Friday, December 28, 2007

Rainy Friday

Today, we pirate kitties at the Black Furrball are kinda gloomy. Why you may ask? Well, just look at what we woke up to! Rain! Rain and fog and just gloominess. "So?" you may ask. "Just cuddle with your Mommy and stay cozy in bed!" you may say. We thought that too. And we did snuggle up until Mommy heard a noise. DRIP DRIP DRIP! "What is that?" she asked as she jumped up and followed the sound.

Yes, our bedroom window sprung a leak!! Mommy stopped the leak with a towel but was awake by the time she had it temporarily fixed so all of our cuddling time was over. Sigh. So we decided we would make the most of the situation and nap on the bed. But.....

Mommy has a new camera remember, and she is still trying to figure it all out so she came into the bedroom saying "Look kitties, a impromptu photo session!! Don't you boys want to help Mommy learn about her new camera?"

No Mommy, we don't. We want to nap; not have the flashy box in our face. Geez woman, you are still too close up and we are all fuzzy anyway. Put the camera down and walk away before we show you why we are pirate kitties!!

Sigh. At least Daddy is on his way home to take Mommy shopping for a new living room suite. We are promised that they will only buy furnishings that are befitting of our royal pirate kittyness. Maybe she'll take the camera with her and leave us alone so we can sleep!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Secret Paws

We thought Christmas was over, we really did, but we are happy to say that we were wrong. We were taking a nap with Mommy yesterday when suddenly, the doorbell rang. Mommy got up and looked outside and brought in a box that had our names on it. What could it be? It was our Secret Paws from Chloe and Adelle!!
What could be in that box? We had to check it out immediately!! Mommy and Daddy helped us to look inside.

You would not believe all of the good stuff that was in the box! Just look at all the stuff!
Temptashions and treats and toys!! WOW! Dante was kind enough to play spokesmodel in this picture to show you our presents. Do you see the teaser with the fish on it?! We love fishes and toys and treats!!

Dante loved the ribbon too!

Thank you Chloe and Adelle!!! We absolutely love our presents!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas on the Black Furrball

Santa Paws came! Santa Paws came! It was amazing! First we got turkey stinky goodness for breakfast. Then we got to look in our stockings and wow! There were toys and more toys! And then, Mommy brought out what would not fit into our stockings - the biggest Super Scratcher you have ever seen!! Daddy set it up for us and he put an whole entire huge bag of nip all over it! We played and scratched and played and scratched and then passed out, so we totally missed what Santa Paws brought Mommy and Daddy - until, it happened. For some unknown reason, maybe Santa Paws saw the time we knocked things off the counter to the dogs so that they would get yelled out for eating the brownies, we don't know, but look what happened next.

Yes, that is a picture of Dante passed out on the couch after having a lovely, nip induced Christmas morning. Could it be? Does that flashy light mean what we think it means?

Oh no, a new flashy box. ACK!!! Yep, Santa has punished our kitty indiscretions and brought our Mommy a new flashy box. And she says she is trying to learn how to use it so she keeps chasing us around with it. Sigh.

Seriously though, we had a wonderful Christmas!! We got good treats, snuggled with the beans in front of the fire until they left to go to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's for Christmas dinner. When they came back, we got more presents from our Aunts and Uncles and more snuggles too. And now Mommy is home from day hunting with us all week!!

Did everyone else have a good Christmas? Did Santa Paws bring you everything you wanted?? We hope so!! Oh, we love Christmas - new flashy box and all!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Friday

Hey everykitty! We do not know how much we will be blogging up until Christmas, so we wanted to take time today to tell you, our bestest friends, that we hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. This is our first Christmas as cat bloggers and we are just so thankful and grateful for all of you. We never knew there were so many other kitties out there with so much to say! We had started a list to wish all of our friends individually a Merry Christmas, but it go so long and we were afraid we would accidently leave someone off, so we had Mommy delete that so we could just tell everyone here - We love you guys. Thanks for letting us into the Cat Blogosphere family. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and that Santa Paws brings everyone everything that they ask for - cat nip, toys, cat trees, fountains, toys for all the woofies, gifts for the beans, everything. We will be thinking of you, and of our friends that have gone ahead of us to the Rainbow Bridge this year, throughout the holidays.
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

