Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Greetings from the Beach

Hey kitties! Ms. C finally left the laptop open for us and we were able to post today. Mommy has sent us some beach pictures and we thought we would share them.
Here is a funny picture of Captain Jack. He was exploring Mommy's suitcase to make sure that it was safe to put her things into. If you look closely at the bag, you will see that even Mommy's luggage has kitties on it!
Fagin thought that going to the beach sounded good so he attempted to stow away in Mommy's luggage. Sadly, the beans caught him and though Mommy wanted to bring him, Daddy said their condo did not allow pets. Fagin and Mommy were both sad to hear this.
The night they arrived, a thunderstorm came in from the ocean. It rained for hours but Mommy thought that the storms made for some lovely pictures. They are very close to the ocean and are enjoying the beach front view of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a silly picture of Uncle Mark with the storms behind him. Sadly, this was not the only silly thing that happened to Uncle Mark - he got stung by jellyfish on the first full day there and is fairly miserable. We did not know that jelly stings since Mommy often eats it on her toast (or that it is a fish for that matter - it doesn't look or smell fishy), but if there is anything that stings or bites, it will sting and bite Uncle mark - its just the way he is.

Sadly, Mommy says that the jellyfish are still in the ocean and humans cannot swim with them without getting stung like Uncle Mark did. Mommy and Daddy hope they leave soon because they really want to go swim in the ocean again. Do not worry about us kitties. We are all getting along well and are enjoying being spoiled by Ms. C. Mommy and Daddy come home on Saturday so we must continiue to trash the house until they arrive (Ms. C keeps trying to clean up our trashing). We want them to have a good surprise when they get home!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Alright guys, let's do it!! I meant to have pictures of everything we could trash but Mommy was too busy packing to help me so guess what?! We are trashing even more just because of that!!

They think they've left the house neat and clean for Ms. C, well they are wrong!! We can climb the curtains, tunnel in the beds to get our furrs all over the clean sheets, shred the furniture, climb the entertainment center and knock off all of Mommy's collectables, roll the veggies from the garden off of the counter and onto the floor. Let's not forget to knock over trash cans and fling litter everywhere!! Come on guys, the more creative the better!! Let's


Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Annoucement

Well kitties, last night Ms. C came by and she got to meet all of us. I had already met her because she has visited before. Dante and Beaux had not met her and Fagin was so little when he met her that he didn't remember her. We all seemed to get along fine until I realized something horrible was happening. She pampered Dante more than me!! She did! She loved on him and told him how cute he was and all she said to me was that I was a handsome boy - not the cutest, or the bravest or anything so therefore, I, Captain Jack, hereby invite you all to a:

Trash the House Party!!
When: Saturday July 26th
Where: Captain Jack's House
We will trash until we can trash no more!!

PS: Mommy wanted me to say that there is a good chance we will still get to post on the bloggie next week some since they have cable modem in the condo so come by and hopefully we'll get some good beach pictures online!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You kitties will not believe what happened last night! It started out well - I sat on my window ledge and stared at the night squirrels as Uncle Dave calls them (you know, the night time creatures that only us kitties can see that we do not tell the humans about), and dreamed of my Lady Boo. I was very happy and content....

When suddenly, I heard something awful. Mommy said "She will be here tommorow night so I can show her what the boys need and let her know things like what to do when Jack demands treats or when Dante swats at Beaux. I guess we should tell her not to be surprised if she wakes up with 3 cats and 2 dogs on the bed with her!" WHAT?!?! What was this all about? Well kitties, let me tell you!! Mommy was talking about Ms. C, a PETSITTER!! ACK!! Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave have Ms. C come and stay with their furry children when they go out of town on trips so this can mean only one thing - Mommy and Daddy are going on a trip!! NO!!! That means Mommy and Daddy are not taking us here!

Purrageous Mom: Sorry Captain Jack, but its true. Daddy and I are going to the beach and sadly no pets are allowed. However, Ms. C loves kitties and puppies and she is going to come and stay here at the house with you for the whole week we are gone....

Captain Jack: You are going for a week? I do not think so!! How could you leave me with Fagin of all kitties for a whole week!! And what if Ms. C does not give me my treats on time?!?!

Purrageous Mom:
I will tell her about your treats and if I forget, you can remind her. It will be fun Jack - I bet Ms. C lets you get away with things Daddy and I wouldn't.
Mean Mommy! I will punish you for this!! Well kitties, Mommy and Daddy are leaving this Saturday and coming back next Saturday. In order for us to break Ms. C in right as our petsitter, we are totally having a trash the house party!! hehehehe!! That will teach the beans not to go out of town and leave us with a complete stranger!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Meme Monday

