Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Frankenkitty (and Samwise's BD too!)

Before we tell the story of Frakenkitty we have to say this! Happy 5th BarkBirthDay to Samwise!! We wish you many more doggie!! We have presents for you that you will get tonight, when the beans come home!!
Gather round kitties, and hear a tale long in the telling. A tale about a kitty and his life. Some may find it monstrous, and some may find it horrific, but the tale is true nonetheless (okay, well mostly true – we did use artistic license to embellish some). Come closer and hear the tale of the Frakenkitty!!

CLANK!! The door swung shut as Orangey lowered his head to eat. He had known that entering the metal cage was not a good idea, but his stomach had overruled his mind. He had been so hungry having been on his own and in the rough outdoors without a friendly place to call home for so long. Turning around and inspecting the metal cage Orangey realized he was trapped and there was no way out.

“Well,” thought Orangey, “if I am trapped I might as well eat while I can. I remember food that came in cans that tasted like this…”

Orangey had been on his own for a long time, but it was not always like this. No Orangey had once had a home with a lovely couple and their son. He had grown up there, warm and happy in their home. He had been petted often and carried around the house by the little boy. The woman had fed him good foods and named him Orangey after some old movie she loved. And the man was good to him too, making him toys to play with. But that had all changed one clear day.

You see, Orangey was not an outdoor kitty. His family always kept him inside the house but as many kitties are, Orangey was curious. One day in the early fall, Orangey got his chance. As the family left to go to work and school, they forgot to pull the back door completely closed. Although he knew he was not supposed to, Orangey decided that the best way to spend the morning was to explore the magical outside. And so with all his might, he pushed open the back door and entered the BIG outside.

The Sights! The Smells! It was amazing! Orangey began to explore and explore, leaving his own yard and wandering away. Suddenly, out of no where, Orangey heard a growl – low and menacing. He turned toward the sound and beheld the scariest sight ever – a black, drooling hound from hell his eyes shot fire and whose mouth dripped acid. It looked like this!!!
Okay okay, maybe it didn’t quite look like that. Maybe that’s really a picture of Beaux but come on!! Go with it!! Back to our story.

Suddenly the Hell Hound leaped at Orangey and away he fled, running as fast as his furry legs could carry him. He ran and ran and eventually escaped the Hound from Hell. Finally, Orangey sat down and panted, shaking and afraid. When he finally caught his breath and calmed down, he looked around and realized – HE HAD NO CLUE WHERE HE WAS!! He tried to see if he could follow a scent trail back but alas, all he could smell was the Hell Hound and his own fear. Hoping against hope that the luck kitty would be on his side, Orangey wandered aimlessly, looking for something, anything that looked familiar. Nothing ever did.
Orangey wandered aimlessly for so long that he lost count.
Winter came and Orangey shivered and starved – hunting when he could but food is hard to come by in the winter. When it rained, he would try to find shelter but often he went wet, hungry and miserable – crying for his family and their loving embrace. Over time, he lost almost all of his body weight. His furrs, once so groomed and pretty, became dry and coarse.

One day, as Orangey wandered into an alley he smelled it. FOOD! It had to be, because his mouth was watered and his tummy was rumbling. Food! He followed his nose and uh-oh. Three cats stared at him from the end of the alley. They seem to guard the chicken they were eating and to threaten him with violence all at once. Orangey realized all too late that he had entered claimed territory and had run into one of the cat gangs he had tried so hard to avoid all of these many long months. Too late now, the alpha cat hissed, spit and attacked.

Orangey lived through the attack, but barely. He was beaten and bleeding and one of his back toes hurt really badly. He wanted to give up, but something kept him going. Maybe it was the late spring that gave him hope but he wasn’t ready to go yet. Life couldn’t end like this, it just couldn’t! As tears began to flow down Orangey’s cheeks it began to rain. A real rain – one of the thunderstorms so common in the late spring in the South. Orangey looked for shelter and found warmth! Yes! A car that the owner had just shut off! The engine was still blessedly warm and Orangey crawled inside and quickly fell asleep – the warmth and his injuries making his drowsy.