The last two weeks, we each taken a turn listing what we want from Santa Paws this year. This week, we have decided to list the 13 things we want Santa Paws to bring for Mommy and Daddy - cause our beans are very very special - they love us an give us nummies. Since they work hard all year, we think they deserve these things:

1. New living room furniture - something not hand-me-down that we can get our furrs all over.
2. A bigger food room/kitchen - Daddy loves to cook and we have the tinest kitchen imaginable. This would also allow for the storage of more Temptashuns!!
3. A king sized bed - so all of us have plenty of room to stretch out.
4. New curtains in the living room - this is kinda our fault. The ones we have had tassels on them and well, do you know how fun tassels can be?!
5. A carpet cleaner cause the dogs are so messy and they have to rent one every now and then to clean up the mess.
6. A doggie door - that way they do not have to continually let the dogs in and out.
7. A winning lottery ticket so no more leaving us to day hunt.
8. If they cannot have the lottery ticket, Mommy really wants the job she interviewed for yesterday (please keep your fingers and toes crossed for her kitties - this would be a fabulous opportunity for Mommy that she really wants).
9. A catering business for Daddy - it would allow us to have more shrimps, chickens and hams! 10. Unending supply of firewood for the fire - and for Dante
11. Shiny jewelry for Mommy that we can attack
12. Warm pajamas that we can snuggle up against and by all cozy.
13. For them to know how much we love them and how thankful we are that they love us and take care of us and do everything that they do to keep us healthy and happy.

Merry Christmas Mommy and Daddy!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

(Picture by Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry; notations and frame by Mommy)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Paws for the Woofies

Hi everykitty! It's Samwise. Captain Jack and Dante have allowed me to take over the blog for today, so I can show you all of the neat stuff Beau and I got in our Secret Paws! We were so very excited when the package arrived this weekend. Our gifts were from Shadow Saluki and oh, we loved them all!
Here I am standing on our Secret Paws, telling Beaux to hurry up so we can open our present!
Even Captain Jack wanted to see our Secret Paws presents!

Mommy read our card to us. You can see our new bandanas on the floor by me. I was looking in the present box and Beaux was being a good boy and looking at the card while Mommy read it.

In this picture, Mommy was showing us some of the treats that Shadow sent. Look at how big Beaux's eyes are - he was really excited!!

Beaux really loved the tennis ball. He immediately claimed it as his. I was okay with that, because Shadow sent us a squeeky dinosaur that Mommy said was mine since Beaux claimed the tennis ball. We also got two bandanas each, treats that came in a really nice stocking, and doggie bags for when Mommy and Daddy take us for walks. But our very favorite gift was our pirate bandanas. Captain Jack says with those, we are dressed to join the crew of the Black Furrball. What do you guys think?

Thank you so much Shadow. We loved everything and thing you are the best Secret Paw that a doggie could ever have! Woof Woof, Arf Arf!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mancat Monday and Other Stuff

Hey everykitty - Dante here! It's Mancat Monday and I have taken over the blog because I have to show you this picture of Jack that was taken Saturday. Mommy has hung up all of the cards we recieved and that includes Jack's special picture of Boo. I jumped up on the table and saw Jack just staring the the picture (2nd from the bottom on the right side of the wreath). I started singing a song about Jack and Boo sitting in a tree and just look at the mean look the Captain gave me. HAHAHAHAHA!Because of this I say, "All mancats must make fun of their brothers when they are sickeningly sweet in love!!" BTW, Hi Pearl! How are you?!?! Did you have a lovely weekend?

Okay, now I have to show you what our beans did to their friend this weekend. Our friend Mikey went to diving in St. Croix all of last week. While he was gone, the beans decided that they would make a surprise for him when he came up. The surprise? They hung the tackiest Christmas lights in the saddest way possible on his house. Here's a pic of what they did:
You cannot really see but only some of the lights work, they are falling off of the house and some blink and others do not. Apparently Mikey was so shocked when he pulled up last night that he was certain it was not his house, but a neighbor's house. The moral of this story is "Do not go off to the Carribean for a week and leave my beans at home in the cold. Weird things will be done to your house if you do!"

