her tummy, and we've had some real big scares. Knowing the entire time that we had such wonderful friends purring and purraying for us really helped. We truly think that it is what has been keeping Mommy and Cabin Boy healthy and off of bedrest and out of the hospital. Thank you all!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tabby Terror Tuesday

It's ME kitties, FAGIN!! YAY!!! FAGIN has decided that FAGIN likes Mommy having a kitten in her tummy for one reason - FAGIN'S SNOOGLE!!! You see, Mommy and Daddy bought FAGIN the SNOOGLE PILLOW to sleep with - what's that Dante? Mommy bought the Snoogle for Mommy? UH HUH!!! NO WAY!!!

What is a Snoogle you may ask? FAGIN will tell you! It's a special pillow for kitties with pregnant Mommies who have hurty backs and hips. Here is a link to the website for it and here is FAGIN'S proof that Mommy and Daddy bought the SNOOGLE for FAGIN!! YAY!!!
Doesn't FAGIN look cute and comfy all cuddled up with HIS SNOOGLE? Forgive the poor quality picture kitties - Daddy took this with this camera phone because he left Mommy's camera at work. You see, FAGIN was just too adorable to resist!! MINE SNOOGLE! YAY!!!

And what will happen if anyone tries to take FAGIN'S SNOOGLE away from FAGIN you might ask??


Monday, August 17, 2009

Manly Monday

We had a lovely story here (it was about a black lab named Reggie - we undertand its on Snopes if you want to read it) that we later found out people thought was real and got angry when they discovered it was not. For that reason, we have removed it. Sorry for any confusion.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mommy Update and Auntie Deb

First of all, the Mommy Update. The Cabin Boy V-E-T is very very happy with Mommy. Although her blood pressures were REALLY high at the office (they even had her lay down and try to relax so they could take it again), her overall pressures are really good and that is what Dr. J is going by. She said that Mommy looks great and that she should keep doing what she has been doing. YAY!! This means Mommy can still day hunt for a while longer and we still get plenty of time to help Mommy rest and nap. Its the best of both worlds for us pirate kitties!! We want to thank all of you kitties, woofies and beans - we really think your good thoughts over hte past 3 weeks have really really helped Mommy and Cabin Boy stay healthy and well!!!

And now, onto today's business!

What do you feed an invisible cat? Evaporated milk!!!!

What didn't the leopard go on vacation? He couldn't find the right spot!!!

What's worse than it raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis!!!!!

How do you catch a squirrel? Climb up a tree and act like a nut!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, we agree - those were really bad!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday, we is thankful to have a loving home with our humans. With Mommy having to be home so much because all she can do is rest, we get plenty of snuggle and napping time.

We do have one request though kitties - we needs all of your purrs and purrayers. Mommy goes back to the Cabin Boy doctor tommorow and she is nervous about being told she has to be home with us all of the time because she is worse. Her bloods pressures have been up for the last day (we thinks it cause she is nervous because they have been great for the last three weeks) and her feets were a bit puffy yesterday. She is day hunting now with her feets up at her desk and drinking lots and trying to remain unstressed, but she could use your good thoughts and wishes too!!

Mommy says we will let you know how things go tommorow and to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your love and support. It makes us happy that you kitties care about our Mommy like we do. So we say again, thank you kitties, woofies and friends. We loves you!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Well kitties, another weekend has come and gone. It was a mostly restful weekend at the Black Furrball. We started off Saturday really well. Daddy got up early and let the woofies outside and discovered we kitties had NO CRUNCHIES for breakfast so he gave us all cans and cans of stinky goodness (well, maybe he only divided two cans among the three of us but it was still good)! Mommy stayed in bed and slept in so we kitties went upstairs and took a nap with her. Later, Daddy went to pick up the Cabin Boy's crib (its like a bed for babies) and crunchies for us from the store and Mommy laid on the couch with us. And then later that night Uncle Dave and Aunt Susan came over for dinners!!

We love to see them, but well, Aunt Susan brought over something we DID NOT LIKE - a month old calico kitten that she is fostering. We thought it was staying and we was not happy at all but Mommy explained that Aunt Susan had come to our house straight from work and had brought the kitten with her because she goes back and forth to worth with Aunt Susan the way Fagin used to when he was a little guy. We was so glad when that kitten left though because Mommy kept making weird baby noises at her and we was afraid she would want to keep her (Purrageous Mom: She is a very sweet, beautiful calico with one the sweetest faces I have ever seen! We think our friend Chrys may be adopting her but we know that Aunt Susan will find her a good home like she does all of her fosters. Its always nice to hold a month old kitty)!!

Yesterday all we did was sleep. Daddy went to work and Mommy laid around the house and watched swimming and the X Games on TV. We're still keeping a close eye on Mommy but so far her blood pressures have stayed stable and her ankles are not all swollen again so that is good news. Well, that is our weekend update. We hope you all have a great week and that the next weekend gets here soon!!