Orangey heard the engine start about a half second before he felt the pain. His back was on fire! In a panic, Orangey flew from the car, knowing something really bad had just happened. His back was covered in blood and it was flowing down onto his paws and the ground. He hurt so badly.

“This is it,” Orangey thought. ‘This is how it ends. Okay, I am ready to go; I just cannot take it anymore. I know I look awful. I am battered, bruised and bloody. My furrs are falling out and now my back….” He couldn’t finish that thought as his back hurt so bad he thought it best not to think about it.

Orangey wandered into an apartment complex, trying to find a good place to lie down for the last time. He closed his eyes, expecting to see the Rainbow Bridge any minute. But something odd happened – Orangey did not go to the Rainbow Bridge. Instead he woke up the next day to find some hard kibble and a bowl of water in front of him. For the next three days he would awake to find such things and was glad.

One day, he opened his eyes to see a woman bending over with a plate. Scared, Orangey ran, not knowing that this was the lovely angel who had been bringing him food and water. Seeing how scared he was, the lady decided she needed help. She had hoped he would relax and eventually let her pick him up and take him to the vet. From the terror in his eyes, she knew that the hurt kitty would not, and sadly she made a call to animal control. If nothing else, animal control would at least help him to go and end his suffering….

CLANK! Animal control had come and set a trap for the orange cat. The citizen who had first contacted them, called to let them know that the trap had worked and that the hurt kitty was captured. Two officers were dispatched to the scene and saw the hurt kitty.
“Poor thing,” the voice entered Orangey’s scared mind, “We need to take him to Cobb before we go to the shelter, see if they can help. The injury on his back has to hurt!”

That was the last thing Orangey heard before he was put inside a truck. The ride was terrifying but it did finally come to an end. The vehicle door opened and sunlight hit Orangey full in the eyes. He was taken into a white building where he heard voices murmur.

“Did you bring us another one guys? Oh he looks hurt. Put him in kennel 137. I’ll let the docs know he is here.”

Orangey was placed into yet another metal box, but this one was different. This one had a blanket and water and yes! The woman brought him food. Over the next couple of days Orangey was poked and prodded. Medicine went down his throat and he began to feel better. He heard words like “possible kennel cat” when he was mentioned by the humans taking care of him. Then it happened! She arrived for her shift!

Orangey woke one morning to find a new human smiling at him. She looked like one of the doctors who often came to look him over before another person came to feed him. This time though, the doctor opened the cage, picked him up, and held him.

“Hey there buddy!” she said. “You look kinda beat up but we’ll get you better.”

It was something about her – something about the way she spoke and the way she petted his head. He began to purr and to knead his feet. Finally, someone showed him love. Orangey became so happy that he purred all of the time and the staff came to love him. Orangey heard that they wanted to keep him but they only needed one clinic cat and another kitty – a girl kitty – was also in the running. But Orangey’s favorite doctor had an idea. As she finished his medical treatment and he became well enough to leave, that doctor made a phone call. Orangey heard the conversation.

“Hey guys, its Susan. Do you still want another cat to go with Jack? I have a great one here and I think you’ll love him. He’s not a kitten but I don’t want a kitten with Jack anyway – Jack is big enough to hurt a kitten without meaning to. Yeah, I am here at the clinic, so you guys should come and see him. He’s orange and he’s so friendly and sweet. Okay great! I’ll see you soon!”
“Well, kitty,” the doctor Susan said to him “I think I found you a home.”

Not long after, Susan came to pull Orangey out of his cage. This time though, she had people with Orangey had never seen – a red headed woman and a black haired man.

“Oh he’s hurt badly Suz!” the woman said.

Oh no! thought Orangey! They aren’t going to like me cause of the scabs and things. They must think I am ugly.

“He looks bad! And his eye!”

“I had an eye specialist look at him. The opening is too small but he can see so we don’t have to remove it. That scab is bad on his back….”

“Looks like the fanbelt got him Susie” the man said.