In other news, the doggies got their Secret Paws this weekend.

Mommy, however, forgot all of the pictures but this one so they doggies will post all of their pics tommorow. Their Secret Paw was Shadow Saluki and they just love what they got!!

PS - Jack here! My Lady Boo, I am happy that you like the token of my affection you recieved. I thought they pearls and diamonds would just be lovely on you. Yes, I would love it if you would weear it New Years Eve.
- Captain Jack

Friday, December 14, 2007

Family Friday

We decided that we wanted to enter the Best Fur Sibling of the Year contest. We debated and thought about who to nominate. After much consideration, Captain Jack pulled rank on Dante (who wanted to nominate himself) and decided that he would nominate his favorite doggie, Samwise Gamgee.
Samwise is our 6 year old doggie brother. He is part Sheltland Sheepdog, part Border Collie, and part Spaniel. He was found by our favorite neighborhood child, D'Andre. Sadly, he was found on the day that Daddy and Mommy buried Daddy's brother after he died from a heart attack at age 40. Anyway, D'Andre did as anyone would expect and brought the doggie he had found to Aunt Susan's house (as we've said before Aunt Susan is our honorary Aunt and our V-E-T as well). D'Andre wanted to keep Samwise, but his Mom didn't think this was a good idea. Uncle Dave wanted to keep Samwise too, but he and Aunt Susan agreed that they had one very old and set in her ways dog that didn't need a youngster (Sam was only about 1 at the time). So they put up pictures of Sam and "Found Dog" posters at local businesses hoping to find his parents. No one ever called.
Well, as it turned out Daddy was spending a lot of time at Dave and Susan's (he and Mommy were not married yet) trying to get over his brother's death so he wound up spending a lot of time with Sam too. It took less than a week for Daddy to decide to adopt Sam and give him a forever home. Aunt Susan made sure Sam was healthy and had all of his shots and Daddy brought Sam home to live with him. Mommy has always said that Samwise was a gift - that the Fates knew that Daddy was going to have a lot to go through and since his brother was gone, they wanted to make sure Daddy was not alone - so they gifted him with a wonderful dog. Daddy gifted him with the name Samwise because, as he put it - "Samwise the hobbit went through hell and back with his best friend Frodo. Right now I am going through a rather hellish time so I cannot think of a better name for him."Mommy and Daddy were afraid that Samwise was getting lonely because at the time he was the only pet. They talked to Aunt Susan and she suggested that the get a kitty to keep Sam company, because he loved her kitties so much. They thought this was a good idea. Not long after that they heard a knock on the door after a horrible spring thunderstorm. Daddy opened it and discovered about 10 children on the doorstep surronding a little girl holding a black and white kitten. They had found the kitten in a storm drain and were trying to find him a home. Yes, as you might have guessed, that kitten was our own Captain Jack. Sam was just beside himself over having his own "kitten son." The first night, Samwise groomed and bathed Jack for three whole hours! As Jack grew, Sam taught him many things and never ever minded when Jack clawed him or pounced on him wanting to play. Samwise raised Captain Jack and definately contributed to Jack being the handsome and wonderful pirate kitty that he is today! He is the eldest in our household and most loved by Captain Jack - Jack has even been known to beat up Dante when he tries to attack Sam. Samwise was love unlooked for at a time when Daddy really needed him and he was a father to a homeless kitten. Samwise is the most wonderful doggie ever and because of this, we nominate Samwise "The Brave" Gamgee as the Best Fur Sibling of the Year!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Last week, Dante told you all about his wish list for Santa Paws. For this week's Thursday Thirteen, Captain Jack is going to list his Christmas wishes.

