Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Boo!!! Happy Halloween kitties!! We are looking forward to a fun and spooky night here at the Black Furrball!! Mommy is going to be a witch and we are not sure what Daddy is dressing up as but we are sure its going to be scary!!
We were going to show you some pictures of the jack-o-latterns our humans carved but Daddy left Mommy's camera at work so you'll have to enjoy these pictures we found to set the mood!!

We got this picture to honor our friend Pat who tonight, as he does every Halloween night, will recite The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe purely from memory for our beans and friends at Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave's infamous Halloween party. Mommy may see if she can record it this year so everyone can see it. Pat does a wonderful job!!

Captain Jack will be spending Halloween with Lady Boo, Dante wants to spend the evening with Pearl and Beaux will be helping George to guard her home. Fagin says if any kitty wants to come over and PLAYPLAYPLAY for Halloween, we got plenty of treats and even some treats to share!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're Back!!

Hey kitties, we are finally back! YAY!! Mommy's really stressful time is mostly over (she will have spurts of busy time but nothing like before) and she promises to help us blog more. She had intended to help us put some pictures online so you could all see that we are still healthy and hale, but unfortunately she is still feeling bad. We keep telling her that being stressed is no way to recover from feeling icky but she just did not listen. What Mommy? You have tommorow off from day hunting so that you can relax and enjoy Halloween? Very good! That means we can lay on you and make sure that you get some rest. Dante will even keep the woofies from bothering you!!

While we were gone, just look at what happened: We were Boo-ed by Captain Jack's Miss Boo!!!

Does your neighborhood have someone who starts a BOO, or a fun Ghosting each year? This is very similar, unfortunately without candy. It's fun to sneak up on people and give them a little treat! Here is how the Blogging Boo goes: Go to as many friends as you want and tell them they've been BOO-ED. Have them link back to your blog to pick up their Halloween Treat and tell them to Boo their friends. Then put the pic in your side bar so everyone knows that you've already been BOO-ED. Please check and don't BOO someone who has already been hit, so this gets spread quickly and more people can join in the fun!

Be watching your comments kitties - we are going to let Fagin Boo some people now (cause he is now bouncing up and down with excitement)!! Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mancat Monday

All good mancats must take care of their Mommies when she is sick!! Yes kitties, we had hoped to get a real post with actual pictures up for today so you all could see how we are wasting away from Mommy's neglect - umm, we mean long working hours - but that neglect - we really do mean long working hours - has ended up with Mommy spending the entire weekend in bed with a fever and a sore throat saying she felt like she had something called the floo. So while we do not have a proper post with pictures for you today, we are happy to report that we got to lay in bed with Mommy all weekend and to make things even better she and Daddy put the magic blanket on the bed!! Do you kitties have a magic blanket? Its plugged into the wall and when a bean turns it on it gets all warm and snuggy! We love our magic blanket!!

Mommy's neglect - ummm, we mean long working hours - should end for a while on Wednesday at the latest. Please do not forget us by then! Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Hey kitties, did you see the cartoon we found? We got it to show Mommy because this is how she feels right now. You see, its her absolute busiest time of year and she is getting ready to do two major presentations to a really big, important boss!! Mommy has done these type of presentations before but it's always nerve racking working up to them and actually giving them (though each one only lasts 30 minutes each) is almost panic attack inducing. Especially when you have to get up at 5am to give one of them. Anyway, because of this, Mommy is not able to help us blog as much. The good news is it will all be over with by next Wednesday but the bad news is we gotta go a whole week before the stress is over. Please know that we are thinking of you all and even visiting a lot of you, just maybe not commenting as much as we would like. We promise that we will see you soon!! Until then, we want to send our love to our friends (and special purrs to Captain Jack's Miss Boo and Dante's Pearl and Fagin's bestest buddy Billy) and ask that you not forget us!! And if you can, maybe send Mommy some "You're smart" vibes to help with her presentations! Thanks!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini Mancat Monday

Hello, it is ME, Fagin, and ME have a question for you kitties - What is this "WINTER" thing and why does it get so cold? You see kitties, ME LOVELOVELOVE the screened porch. I could spent all day out there. My favorite chair and sleeping blanket is out on the porch too! Here's a picture of ME when I was just a kitten, in my favorite porch spot.
Well kitties, this weekend when Daddy woked up he opened the door to the porch for ME and BRRRRR! It was COLD!! I mean really COLD!! I ran back into the house and asked Dante why it was so cold. Did something bad happen? Did someone leave the freezer door open cause its cold in there like it was outside? Dante said its something called "Fall" and that it will get colder and colder and then something called WINTER will happen. And that WINTER is really cold. I am not sure I like this kitties. Dante said it will get TOO COLD to go out on the porch!! Is this true kitties??? ME not like the COLD!!!!