“Yeah, you could right. Anyway, I’ll send him home with some antibiotics and I’ll come and check on him in a few days. I am going to go see about getting custody turned over to you guys but until then, go into that exam room and just get to know each other.

Did someone say home? He was being held by the woman and when he looked at the man, the man smiled at him and petted his head.

“Do you want him?” the man asked the woman.

“Yes, but what should we call him? He is so beat up that the only name I can think of is Frakenkitty!”

“He does look like he has been through hell. That’s it! We’ll call him Dante because he has been through hell and has come back!”

And that is how Dante got his name and how he came to live with us.

Thanks for reading this long story, we hope you like it. Happy Halloween everyone!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Welcome Road Trippers!!

We cannot believe it! The Road Tripping Kitties and Pugs are going to drop by to see us today!! We were so excited when Roxy left us a comment to let us know that we've been watching and waiting for our friends all day and night. Look at Captain Jack! He is staring out of the window waiting.

Samwise was so excited too that he actually dressed up for the occasion and put on his Halloween costume. He's going as a Killer Crawfish this year. Doesn't he look vicious (snicker).

We've talked about what we want to do and we think that we will show have for our friends a little Halloween tour (since it is Halloween tommorow and all). First, we are going to go to the pumpkin patch and look around.

They have some really fun stuff to see and do including a petting zoo and look! DINNER! Okay, mommy says its actually a peacock and a turkey at the petting zoo but it looks like dinner to us!

After seeing the petting zoo, we can go to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins so everyone can have their own Cat-O-Latern. We can make Daddy carve them for everyone too!

After visiting the pumpkin patch we are going to go to our Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's house. There we have set up some refreshments for a Graveyeard Picnic. Look, here's the graveyard that they have set up in their front yard (don't be scared friends - its only pretend graves).

And here's the picnic we have planned! We hope its enough for everybody!

Pumpkin Burgers and Nummy Halloween Cookies

Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets (an Atlanta original) and shrimps!

Fish and Samwise's Favorite - Turkey

Do you guys think it will be enough? Oh we cannot wait for them to get here!!

PS - Frakenkitty will be told tommorow. We were going to do it today but then we found out our friends are coming!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mancat Monday - Halloween Style

Hi everykitty! Sorry we missed a Halloween post yesterday but Mommy wasn't feeling well and couldn't help us get on the computer. For today though, we have a Mancat Monday - Halloween style. Look at what our Daddy carved for us yesterday!!

It is our own kitty Jack-o-latern!! And you know what? Our Jack-o-latern is actually Captain Jack!! Yep! Daddy says you can tell by the big ears! So we have a Captain-Jack-o-Latern! How cool!!

We are also considering our remaining two Halloween posts. We think that for one, we will tell you the story of "Frankenkitty" or "How Dante Came to Live With Us". We do have some pictures of how beat up Dante looked when he first came home that he doesn't mind showing - but would you want to see them? There's nothing too ooey, just a lot of scabs! What do you kitties think?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spooky Saturday

We thought about not doing this post when we logged into the cat blogosphere and saw all of the pictures and purrs for Miss Peach. Instead, we thought of simply posting the picture that we placed in our sidebar (we got it from the Cat Blogosphere - we hope no one minds that we took it - we just had to do something for Miss Peach) and foregoing our Halloween post for today. Then Mommy said, "I think Miss Peach knows that we love her and purr a lot for her. I think that maybe your Halloween post will help other kitties to think of different things for a time so that they can rejuvenate and purr even HARDER for Miss Peach." We agree with Mommy so we are posting.

We are posting about Mommy and Daddy's Halloween adventure last night. We live in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Last night, Mommy and Daddy went to Historic Oakland Cemetery for their Capture the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours. To find out more about this very historic cemetery in downtown Atlanta that was built in 1851, please visit here.

The Capture the Spirit of Oakland Tour was a lot of fun. The Historic Oakland Foundation put together the whole thing, and all money raised for admission went toward the preservation and beautification of the cemetery. The Tours walked groups through the cemetery at night (under a full moon no less) and introduced you to 6 spirits who when living were prominent figures in Atlanta. Five of those people are buried at Oakland, and one - Father O'Reily who helped preserve Atlanta's churces during the Civil War, visited just to let visitors know of his deeds while living.

