Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all of our friends and loved ones at the Cat Blogosphere. We hope Santa Paws brings all of you good treats, toys and lots of love too. This year we are grateful for the love and friendship of all of you and hope it continues for years to come!

Our Christmas wish this year is a simple one - we hope that all of our poor, cold, sad and lonely homeless furry friends find warm and loving furrever homes. If Santa Paws could only bring us that, our hearts would be full this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fagin Good Kitten

Kitties, ME think ME is saved!! You know how I told you kitties yesterday that ME lives with Samwise Santa Paws? Well, ME think Samwise Santa Paws may have forgotten all about BAD FAGIN because while FAGIN was nice all last night, Beaux was BAD!! And ME mean BAD!!

First, Beaux pulled on the table cloth and knocked all of our kitty food to the ground AND a mug of Mommy's too. The mug shattered and Mommy and Daddy were not happy. Then, Beaux chased us a lot and gots in BIG TROUBLE for that. And THEN, Beaux ATE MOMMY'S EYEGLASSES!! ME not kidding - he chewed up one whole side to the point Mommy said she is gonna have to buy new ones cause you cannot fix the old ones. Mommy has contacts so she is not blind but she is not happy at all.

So I think ME am safe kitties!! Beaux is the BAD ONE and I made it a point to be cute and cuddly and even gave Mommy and Daddy the Puss-in-Boots look - you kitties know that look - this one!!Mommy said all ME needed was a hat and ME would have been PURRFECT!! hehehehehehe. See Samwise Santa Paws? ME good kitten. Nice, sweet kitten. Me should gets LOTS of TOYS and TREATS!! YAY!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Do I live with Santa Paws?!?!

Kitties, it's ME - Fagin. You will not believe what ME found out this weekend - ME thinks ME lives with SANTA PAWS!! REALLY!! LOOK!!

ME was taking a picture of my new toy to show everyone - isn't it a cool toy? You can climb it and it has things you can WHAP on it too! ME likes my new toy even though Dante says it's really something called a Crimmas Tree and that ME am not supposed to climb it and WHAP! it and stuff. Anyway, while ME was taking the picture, ME saw this!!!

What is Daddy doing to Sammy? ME saw this and got really confused so ME decided to watch and see what happened next....

Oh, Daddy is putting clothes on Samwise - but wait, those clothes look familiar. Red and white and jackety like..... (gulp)..... like SANTA PAWS!!!!

Look at Samwise kitties!! He has a Santa Paws outfit. I think he may be THE Santa Paws and if he is kitties, then ME am in trouble cause Samwise knows that ME have not be the best of kittens. What am ME gonna do????!?!!! What if Samwise Santa Paws brings ME dog food for ME stocking and not cat treats?? ME did not know he was Santa Paws!! ME would have been better!! ME would not have attacked his tail!! Why didn't anyone tell ME?????? ME want presents!! WAH!!!!!!! BILLY! KITTIES!!! HELP!!! ME WANT PRESENTS AND ME BEEN BAD TO SANTA PAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Maiming Mancat Monday

We think that every mancat should be prepared to ATTACK and MAIM and maybe even KILL the innernet no repair guy when he comes ofur to your house and cannot repair your innernets!! Can you believe it kitties - we are without innernets at our house!! Our innernets went away Saturday and Daddy called to have them come and bring the innernets back. Well, they sent some no repair guy out on Sunday and all he could say was that it was not a "user error" and that they would have to get the real tech support guy out sometime later in the week Daddy said this was the "idiot fixer layer of tech support" and now that they know Daddy is not an idiot, maybe we can get the innernets back. Do you know what that means kitties?? That means that they thought our Daddy was an idiot woofie or something who forget to turn on the computer or something when he called to say that our innernets was gone. How dare they!! Our Daddy is smart - he knows when innernets goes away and when they doesn't. HMPH!!!

We is mad because we had pictures we wanted to show you but we cannot because we has no innernets to upload them and Mommy can only quickly post our unhappy message from work. HMPH!! Mancats unite - let's get the mean innernet no repair guy and the innernets too for going away!! BAD INNERNETS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

The other day, Mommy looked at Fagin and was struck but what a difference 10 months can make. Just look:

Then: An itty bitty 10 day old kitty called "Little Kitty" or "LK" as the blogosphere came to name him. He weighed less than a pound and had a very uncertain future. His last sibling has just left for the Bridge and LK was all alone but had some humans and kitties and woofies and buns from all over the world who were purring and pulling for him to just live another day.

Now: A 10 month old kitty named Fagin whohas been named Quarter Master of the Black Furrball. He weighs, as of last weekend, 13 pounds. He is no longer an orphaned kitty, but has 4 bro-furrs (2 kitties and 2 woofies) and a Mommy and Daddy too. Mommy is already planning his One Year Birthday Celebration and is trying to convince herself that yes, he can date in 2 months. How they grow!!!

