Monday, April 4, 2011

Mine Gotcha Day

Oh My Catness! How long has it been so Mommy let us post last! WOW!! Over a year?! Mommy has not been a good kitty Mommy lately at all!! However, today is mine Gotcha Day!!!! Three years ago little me came to live with Mommy and Daddy and Dante and Captain Jack (And Samwise and Beaux too). My how things have changed since then - just look!!! That was me when I was just a wee little lad! In fact, it took me a while to figure out whether I wanted to hang about - for the longest time I was called Little Kitty or LK because I was so very little!! But it was with the help of all of the cat bloggers that I began to feel better (all those purrayers and purrs really meant a lot!!) and so I decided to stay and go to my furrever home. And here I was ony my Gotcha Day!! I was playing with my Cheese Chase game - oh I loved that game!! Good memories!!
And here I am now, sleeping on the couch. Life is good three years later!! Now if only Mommy would help me to blog more often!!

And in case you were wondering, Captain Jack and I know get along wonderfully!

Dante: Fagin! Don't lie!

Okay Okay. Captain Jack and I still do not get along but we are learning to live together.

Thank you for coming to visit on my Gotcha Day. My wish is that Mommy will help us to blog a lot more. What can I do to make sure she gives me my wish. Any ideas kitties?!?!