The one spirit Mommy looked forward to meeting the most was Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone With The Wind (Hendrix - tell your Mommy our Mommy thought so hard of you guys when she met her)! Ms. Mitchell is one of Mommy's favorite authors and look! Mommy even got a picture of her! See? She was telling Mommy all about her life and how she lived when she wrote Gone With The Wind.

Mommy and Daddy had lots of fun and didn't get home til after lots and lots of sleeps. Mommy said the best thing about the adventure, was getting to go with lots of our friends. Aunt Susan (remember she is our V-E-T and rescued Dante too!) and Uncle Dave even went too! Friends mean a lot and we cherish every one of our new friends that we have made since we starting blogging. We love you all! Feel better Miss Peach!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Spooky Friday

Our Mommy and Daddy are not normal humans. Most humans only celebrate Halloween one day - on October 31. Our parents start early with the biggest celebrations starting the weekend before Halloween. We have decided to be like our parents and start our Halloween celebrations today!

Today, we will begin our Halloween weekend by telling you about black cats!! Did you know that some humans are silly enough to actually be afraid of black cats - just because of their furrs? Yep! Here are some other human black cat folklore that you might find interesting!

In Bengali folklore women could change their soul into a black cat and that any harm brought to the cat would be suffered by the women.

The Celts thought black cats were reincarnated beings able to divine the future.

German folklore believed that if a black cat jumped on the bed of a sick person it meant death was near.

In Finland it was thought that black cats were thought to carry the souls of the dead to the other world.

In China it is thought the presence of a black cat foretold of poverty.

In Russia, there is still a popular belief that if a black cat crosses a person's path in the street, that person should either choose a different direction in order to walk around the cat's path or cross it holding a button in his/her fingers (it could be a button on a person's jacket, pants, or shirt).

In Romanian and Indian culture, especially in the historical region of Moldavia in Romania and everywhere in India, one of the strongest superstitions still feared by many people is that black cats crossing their path represents bad luck, despite the fact that these regions were never affected by witch hunts or anti-paganism.

During the catholic inquisition when millions were killed, innocent people were tied to a stake and set aflame with often a black cat was thrown into the fire with them.

Black cats, because of their ability to remain unseen in dark places or at night, were considered especially desirable partners for witches. Some witches were purported to have the ability to shape-shift into a cat nine times, hence the archaic belief that cats have "nine lives."

Black cats were sometimes used in magical rituals, sometimes as purported participants, other times as sacrifices.

In witch trials, ownership of a cat was often taken as "evidence" of Satanic association and witchcraft. Cats, believed to be evil in their own right, were often punished or burned alive along with humans during these trials.

Many modern witches keep black cats as pets, and view them as sacred.
Some of those facts are interesting and some are just plain wrong - hurting black kitties all because they are black. HUMANS!

We would like to dedicate this post to One Who Came Before - Mommy's cat Midnight.

Midnight was actually found on Halloween Night by Mommy's sister when Mommy was just a little girl. He lived with Mommy and her family until he was roughly 20 years old and every Halloween they celebrated his Purrthday. Now every Halloween Mommy and Nana think of him and miss him lots. Wasn't he gorgeous?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our First Thusday Thirteen

For today's post, we are going to do out first ever Thursday Thirteen - and it will be all about us and our family!

1. Okay, Mommy says we have to say this first - it's about yesterday's photo of Samwise in the cat bed - well, it actually belongs to Samwise, not us. He shares it with us. You see, when Samwise was first found, he lived with Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave for a week (they were looking for his family before adopting him out) and they kept him kenneled in their garage when they were not home. Well, every time they would let him out he would run and jump into that cat bed - an older one that they kept in the garage. When Mommy and Daddy adopted Samwise, Aunt Susan gave him the cat bed he liked so much - so yeah, it's actually his! He shares whenever we want to sleep there though.