PS: We wanted to let everyone know hat we are sorry for not getting around to visit our friends. Mommy is very sick with what is basically pneumonia and gets tired and sleepy so easy. Please know that we are thinking of you all and hope to see you all soon!! Lots of love! - Purrageous Pirates

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tattling on Tuesday

Hello kitties! First, we want to thank all of you for coming by and helping us surprise Beaux on his Gotcha Day last week. We all had a lot of fun and that was mostly because all of you were here to make the day special. Now, for today's post we are going to show you what Beaux did the evening of his Gotcha Day.

Mommy came home and let the woofies out. Well, later she went to let them back inside and though Samwise came inside immediately, she did not see Beaux anywhere. She looked and looked and realized that the dog in the fenced yard next door looked a lot like Beaux.....
Even the collar was the right color. But the woofie next door looks nothing at all like this - he is small and brown not black and fluffy like was a mystery until Mommy saw this!!

Uh oh - it looks like Beaux has been digging again and this time, he dug UNDER THE FENCE!!

Yep, that dog that looked like Beaux's in the neighbor's yard was actually Beaux! Silly dog dug himself into the yard next door and was fenced in there too. The sad thing was that the next door dog, who is a great friend of Beaux's, was not even home. Moppy was out with his parents so Beaux dug next door for nothing!!
Silly woofie had to stay next door until Mommy and Daddy came to get him!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As you can see, even Samwise thought it was hillarious!! Silly woofie! Doesn't he know that home is always the best??

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day Beaux!!!

SURPRISE!!!! Happy Gotcha Day Beaux!!

First we want to thank all of our guests for coming over to help us celeybrate with Beaux!! We have treats and nummy food for all:

Beaux's favorite steak!!

HAMM for Sammy and friends!!
Shrimps!! NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!
Doggie Treats
Kitty Treats!!

And let's not forget
Kitty Toys

And Doggie Toys!!!!

All right guys, it's time to PAR-TAY!! DANCE!! SPIN!! PLAYPLAYPLAY!!! YAY!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can you Keep a Secret?

Can you guys keep a secret? Beaux is sleeping so we can tell you all about it now but shhhh! We do not want to wake him up, its a surprise!!
Tommorow, December 3rd, is Beaux's official Gotcha Day!! This means that he has been living with us for 4 whole years now and that he is roughly 5 years old now!! Yep, 4 years ago Mommy and Daddy went to the Sad Place (aka The Pound) and rescued Beaux and brought him home to live with us. Samwise and Captain Jack were already here, so that means Beaux was the 3rd fuzzy child to join Mommy and Daddy.

In order to celeybrate, we will be having a surprise Gotcha Day party for Beaux tommorow here on our bloggie. We hope that all of you kitties and your woofie friends will stop by to help us wish Beaux a Happy Gotcha Day. Don't tell him though, we want to surprise him!!! We hope to see you all tommorow!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

We're Back

Hello kitties, we are back after our extended holiday break! We did not mean to be gone so long but well, Mommy had a different idea. She made plans, even though we had different ideas. Thursday we knew she and Daddy would be going to Nana and Granpa's house and taking Samwise with them cause Thanksgiving is Samwise's favorite day because he gets all the turkey he wants until he literally passes out from it! In fact, he calls it "Turkey Coma Day." No kitties, it was the other days we took issue with.

On Thursday night we heard Mommy talking about her plans so we made some plans of our own. We decided to lay on Mommy and look cute and thought there was no way she would leave. Just look at us!!

This is Captain Jack laying on Mommy's legs to hold her down with his strength and cuteness.

Here is Dante showing off his adorable orange tummy. No way she could leave this!!

And last but not least, Fagin the Twitten (hahahaha) with his sleepy flirty look.

But alas, this did not work and Mommy ABADONED us on Friday and Saturday both for her plans. Tybalt, part of this is your Mommy's fault as she schemed with our Mommy to abadon us all so they could see that silly vampire movie together. And if that was not bad enough, Mommy left us the very next day to meet another friend for lunch and coffee. Sigh. She owes Daddy though because we are not too mad at her because our wonderful Daddy stayed home all weekend with us. He even cooked a huge turkey for us while Mommy was gone and fed us so we would know what Samwise meant about turkey comas. Oh we love Daddy! Mommy, you got some work to do - you too Aunt Rini for abadoning Tybalt and the Twins!! Bad women!!! Anyway kitties, we missed all of our friends (and two lovely lady kitties Miss Boo and Pearl) and are glad to be back!!!