Monday, December 14, 2009

Mancat Monday

As you know, our new Cabin Boy arrived a couple of weeks ago. Since then life has really changed around here - you would not believe how loud little humans can be - especially at 3am! Since Mommy and Daddy are so busy with the new baby, we've decided that real mancats help out with their little humans.

Right now Cabin Boy is sleeping in a bassinet in the big room with Mommy and Daddy. Dante was afraid the bassinet might float away and carry the Cabin Boy off so he has taken to sleeping in the storage basket underneath. Also, this way the brave First Mate can defend the baby against all attackers! Dante is certainly a fierce mancat!!
Captain Jack is helping out by guarding Callum's new room since he is not in it yet to protect it himself. As you can see, the fierce Captain is sacrificing his own self and comfort by sleeping on the pad on the changing table. Also, he has to make sure that its comfortable enough for our Cabin Boy to be laid on. Captain Jack is one brave kitty!!
Finally, brave Samwise is also helping out by guarding Callum night and day. Here he is sleeping alongside our little one to keep all of the bad dreams and nightmares away. Samwise is certainly an inspiration to all mancat woofies the world over!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cabin Boy is Here!!

The kitties and crew of the Black Furrball are pleased to announce the arrival of our Cabin Boy, Callum Andrew. Callum was born on November 25, 2009 at 5:54am. He weighed 8lbs, 8 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Here he is sleeping in his bassinet in the hospital. Isn't he cute?

Here is a portrait of all of the human members of the Black Furrball. This was taken the day after Callum was born while Mommy and Daddy were still in the hospital with Callum. They were actually there for 5 days but it was okay because Uncle Dave came over lots to take care of us.

No member of the Black Furrball is consider ship shape and ready to sail without an examination from our personal V-E-T Aunt Susan. From the look on her face, he seems to have passed. Aunt Susan is little Callum's godmother.

Daddy took this picture Monday night while we were watching the Saints game. Callum enjoyed his first Saints game a lot!!

We are doing very well with all of the changes of bringing Cabin Boy home. Mommy and Daddy are making sure that we get paid attention to as much as possible. Daddy brought home a blanket of Callum's the day before he came home so we could get used to the new smells of the baby and Mommy has let us all look at him too. The only problem is Captain Jack and Dante both want to sleep in Callum's bassinet but other than that, things seem to be going quite well. Thank you all for your well wishes - we really appreciate them all!!