2. Mommy calls Dante Don-Juante (Don Juan and Dante combined) at times because she says he is such a lover kitty. Often she just calls him Juan for short.

3. Captain Jack's favorite toy is a feather ball teaser that Mommy can only find at Petco. He is on his third one (see pic below).

4. Beaux can jump up and catch treats in the air and he learned how to do this all on his own!

5. Samwise loves to sleep on his back. Mommy calls this his comfy sleep position. We have a pic of this too cause you have to see how silly it looks!

6. Dante's favorite room in the whole house is the guest bathroom. He likes to hang out in the doorway (see picture below) and will escourt all guests into the bathroom when they enter. Mommy thinks this is because that was were he was quarantined when he first came to live with us.

7. Aunt Susan calls Captain Jack a "Holstein" because he is black and white and really big just like a holstein cow.

8. Beaux is not a morning dog - he loves to climb into bed with Mommy and Daddy and refuses to go outside even when they tell him he has too.

9. When asked what breed Samwise is, Mommy and Daddy say he is a "Spring Board" - half Border Collie and half Springer Spaniel. Aunt Susan says he is a Sheltie not a Border Collie but Mommy says that Spring Sheltie just does not sound as cute to say.

10. Dante has a large scar on his back where no furrs grow (his furrs beside it cover it). The scar came from a bad injury he had when he came to live with us. Daddy thinks that a car fan belt hurt Dante's back because Dante was keeping warm in a car engine when the car's owner started the engine. Dante is all fine now - just scarred - which makes him an even scarier pirate kitty.

11. Captain Jack loves to play with straws. He will steal them out of Mommy's drinks - even if it means spilling the drink everywhere!!

12. Beaux is an escape artist. Mommy and Daddy have had to lay chicken wire on the bottom of the backyard fence to keep Beaux from digging under the fence and escaping.

13. Did you guys know that Tybalt's Mommy is our Mommy's bestest friend?? Yep! They have known each other for about 10 years! That's a really long time!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

We call this picture - "Samwise the Cat in Cat Bed."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lesson in Piracy #1

Happy Tuesday Everykitty! Today, we will begin what we hope will turn into a series of cat piracy lessons! This first lesson is a lesson in the art of agility! In order to be a good kitty pirate, you must be agile and be able to climb and manuever all over the pirate ship when the waves are tossing it about. How do you practice your pirate manuevers if you do not have a pirate ship handy? Quite simply - you improvise!
In this lesson, Captain Jack will demonstrate his agility pactices on human furniture. To make the lesson more effective, you may wish to do as Jack did, and choose a piece of furniture that you are not technically allowed on - in this case, Mommy and Daddy's entertainment center.

Jack begins by first jumping up onto the tv and looking into all of the small cubbies. This is good practice for searching for hidden treasure aboard enemy ships.

Next, Jack must manuever to the top of the ship because only here can a kitty take control of the ship - and pilot away with the stinky goodness booty. In order to do this, a kitty must move from his boarding area on the bottom of the ship to the top of the ship. As you can see below, Jack is beginning to move to the top of the ship by finding paw holds to use to move upward.

You will notice that Jack also demostrates his agility here by carefully choosing the shelf right above the shelf holding Mommy's Irish crystal glasses. Had he choosen the Irish crystal shelf, the practice would have ended immediately.

Finally, Jack makes it to the top of the entertainment center, we mean enemy ship!

This is the time when you survey your domain! Yes, you have successful boarded and taken over the enemy entertainment center - we mean enemy pirate ship! You earned your victory, so savor it and that savoring includes meowing at any silly bean who grabs the flashy box and takes your picture!

With practice, you too can be an agile kitty pirate just like Captain Jack! Until the next lesson, keep practicing and Me-Arrrrrrggggg!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mancat Monday

For our first ever Mancat Monday - we shall show you two activities that all mancats must do! The first Mancat activity will be demonstrated by Dante.

All Mancats must bask in the sun to keep their manly muscles warm.

If anyone claims sunbathing is not manly, a good Mancat will give them the stare - in Dante's case, the squinty-eyed stare. It is very effective for proving your Mancatness!

