Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tattling Tuesday

First of all, we want to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts regarding our friend Quasimodo. Mommy talked to Aunt Susan yesterday and though she is in a lot of pain, she admits that it was time for the Moo to leave us. He will be very missed by lots of people.

Now, onto our tattling part. Last night, Fagin was christened with a new nickname. Now Fagin is called many things in our house - Faginator, the Menance, Fagin-no (meaning "Fagin, NO!" but one word) just to name a few. However, last night as Fagin was trying to drink Daddy's martini (he is an alcoholic kitties), he was christened with the best of all of his nicknames - The Twitten (think "kitten" and "twit" combined).
He hates it, but we love it!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The Twitten!! HAHAHAHA! Too right it is!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Remembering our Friend

Uncle Dave called last night to tell us some very bad news. You guys may remember Quasimodo, the one eyed Persian cat that owned Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave. Quasi had not been eating for two days and had gotten really thin. He was actively in kidney failure, and though we all knew he would be leaving for the bridge, we did not know it would be so soon. Around 9pm last night, Quasi crashed in Aunt Susan's arms as she was trying to determine how to best treat him. Unfortunately, she could not bring him back and Quasi left us for the Bridge. We are all very very sad here at the Black Furrball and to honour our friend, we dedicate this post to one brave pirate kitty. We'll miss you and we love you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordy, Tattling Wednesday

We call this Wednesday: "Mommy's new obsession" or "WHY WE ARE BEING IGONRED!!"

She has all of the books, she downloaded the soundtrack this weekend and now she is talking about getting Aunt Susan and Tybalt's Mommy (Happy Birthday Aunt Rini!!) to go see the movie with her soon. It's a book woman and you're way too old for him anyway!! I think you are right kitties, we gonna make her walk the plank soon if she keeps swooning like a ridiculous teenager and ignoring us and not giving us enough attention and nummies. Sigh. Did we mention she also adores True Blood and swoons over Eric and Sam there? Pathetic!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tattle Tuesday

Today, we are going to tattle on our so called Mommy and the horrible experience she put us through. It all started Sunday night when it was time for our crunchy bowls to be filled. We heard Daddy say "Uh oh, we're out." What could that mean? They are out of what? It couldn't be our food could it? Nah, and we did not hear Mommy say "Just give them some woofie food until tommorow." No, not our Mommy we thought. She is too good of a Mommy for that. We were wrong.

Monday comes around and there is more weird (it had better not have been woofie) food in our bowls and the so called Mommy person says 'I know kitties, and I am sorry, but Daddy will get you some food on the way home." Well, day hunting ends and Mommy comes home and guess what - we have no foods at all! No cat food, no woofie food (ick ick bleh), NOTHING!! Sure she gave us some Tem-ta-shuns but still!! So what did we do? We STARED at her and plotted. She sat down to try to read her book (some stupid series about teenage vampires that has a movie coming out soon that she is all excited about for some reason) but we knew what to do. We all three jumped on the couch and STARED as hard as we could. And you know what kitties? It worked. She picked up the phone (we think her hands were even shaking in fear) and called Daddy and said, "You had better get some cat food here and soon. I think they are plotting at my death if they are not fed soon."

Hahahahahaha!! That's right woman!! Bad so called Mommy person!! So Daddy came home and fed us (Daddy good, Mommy bad!!) and then do you know what that woman did? She said, "Dante is still sneezing. I think he needs a cold tablet." And she SHOVED A PILL DOWN DANTE'S THROAT!! That's it woman!! You are hereby notified that you are under observation and we are determining your punishment. Fagin said to tear up all of your Twilight books, including the ones you have not finished, Dante said to wait til you are sleeping and then put furr down your throat so you choke like he did on the pill, Jack said to meow at you all night until sleep is a bittersweet memory. We are still deciding so beware woman!! You are in so much trouble!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mancat Monday

A real mancat knows how to defend his lady when she has been wronged. Excuse me, Mrs Pearl's Mommy, but since you have been so mean to my beautiful pirate maiden, the Black Pearl, I am going to give you this menancing look until you make amends with my lady. How dare you neglect my Pearl so badly? I expect to see not just Pearl Week, but Pearl MONTH!! Do not invoke the wrath of Sir Dante Barbossa of the Black Furrball! You would not like it!! Me'ARGGGG!!!!