Happy Monday kitties! We hope you all had a good weekend. We spent the weekend taking turns keeping Mommy company as she lay in bed sniffling and snorkeling and blowing her nose lots. She's back day hunting today but told us she would come home early if she does not feel better. For today, she was able to help us put some pics online so we could do the coldbox meme and show you kitties what our fridge looks like!!
This is the front of the fridge. Mommy has lots of pictures on the front of Captain Jack, Samwise, Mommy's first ever kitty Toby (she was a tabby like Fagin) that she got when she was 3 years old, and pictures of Aunt Adri who is a police office with the city of Raliegh, NC (Mommy is very proud of her). We also have lots of coupons both for human foods and for dog treats. Finally, Mommy keeps our cleaning lady's number on the fridge too. All of this is held with lots of kitty magnets (black sillouette ones and an orange kitty like Dante) and paw magnets and a Jekyl Island, GA magnet that Aunt Rini (Tybalt's Mom) sent to our Mommy. We also have some dolphin magnets too and magnets from take out and delivery resturants. Oh, there's a recipe for crawfish casserole that Mommy's friend sent her to try too.

This is the side of our fridge. We have a bad picture of Mommy and Daddy from a wedding and catering job Daddy and Uncle Dave did. We have a dry erase board for notes and lists and a sticker that Mommy got that advocates for wild and healthy oceans from the Ocean Conservancy of which Mommy and Daddy are members. Fagin's shot record/notes are on the fridge as well as Mommy's summons to jury duty (ick!). That icky summons is held by a Legolas magnet (from Lord of the Rings) that Aunt Susan gave Mommy because Mommy has a crush on Orlando Bloom as her favorite elf. We have other magnets for the ASPCA poison center and Mommy and Daddy's V-E-T and pharmacy as well as a calendar magnet from our insurance agent.

Mommy didn't take any pictures of the inside because its not very neat but we have lots of leftovers and Coke Zero and water too. On the top we keep chips and human snacks and cat and dog treats and other stuff too!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally Friday?

We are so glad it is Finally Friday. You may have noticed that we have not been around much this week. We are sorry for that and must say that it is totally Mommy's fault! When we let her know our displeasure from not being able to blog and Captain Jack not being able to visit Boo, or Dante being able to visit Pearl, or Fagin being able to play with Billy she gave us tons of excuses. Some of them were work was worse this week that usual (which she thinks is saying a lot), she seems to have caught Tybalt's Mom's and Hendrix's Mom's colds so she feels bad (so she says), and she's really tired too. Should we forgive her this one last time for her inattention toward us and our blog? What do you kitties think??

Happy Friday Everyone!! We Hope you Have a Great Weekend!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mancat Monday

Well kitties, I did it. I sat on Mommy's head and demanded that my birthday present pictures be uploaded and she finally did it!!
Here I am taking my first look at the box the postal human left at our doorstep. What could it be I wondered - was it for me?
Oh wow - the card does have my name on it and just look at those mousies. I thought I recognized the handwriting. Mommy read the card for me and I was right, it was from my love!! I was so excited, Pearl, because I knew that whatever was in the box, you had sent it to me so that meant it was the best present I had ever recieved!

And just look at all the stuff she sent me - three mousies, nummy treats, a cat dancer, some of the special PB&J nip, and my favorite gift- my lady's favor -a lock of my lovely's floof. I will treasure it always and always keep it close to my heart.

Uh oh, what are my stupid brothers doing down there on the floor? I bet that they are up to no good!
Sigh! Alas I was right. They got a hold of some of the present wrappings and just look at them, attacking and shredding it!

Well, maybe if they play with the tissue paper they will leave my presents alone!!

Brothers! Sometimes I wish I was an only child. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you my lovely and beautiful and fearsome Black Pearl. I loved each and every one of the gifts you sent me - almost as much as I love you! I am the luckiest mancat in the world to have a lady such as you!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fuming on Friday

Hi kitties, Dante here! I am mad and fuming at my Mommy this Friday. You see, on my birthday, which was WEEKS AGO, my beautiful Black Pearl sent me a birthday present. And when I opened it Mommy tooks lots of pictures and said we would post them on the bloggie so that Pearl and everyone else could see how much I loved the wonderful gifts she picked out for me. Has Mommy done this yet? NO! She lets Fagin post and Jack too but no pics of my special birthday gift from the lovely Pearl. I am so mad I am fuming!! I sudder to think that my beautiful lady thinks I did not get her present or even worse, that I did not like what she sent. You guy kitties will understand, my lady is beautiful and wonderful - just look at her eyes and her furrs! Oh, she's magnificent!

Sweet Pearl, please do not think for a moment that I did not appreciate your gifts. I loved them all. Mommy swears she will put the pics online for everyone to see by Monday. I will guard the laptop and not let anyone else post until she does. Please Pearl, do not be angry or upset. It's all Mommy's fault and I will punish her by ignoring her and then laying on her head until she does as I command.