Notice that one does not have to leave their chosen sunbeam to give an effective Mancat stare!

The second Mancat activity will be demonstrated by Captain Jack. It is the art of camouflage.

You will notice that Jack is well hidden among the plants, but yet he does this manly activity from the comfort of his own cat bed. It takes a real Mancat to hide undetected in such style!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Frootbat Friday

When Mommy told me what Frootbat Friday meant, I knew it was the day for me! For my first Frootbat Friday, I have to tell you about my nickname and how I got it. It all started when I was just a baby - here's a picture of me, taken on my first night with Mommy and Daddy.

Wasn't I a cute kitten -with big feet and even bigger ears?? I was told by Aunt Susie that I would grow into my feet and ears and that I would be a "Moose Kitty" when I got older, whatever that means (Mommy says it has to do with me being a big kitty - I weigh 15 pds and do not have an ounce of fat on me - I is just big). Because of my ears Mommy gave me the nickname "Jack Rabbit" although she often shortens it to just "Rabbit." I asked her once why she called me Rabbit when I am obviously a cat and she showed me this picture of an animal called a jack rabbit.

Are my ears really THAT big? Well, the good news is that I did grow into my feet. I think I kinda grew into my ears too - what do you think?

Anyway, I like my frootbat ears. It gives me character and I can always hear Dante sneaking up on me to attack. Do you like my ears?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meet Beaux

Happy Thursday everyone! Its Captain Jack and I am going to be the kitty writing this post because I know the most about our last puppy brother - Beaux. Well that and Dante hates him - okay, maybe hate is not the right word....we could use "detests" or "loathes," well, you get the point!

Beaux was adopted by Mommy and Daddy almost three years ago, when it was just me and Samwise living with them. They found him at a horrible place called the pound! They had gone to look at a Border Collie that Daddy had found online but when they saw Beaux, they thought he was the right doggie for them. Here's the first ever picture they took of Beaux. Daddy took it at his office because he adopted Beaux on a Hunting Day and his office is just down the street from the pound place.
Aunt Susan describes Beaux as a Chow/Retriever Mix. We think he is almost 4 years old. He was orignally named "Gumbeaux" because Daddy is a cook and he thought Beaux looked like a mix of many different dog breeds. The spelling BEAUX was our Uncle Dave's idea (he's Aunt Susan's husband). Uncle Dave is a real life Cajun from New Orleans so he thought that spelling was perfect.
Since Beaux came to live with us, he has been given many different nicknames - Bozo, Bocifous, Dumbo and some others. Why? Because Beaux, well, just isn't that smart. Dante says he is a half-wit but I am not sure I want to be that mean. I think that compared to my favorite doggie - Samwise - he seems not so smart. Nana says its because Samwise is really a cat and Beaux is a dog. Dogs are not as smart as cats. See why I love my Nana?

So that is our last puppy brother Beaux. I like him just fine (as much as I can since he is a dog and all) even though he likes to chase us kitties and bark at us too. Mommy says he wants to play with us since he does something she calls "play posture" at us, but that he just doesn't know how to play with kitties. I do my best to ignore him and he pretty much leaves me alone. Dante though, that is another story. Here! This is how Dante always looks when he looks at Beaux.

See the evil look he gives him? He bats at him and growls and hisses at him too. I even watched Dante chase him around the house and out the back door once. Mommy thought it was so funny that she laughed and laughed. Poor Dante. I wonder what some mean doggie did to him when he was homeless! Dante tells me he wants Beaux to leave but personally, I think Dante entertains himself by stalking and attacking Beaux. What do you kitties think? Does Beaux look vicious or do you think that Dante can take him?

And one more thing! We want to give an extra special thanks to The Crew for showing us how to do hyperlinks and also to The Cat Realm for offering to show us how too! Kitties helping Kitties - its a wonderful thing!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Look it!

Look at what we got from our new friends Mia and Ghost and from our old friend Mr. Hendrix (we cannot figure out how to do the cool linkies to show you thems bloggies, sorry)!

