Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Greetings from the decks of the Black Furrball!! It is time for the weekend update, and Baast! Do we have lots to update!

First of all, Dante would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. In honour of his 4 years on this earth, we celeybrated on both Saturday and Sunday by getting lots of treats and stinky goodness. We also got our claws trimmed on Sunday morning too, but we will ignore that for now. Mommy says we will have a party for him soon so that all of us can get together and have a good time! We think we will take the Black Furrball out on a cruise again, but this time we will be going to a new and never before visited locale. Keep in touch kitties, you will not believe where we will be partying. More details to come!!

Also on Saturday, Nana and Grandpa and Uncle Mark came over and we had lots of fun. Beaux and Samwise were very excited because Grandpa will always pet and pet them. And he did. Fagin was excited cause he got to attack Uncle Mark, which always makes him happy too!!

On Sunday, Fagin had a little scare and we want to tell you about it so you kitties will be careful too! Fagin loves to go out onto our screened porch and nap and hang out. Well, Sunday was very hot here (over 95 degrees) but Fagin seemed alright outside and laid in the shade with the ceiling fan on, and Mommy checked on him lots too. Well, in maybe 10 minutes Fagin went from being fine and happily sleeping to not fine - Mommy found him panting and shaking in the heat. Mommy quickly scooped him up and she said it was like picking up a rag doll Fagin was so limp and lifeless. She quickly brought him inside and laid him on the cool table. Fagin mostly perked right back up and immediately stopped panting, but it was still scary. Fagin was droopy the rest of the night but it could have been so much worse. Be careful outside kitties! We kitties love the heat so much but sometimes it can get bad for us very quickly!

Finally, we has a new crew member on the Black Furrball - a little bunny rabbit who has moved into our big azalea bush in our front yard! Daddy has seem him lots at night and discovered his house on Saturday. Mommy was afraid Daddy had scared him off but she saw him in the yard eating grass this morning. Mommy is wondering if anyone knows what a good treat would be for our new friend. She would like to leave him something nice that he would like to munch on.

That is the update from the Black Furrball. We hope all of you kitties and your beans have a nice and fast week at work!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hiya kitties, it is ME, FAGIN!! YAY!!! ME get to do this week's Thankful Thursday because what we are thankful for is ME!! Let ME explain. As most of you know, FAGIN was bottle raised by Aunt Susan (we does not have a V-E-T here at the Black Furrball; we has an Aunt Susan) from the time FAGIN (then know as Little Kitty or LK) was only about 8 days old. She kept FAGIN alive and healthy so ME could become the big, strong mancat FAGIN is today.

Well, last night Mommy and Daddy went to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's for dinner and Mommy got to meet Aunt Susan's newest foster - a little girl tortie who is so tiny that she is calling Ethel!! She may be about 3 weeks old or older. Aunt Susan has had her for about two weeks but she is not growing much so its hard to guestimate age at this point. Mommy says if we could all send healing and growing purrs and thoughts to little Ethel that she thinks it could go as well for this little kitty as it did for ME - the FAGINATOR!! YAY!!!! Ethel needs purrs to eat lots and gain weights and not be what Mommy calls "failure to thrive." So come on kitties - purr hard for FOODS and WEIGHTS and ETHELS!! YAY!!!

That means that for this week's Thankful Thursday, we is thankful for Aunt Susan taking in little kitties to foster and grow into big kitties, and for all of the kitties at the cat blogosphere who send special purrs and purrayers to help little kitties like FAGIN and Ethel to grow big and strong. Come on kitties - you pulled FAGIN through - can we get some of the same magical purrs for little Ethel?? YAY!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

Ahoy mateys!! Its Mancat Monday here at the Black Furrball and in honour of this day, we are going to tell you how we spent the weekend - punishing the scurvy dog who is She Who Calls Herself Our Mother. Yep!! We have started our revenge tatics to punish the Woman Who Claims to Be Mommy for not helping us blog! Just listen to what we did!!

Saturday morning, Captain Jack started the revenge by meowing as loud as he could beginning at 4am!! The Captain did not stop this until 6am (he sung 99,000 Bottles of Catnip Rum on the Wall - it was pawsome!) when She Who is Not Really Our Mommy made Daddy get up with us. Not to be outdone by the Captain, Fagin began round two by performing the classic snuggle, snuggle, purr, purr, CHOMP!! YES! This made the Woman We Are Mad At get out of bed much earlier than she wanted. We then faked her out by actually being nice to her the rest of the day. Saturday night now, that was a mission for the First Mate! Sir Dante punished the Woman Who is No Longer Sick But Still Does Not Help Us Blog by sleeping on her head all night! He even made biscuits on her head occasionally to wake her up. When she got mad that crazy ginger pirate purred and squinted at her quite fetchingly, deflecting her anger and urge to toss him across the room. He is the master!!

Last night we let the Woman Who Had Better Shape Up sleep as we planned our next round of attack. What do you kitties think? What should we do next??

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Checking In!!

It has been so LONG so we posted and even longer since we posted regularly and we are NOT PLEASED about this either! Almost a month!! We have informed the woman who claims to be our mother than this is UNACCEPTABLE!! She has sworn to do better....

Now granted, the woman who claims to be our mother has been very sick lately - the kitten in her tummy has made her very very sick and she has been unable to eat - either kibble or treats - it was bad. She has even lost a lot of weight (and we thought kittens were supposed to make Mommy's fat) - but woman who claims to be our mother - you have been feeling better lately and still NOT HELPING US BLOG!!!

Why are we being so hard on the woman that claims to be our mother you may ask? After all, women expecting kittens deserve pity and pampering and all that jazz. Why? Because we have proof she is feeling fine - just look!!!

She is too sick to help us blog but she can go to Tybalt's Mommy's wedding and be a honorable maid for the day?? We think not!! Totally unfair!!!!! What if the Lady Boo has forgotten Captain Jack? He will be devestated!! What if the Black Pearl has forsaken Dante - he will cry!! And Fagin - he misses his bestest friend Billy horribly. BAD MOMMY!!! You will be punished as soon as we figure out what horrors we will unleash upon you. Live in FEAR!!