Monday, November 23, 2009

It's Getting Exciting Around Here!

Heya kitties! As most of you are pretty aware, our Mommy has a kitten in her tummy that will be coming out soon. Cabin Boy, as we call him, is due any day now and things are getting very exciting around our house!

On Saturday Nana and Grandpa came over and brought the coolest thing - a glider chair!
Mommy says it's to rock Cabin Boy in but as you can see from the picture, Captain Jack disagrees. It is now his favorite place in the house and Mommy and Daddy will rock it for him while he is laying on it and he just adores it! We do not know if he will share with Cabin Boy or not; we think he considers it his own pirate booty. Nana and Grandpa also brought over a cradle swing for Cabin Boy. Mommy says they are going to put the Captain in it and turn it on to see if he likes that rocking but Daddy is afraid he will like it too much and take it over too.

Mommy told us today that her very last day day hunting for a while is Wednesday. We is very excited that she will be home with us for a few weeks - 12 of them to be exact! YAY!!

Samwise is very excited that Thursday is Turkey Day. It is his absolute favorite holiday because he gets a ton of turkey which is one of his favorite foods. Mommy and Daddy were not going to take him to Nana and Grandpa's this year, just in case Cabin Boy decides to come (Mommy's nurse says the busiest day of the year for having babies is Thanksgiving), but Nana assures her they will bring Samwise home so he gets to go and have turkey and ham and dressing and all the good foods. He is so excited that he cannot wait.

Cabin Boy will be here soon. YAY!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tybalt's Blurpy is Here!!

The Purrageous Pirates are pleased to announce that Tybalt's blurpy has arrived!! Chloe Renea was born a little after 6pm tonight and weighed 6lbs, 14.7ozs. She was 20 inches long. Mommy talked to their Grandmama and both baby and Mommy are doing wonderful!! YAY!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mancat Monday

For this Mancat Monday, we have two mancat guidelines to discuss. The first will be presented by Captain Jack!

Captain Jack: Real mancats know how to show their true feelings. You see, our Nana and Grandpa came over Saturday to bring some things they had picked up for the Cabin Boy. Well, there were some snuggly blankets in what they brought that just had to be for me, right? So I decided to thank Nana by climbing up on her lap and making biscuits as hard as I could. I had to show my appreication, right? Can you believe that she tried to push me off and said "Jack, that hurts!" I was most displeased so to show her how angry I was, I had to put the bitey on her hand. That will show her not to let me show her my thanks in future, right?

Uh yeah, Captain, whatever you say, just don't bite us!

Our second mancat guideline is that all real mancats know how to get the 5 star treatment. You may remember us telling you about the black cat that showed up on Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's front porch this past Halloween. Well, Mommy was over there last night and Hootie, as they are calling him, was still there! He refuses to stay in the house though so Aunt Susan made him a right snug little nest on the front porch complete with heating pad for when it gets cold. And he is a real mancat as he knows how to get attention. Mommy walked by the front door and he meowed and headbutted the door until Mommy came out outside. She sat on the glider on the porch and Hootie jumped up into her lap (not easy with the Cabin Boy due any day now) and purred and headbutted her. She tried to snap a picture of him but he would not cooperate, preferring to be petted and worshipped to being photographed. Mommy says he is one of the sweetest kitties ever and the good news is his leg is better (Aunt Susan examined him and X-rayed him and even had another V-E-T that she works with look at him and they cannot see an injury or deformation so hopefully its just a sprain that will heal on its own) and that he combo tested negative. Aunt Susan said she will try to find him a forever home soon, but that he is quite snug on their porch until then. He is well on his way to being very spoiled because if there is anything Aunt Susan does well, its spoil kitties and woofies...that and making them healthy and well too - just ask Fagin!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mancat Mystery Monday

Hiya mateys!! It's been a long time since our last blog post, we know, but Mommy has been a lazy person and has not been helping us. We will forgive her for now because dude, her tummy is HUGE! She's bigger than Dante even!! That's going to be one big kitten when he gets here!! And he will be here soon - probably this very month!! WOW!!

To follow up on our last post, we asked if you could guess the chef that Daddy was cooking with. Here's the picture again, you case you forgot.

Some of you guessed Alton Brown, and although you were close (we live in Atlanta and so does Mr. Brown), that is not who this is. This chef was on the show Top Chef a couple of seasons ago, he did not win but came in 2nd place, and has a very successful resturant here in Atlanta. Still no idea? Mommy says you have two other hints - people always remark on his hair AND he really really likes liquid nitrogen. Still no idea? Go here for the answer!!

Well, we had a very nice weekend here at the Black Furrball. On Saturday, Daddy put up the closet organizer in our pirate hang out- we mean in the Cabin Boy's room. Captain Jack tried to take many naps in the new crib, but Mommy kept squirting him with water and running him out every time she caught him. Maybe one day he will learn.

On Saturday night the beans went to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house for Halloween celebrations (we stayed home and napped) and Mommy met a NEW KITTY! Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave woke up the day of Halloween to find a solid black kitty sitting on their front porch - very Halloween like. Right now he is staying in their basement and Aunt Susan is taking him to work today because he has a limpy leg that she wants to look at. Mommy says he is very very sweet - he crawled into her arms and purred lots and made biscuits all over her shoulder.

Mommy made up for being gone all Saturday night by staying home and laying around with us on Sunday. Daddy went to work at the resturant all day so we had her home to ourselves. Captain Jack slept on her and we all watched bad tv and took naps. YAY!! Have a great week kitties!!