Captain Jack's Christmas List
1. A new Boogie Mat

2. Catnip - lots of it

3. A gazillion billion straws

4. More milk

5. EEKS! mice

6. Feathers

7. Another of his favorite cat teasers

8. A new stratching box

9. A pirate ship cat tree

10. Warm fleece blankets

11. Chicken and more chicken

12. potato chips

13. For his Lady Boo to agree to be his date on New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Surprise Attack

(Editor's note: 2 seconds later, Dante's photoshoot was interrupted by a surprise pirate attack from above)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday

Guess what I got last night!! Guess! A Christmas card addressed to me (and Dante too) from My Lady Boo. Just knowing that she cared enough to send me a card made this tuxie happy! Thank you My Lady - be watching your mailbox - there might be something special for you there soon!!

Last night we got our Secret Paws all packed up and ready to go. Daddy is going to ship them out today from work. We are so excited! We hope the kitty and puppy who are getting them like what we (and the doggies) picked out!

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and Santa Paws. I thought I heard him last night so I ran to my window perch in the den so I could look out the window and see him, but sadly it was just the delivery guy -oh wait, not so sad. He had teriyaki chicken that Mommy always shares with me! Happy Tuxie Tuesday everyone!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mancat Monday

All mancats must have a mean look that they give their humans when they do things like forget the camera at work so none of the mancat weekend cuteness could be captured on film for your blog.
All mancats must also have a mean look for times such as these - Dante had an entire load of firewood delivered on Saturday and now its going to be over 75 degrees all week so no Fire Cat for him for a while.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday Thirteen

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First of all, we want to thank Miss Peach for inviting us to her lovely tea party yesterday and for giving us this beautiful golden rose. Captain Jack wants to make sure that his Lady Boo has a rose, and if not, he would like to give her one too. A pretty lady pirate deserves such a pretty golden rose!

We are glad that so many of you liked our Santa Paws stockings. We were asked why Dante's stocking is missing a candy cane. Well, Dante wanted to play with it so Mommy went ahead and let him have it. They are intended to be toys and he just couldn't wait. In honor of Dante wanting one of his gifts early, Dante is going to do this week's Thursday Thirteen!

Dante's Christmas List
1. Catnip
2. EEKS! catnip mice
3. Temptations
4. Cat teaser wand toys
5. Pounce
6. Laundry basket forts
7. Stinky goodness
8. Warm blankets
9. Crunchies
10. His own cat bed
11. Feathers & dryer sheets
12. A pirate ship cat tree
13. For the dogs to stay outside always!!

This is why Mommy can never put presents under the tree before Christmas Eve - we kitties love to lay around on the skirt and bunny kick presents if she does put them on our holiday "bed." Tree skirts are comfy! Dante's been laying on it ever since the tree went up. This picture was taken while Mommy was still decorating the tree and Dante began claiming the skirt as his!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tuxie Tattle Tuesday

Sometimes, it is not easy being the handsome and dashing Pirate Cat Captain that I am, especially when I have to live with the crazy and insane people that are my family members. For my first tattle post, I am going to tell you one tattley thing about each family member. I will tell you the one thing that makes me hang my head in shame and stick my tongue out in disgust!Mommy: Mommy is not very domestic - she does not cook ever (Daddy does and loves it - he dreams of being a chef) and she hates to clean so much that she hires someone to do it (which we like because we adore our cleaning lady. We call her Miss Betty and she loves us too! She even taught us Spanish so we are bilingual but we will not teach Mommy and Daddy - they have to learn on their own!).

Daddy: From the minute he gets home on weeknights and from the second he wakes up on weekends he plays some silly game called World of Warcraft - nonstop. He even sets up a laptop so he can talk to all of the other geeks he is playing with!

Samwise: He gets into the trash. Mommy and Daddy have to either take the trash out when they leave the house or they have to put it where he cannot get to it because otherwise BAM! The can is knocked over and Sam is eating trash. Dogs are gross sometimes!

Beaux: Beaux will pee on the floor outside of our upstairs cat box. It drives our parents nuts to have to clean it up!

Dante: Oh, what should I tell you about Dante?! let's see - he hates having his scar on his back touched (he will put the bitey on you if you try to move his furrs to look at it) and sometimes when he's all happy and purring and being petted, he will put the bitey on you for no reason. Also, he loves to rub all over dryer sheets and play in laundry baskets....ok, that is more than one thing but I could not resist!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

ManCat Monday

All mancats must perfect their sexy mancat look in order to attract the lady kitties.