I am scary, aren't I kitties? Does my winky eye make me look extra vicious? What do you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fagin the Thief

Fagin: Hey kitties, this is Fagin. YAY!! I gotta tell you about what happened last night. My mommy said something very mean to me kitties. She called me "Fagin the Thief" and said that will be one of my new nicknames. But its not my fault kitties, really its not! It's all the chicken's fault!!

You see, last night Daddy made nummy chicken and cheese quesadillas for him and Mommy. Well, Mommy ate all of hers but ONE LONELY piece which she left on her plate that she set down on the counter. She then went outside to do something with the woofies and I was just sitting there - honest I was - when the quesadilla said to me: "Fagin! Fagin! Do not leave me here all alone, all by myself. Fagin! I need to be eaten!" And then it began to cry, it really did, so I jumped up on the counter and NOM NOM NOMed the piece of quesadilla, just as it asked me too. And Mommy did not even know - she thought Daddy ate it because I left no incriminating evidence. Later when he ratted me out (BAD DADDY!) she called me "Fagin the Thief!!" Well, what do you expect woman!! Look what character you named me for - the head thief!!

Purrageous Mom: Fagin, that is a good story and all but what about Daddy's missing shrimps from the night before?

Fagin: I do not know Mommy - maybe they swam away? Look! What's that?!?! (giggles are heard as Fagin runs off)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

In the United States, it is Veterans Day today - a day to honor all of those brave men and women who have served in the US Military. And just look at what Mommy found for us to put on the bloggie today:

It is a picture of our Daddy when he was in the Marine Corp a long time ago. He was just 19 and right out of boot camp. Daddy comes from a military family and that means that his father served in the Air Force, his brother and himself were both Marines, and both of his sisters served at least some time in the Army. Mommy says that her family was not so military because only Grandpa served in the Navy.

We want to say thank you to all of the veterans who have guarded us and protected us. We hope that you enjoy your day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mini Mancat Monday

Heya kitties, it's ME! Fagin!! YAY!! I got the bloggie today because I have a question for all of you big cats out there.You see, yesterday as we were relaxing in bed on Sunday morning I saw that Mommy's new book had this REALLY FUN BOOKMARK hanging out of it. I reached over to grab it and realized it was SO FUN to ATTACK!!! It has this tassel that was fun to whap and PLAYPLAYPLAY with! YAY!!! PLAYPLAYPLAY!

But then, I heard this: "You had better be good Fagin and not lose Mommy's place. Santa Paws is coming soon and he only brings treats and toys to good kitties and buns and woofies."

Kitties, who is this Santa Paws? Mommy says he brings treats and toys but when and how? And why only to good kitties and buns and woofies? How does he know when we is bad and when we is good? Did he see all of those times when I attacked Dante or what about when I stole that cheeseburger and NOMed NOMed NOMed it? Me wants treats and toys - Fagin likes FOODS and TOYS - but what if he does not like me and does not come? What if he brings Captain Jack and Dante things, but does not bring me anything?? What if he is mean?!?! I think Fagin is scared now kitties - this Santa Paws person sounds really scary!!!!! Is he??!?! Should I try to find a way to keep him from coming? What should Fagin do?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

If your human lives in the United States, please remind them to go out and vote today. If they do, they may even get a cool sticker to prove to the other humans that they voted. Mommy and Daddy went this morning and waited 3 whole hours to vote but they did it and they got stickers like this! YAY!!!

It has a peach on it because we live in Georgia and apparently Georgia is known as the "Peach State". We've never eaten peaches but Mommy says they are good. We have to tell you what Fagin did last night kitties- he had a whole half of a cheeseburger all on his own and without permission. He stole it off of the counter and NOM-NOM-NOMed it before anyone could take it away from him! Silly kitty!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mancat Monday

All good mancats enjoy spooky things and this year, we really liked all of the pumpkins that our beans and our humans friends carved. Our Daddy carved the haunted house one in the middle and our friends (Uncle Dave, Aunt Susan, Uncle Mikey, and Uncle Mark) carved the others. Mommy did not carve one this year because she decided she would rather cuddle with us that day. But Mommy did do other Halloweeny and spooky things this year. Just look!!

Once again this year Mommy was the good witch in the graveyard at Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house. Basically she stands at the end of the driveway and hands out candy to the kids who are too afraid to walk to the Wicked Witch (our friend Lynne) at the top of the driveway. Aunt Susan said every witch has to have a cat so Mommy carried this little stuffed guy around and pronounced that it looked just like Fagin! Wasn't she an excellent good witch? We wonder if she got to ride around on a broom like Tybalt's sisfur Holly does.....