PS: We need lots and lots of purrs today kitties. Aunt Susan has to go see a human V-E-T. She had a herniated disc in her neck and they will be injecting steroids into her spinal column in her neck. In order to do this, she has to be under sedation. Uncle Dave is taking her today to get this done. Please purr and purr for Aunt Susan to be okay. We could not bare it if something happened to her. Thank you. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Hi kitties, Fagin here!! I have a question for all you adult kitties and older kittens out there. Did you get in more trouble as you got older? You see, I am turning into a big mancat now and I can jump lots more places but everytime I try to do more things, I get yelled at! Take this morning for instance. I snuggled up to Mommy and she seemed really happy so I decided she would love to play with me so I put the bitey on her and then she screamed "Fagin, stop it!" and threw me off the bed. I just do not get it!! This has inspired me to write this week's Thursday Thirteen which I will entitle:

13 Things Fagin Heard As He Got Into Trouble

1. "Fagin! Get off the stove you moron!"
2. "Fagin! Stop attacking Dante! He does not want to play!"
3. "Fagin! That is my sandwich! You cannot have it so stop licking it!"
4. "Fagin! You do not drink bubble tea so go away!"
5. "Fagin! You are too young to drink wine. Stop it!"
6. "Fagin! Stop climbing that screen!"
7. "Fagin! Get in this house now! It's raining and you will get soaked on the porch!"
8. "Fagin! Why the hell are you wet? You're taking too much after Billy!"
9. "Fagin! Stop eating my hair!"
10. "Fagin! Stop attacking Samwise's floof. That makes him mad at you!"
11. "Fagin! Do not eat that bug! Give that here!"
12. "Fagin! Stop attacking that doorframe. Why the hell do you do that anyway?!"
13. "Fagin! Captain Jack will kill you for it so stop plotting to steal his Temptations!"

Humans!! I just do not understand why they never let me have any fun!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Woofie Update

Mommy is really busy today and will not be available to help us type much but we did want to say that the woofie that was found in our yard yesterday has gone home! Daddy had taken the little guy day hunting with him because he did not want to leave an unknown woofie alone with us or loose in the backyard. When he pulled into our driveway last night the woofie's hysterical Mommy was waiting on him. Our neighbor had told her that she thought we had her woofie and we did. Daddy did not quite catch the woofie's name as his Mommy was so hysterical and crying but we are very happy that he got to go home with his Mommy! YAY!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Look at this!!

You kitties will never believe what happened to us! Last night, as we were trying to settle down and take some naps, the woofies kept barking and barking. Samwise and Beaux just would not shut up! Finally, Daddy got up about 1:30am to see what all the ruckus was about. Imagine our surprise when he came in and said, "You will not believe this, but there is a little dog in our yard!" Mommy and us could not believe it! How did a doggie get into our yard? It's fenced and last we looked woofies could not open our gate (if they could Beaux would be out exploring the world not staying in our backyard)! But it was true. Just look at what Daddy found!!

He's a male and about 1-2 years old we think. Daddy thinks he is a cross between a Sheltie and a Chihuahua. He fit into our PTU and is currently hanging out with Daddy at work today.

Mommy and Daddy cannot figure out how he got in. The fence was shut and no places where the doggie dug into the yard were evident. Mommy is wondering if someone wanted to get rid of him and put him in our backyard because they knew we had found another homeless dog a home a few weeks ago. He's a male and about 1-2 years old we think.

Mommy and Daddy are not sure what to do with him. They do not know if he is good with other woofies or kitties yet or if anyone will take him. Anyone have any ideas?? We cannot keep him because the Black Furrball is over full and any more may sink the ship. He is really cute though, for a woofie.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope you are all having a good day. So far we have had real live dead shrimps and are looking forward to more. Mommy and Daddy are going to take Samwise and spend the day with Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave and so other friends so we are going to eat lots and nap and maybe watch some firewords later. If the magnificent Lady Boo or the lovely Black Pearl and her beautiful woofie sister George would like to come and join us, we would be honoured! Happy 4th of July!! We hope you enjoy the holiday!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuxie and Tabby Tuesday

Sometimes, humans are just hard to understand. Take last night for instance. We were downstairs hanging with Dad when we found some nice warm spots and decided to nap. We were all sleepy and happy and warm when suddenly Mom came downstairs, shrieked and said "I gotta get the camera!" Sigh. Here is the first picture she took. As you can see, we were both so surprised by her screaming and excitement that we turned on our laser eyebeams before we realized there was nothing to shoot with them.
Yes yes, we are sleeping Mom. We actually sleep here a lot. The computer is warm so Fagin lays on top of it behind the monitor and the fan from the computer puts out a lot of warm air so Captian Jack lays on the back of the couch in front of the CPU fan. She said we looked "so cute." We thought we just looked asleep.
Why do the humans wake you up when you are right in the middle of a squirrel hunting dream? Do you think that my big yawn was enough of a hint for Mom to leave us alone?

No, she kept taking pictures. I advised Fagin to just ignore her and try to go back to sleep, because eventually she would get bored and go away. We are not sure how long it took her to go away because we fell asleep again. All we know is she was gone when we got hungry and woke up several hours later.