Here is Dante's 'Come Hither Lady Cat" look:

And here is Jack's:
Whatcha think Miss Boo? :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Raise a Paw

Here is Captain Jack Raising a Paw for our chosen charity - the stray fund at Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

The reason we choose the CEVC stray fund is that this is the clinic that helped Dante when he was first found by animal control. At CEVC, any person can bring in an injured homeless or stray pet and they will treat the animal and spay/neuter them free of charge before adopting them out - or in the case of wildlife, releasing them back into the wild. Not only do they help puppies and kitties, but wildlife too. We know that they have rehabilitated countless birds, squirrels, foxes, and turtles. Any animal that the local animal control finds that is hurt or injured is always brought here for treatment before being taken to the local shelter. That treatment always includes a spay/neuter as well.

As we have said, this fund helped Dante when he was found. It paid for his medical treatment on his injuries, his neuter and even the medication that was sent home with him when Mommy and Daddy adopted him. Dante is very thankful for this help and because of this, he has done a special Raise the paw for them. Here it is!

We call it "Saturday Night Dante" - because of CEVC Dante is a healthy and happy kitty who is able to dance and shine! We also choose "Saturday Night Dante" to honor all of the vets and vet techs who work all night long helping us animals at 24 hour emergency clinics. Thank you for caring!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grumpy Thursday Thirteen

Jack and I were supposed to do this week's Thursday Thirteen together but he took one look at this and away he teleyported - with all of the toys too, leaving me alone with the dogs. *shudder* Now I am one grumpy kitty so the theme for this week's T13 is:

13 Things that Make Dante Grumpy!

1. We're having cold mornings and Jack and Samwise are taking over the bed.
2. Mommy gave me treats this morning and then Beaux came up and stole them!
3. I got locked out on the porch last night in the cold and all Daddy could say when he found me almost two hours later was that he didn't know I was out there. My human should always know where I am!
4. Beaux.
5. Samwise.
6. Mommy yelled at me for messing up the Christmas tree skirt when sliding on it was fun fun fun.
7. I had to share my real live dead shrimps with Jack last night.
8. Jack is a Captain but I do not have a title - not fair!
9. Jack called me an "orange beast" in this post - and that jerk had tons of straws that he had not shared!
10. Everytime I want to curl up on Mommy and Daddy and make biscuits, Jack gets jealous and has to be there too!
11. Mommy would not let me try the "Cajun Crawtator" potato chips she was eating cause she said they were too "hot." I am an orange Dante cat - I can deal with hot.
12. They do not build a fire in the fireplace every night for me to warm my furrs by.
13. Mommy said she would get everykitty who wanted one a personalized pirate badge for their blog to show that they are a part of my pirate crew but she has not done this yet. She said she is really busy but promises to get to it but never does!

Mommy: Dante, I will get them out I promise. I am very sorry that it has taken so long but I hope to get them out this weekend. Sorry kitties, I have not forgotten, hopefully you will all have your badges soon!

Should I believe her kitties? Sigh. Sometimes its hard being me....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

"Spoiled Kitty" or "My Chair" or "Come any closer and I will shoot you with my laser eyebeams!"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pirate Tuxie Tuesday

It is a concern always when one is a pirate. Yes, in the grand tradition of pirates throughout the ages, I have several "buried treasure chests." Most of which have escaped detection by those who would steal my pirate booty but last night, the worst happened. And it's Dante's fault too. Just look at the catastrophe!

My straws (and apparently a medicine syringe too from the last time one of us was on antibiotics)!! They were discovered! Dante had been on the desk batting Dad's cell phone around and it fell between the couch and the desk. I thought I was safe when a few days went by and no human really looked for it - until last night! Mommy called the phone, it rang, and yes, it was under the couch - where the treasure was hidden!
Look, I had not even told Dante where our straw bounty was hidden and here he is looking it over!!
I must find another hiding place. Somewhere where that orange beast can not reveal my pirate secrets!!