Isn't it pretty? We were so happy to get them and Mommy says that because we got TWO that means that we don't have to share and that Captain Jack can have one and Dante can have one, all to themselves! We are so happy that Dante laid wrapped around Mommy's head on her pillow last night and purred all night long, and Captain Jack was up at 5am this morning, singing his happiness for his beans to hear, loud and clear! What a cat blogosphere welcome! We are so happy that we have all of our new friends and cannot wait to make even more!

Now, we will pass on our happiness to Prince Tybalt! He's been our friend for a long time and is really an awesome prince kitty! Since we cannot do the cool linkies that other bloggers do (can someone help us? We tried Skeezix's help blog but we think we need more practice) here's his blog:

Again thanks Mia and Ghost AND Hendrix. You guys made our day!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tabby & Tuxie Tuesday

Dante here! I will start Tuesday's post by showing you some great pictures of my orange tabby self doing two of my favorite activities! The first pic features me playing with my green fish teaser toy. You can see how hard I am concentrating on killing the fishy teaser toy by the way my tongue is all stuck out. Grrrrr!

This next picture features me hanging out in my laundry basket. Mommy actually thinks that I like to help her out with laundry but, in fact, I want the basket for my own! Aren't I cute?

Some of you have asked if I really only have one eye because of my pirate patch in our header. Well, as you may be able to tell in this picture, the truth is I have only about 1.5 eyes - you see the eye opening on my left eye is actually not big enough so I cannot open my eye all the way. Aunt Susan had a kitty eye doctor check me out and she said I can see purrfectally, but I just cannot open my eye and that I was borned this way too. Mommy and Daddy call me "Squint" sometimes because of it but I think it makes me look like one tough pirate kitty!

Oh and since it is Tuxie Tuesday too, here's picture of Captain Jack hanging out on our back porch enjoying a nice fall day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Meet our brother!

Happy Monday everyone!

First of all, did you guys see what Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry did for us? Isn't it beautiful? We absolutely love it!

We hope everyone had a nice weekend. It has finally cooled off enough that Mommy left the windows open all day so we could enjoy the breeze. It was a lovely way to spend the weekend - napping with the breeze blowing over us and hearing the birds and squirrels.

In between napping, we had to listen to Samwise complain that he is not blogging with us. Who is Samwise you might ask? He's our oldest brother who is actually a doggie, although he really thinks he is a kitty. He lived with Mommy and Daddy before either of us. Like Jack, a kid in the neighborhood found Samwise four years ago and took him to Aunt Susan (all of the kids bring Aunt Susan the strays they find being as she is a V-E-T and all). Daddy's brother had just crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Aunt Susan thought Daddy needed a friend so she talked him into adopting Samwise. Later, Mommy was concerned that Samwise was lonely being left alone in the house all day so Aunt Susan recommended adopting Samwise a kitty friend. A few months later, along came Captain Jack. Samwise loved Captain Jack from the moment he saw him - he even groomed Jack for three whole hours the first night Jack was adopted. Mommy wanted us to include the picture below as it is here favorite of Samwise and Captain Jack - taken when the Captain was only about 6 weeks old.

So Samwise raised Captain Jack, teaching him how to play and how to hunt and fight. Samwise has always been very patient with Jack, even when Jack tried to put the bitey on him like he did in the picture below.

People usually ask Mommy what kind of doggie Samwise is. She thinks he is a border collie/sheltie/spaniel mix and is very sweet and friendly. Sadly, Captain Jack cannot convince Dante to love or even tolerate Samwise. Dante must have had some bad experiences with doggies when he was a homeless kitty, because he really does not like them and instead growls and hisses at Samwise whenever he is near. Captain Jack has actually had to put the bitey on Dante when Dante tried to attack Samwise. Its one of the things that Jack will always pull Captain's rank on Dante for, because he loves his Sammy!

Stay tuned later in the week. Mommy wants us to do a feature post on our other brother doggie named Beaux. She told us that she will give us nip and Pounce if we do so we guess we should. Do you guys want to hear about Beaux too?