PS: Captain Jack got yelled at this weekend a lot!! Mommy kept telling him how badly he scared her and Daddy and even the whole cat blogosphere and then she would pick him up and snorgle him. We're going to let him tell you all about his adventures tommorow! Until then, look at this picture!!
You see, even the Captain likes MY BLANKET and the screened porch. I won't have to give up my blanket and porch forever will I? It will get warm again, right?????

Friday, October 17, 2008


Not sure what happened but he is back home and unharmed!!! THANK GOD!!!!


Guys, I need you help. My cleaning lady just called and she cannot find Captain Jack anywhere!!!! He always comes out and follows her all over the house and she cannot find him. Their Dad is on his way home to look for him. Please purr and pray that Jack is okay and just hiding somewhere. Jack is an indoor only kitty and I am scared to death and stuck at work. Its raining and oh god, I hope he is okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freaked Out Friday

Hey kitties, Dante here!! I wanted to tell you about the commotion at our house last night. I think I caused it, but I really didn't mean to. You see, Mommy had already gone to bed and Daddy was getting ready to go to bed too. Well, every night before bed I jump up on the counter and demand Daddy's attention while he takes some medication the human V-E-T says he has to take everyday. Well, last night I was on the floor and although I heard Daddy's pill hit the floor, I was more interested in the treat I found next to the pill on the floor. No sooner had I nom-nom-nomed the treat, when I heard Daddy freak out and grab up the phone and call Aunt Susan. I wondered why he was calling Aunt Susan at 11pm but hey, as Fagin would say, beans is weird! Anyway, I was waiting for Daddy to carry me to bed with him like he does every night when I heard Daddy say, "I think he ate the pill Susan! What do I do? Will Atenolol hurt him?" That treat was a pill? It did not smell or taste like the pills Daddy takes. Anyway, Daddy got off the phone with Aunt Susan, called someone called "Poison Control," and then called Aunt Susan back. While he was on the phone with her, I found the pill he dropped and whapped it over to him, so he could take it and we could go to bed. He seemed happy about that. He told Aunt Susan he had found the pill, took it, and then hugged and loved all over me. Hey, if pretending I ate a pill and then finding for Daddy makes him that happy, maybe I should do it more often!!

So the morals of the story are: Aunt Susan was right and no way a cat ate a pill on his own, Daddy needs to be more careful taking pills, the ASPCA animal poison control number costs $60 per call and Mommy thinks that is too high and that many kitty's and woofie's beans cannot afford that with the economy the way it is so they will not call and get help, and finally if poison control ever tells you to make your cat vomit by giving it hydrogen peroxide - do not do it! Aunt Susan says it rarely works for inducing vomitting for cats (works wonders for woofies though) and will do nothing but make the cat foam at the mouth!!

Dante scared Daddy badly last night but we are happy to announce that everyone is fine and no longer freaking out!! So in honour of Dante:

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

4 years ago today, our Mommy and Daddy were married. That was before Dante or Fagin were even born, and Beaux was just a pup and had not come to our house yet. Samwise and Captain Jack were already living with Mommy and Daddy, although the Captain was only 7 months old. We still do not understand why Daddy wore a skirt in the wedding (skirts are for GIRLS Dad!!) but they did look happy in this picture!! Congratulations Mommy and Daddy - we all get a special dinner tonight, right?

Oh Tybalt! Look!! We found this when we were looking thru Mommy and Daddy's wedding pictures!! Its our Mommy and your Mommy!! Tybalt's Mommy was our Mommy's Maid of Honour - does that mean Tybalt's Mommy had to clean something that day? Maybe the wedding place after the party??Mommy says that she hates this picture of herself cause her face looks funny but thinks its a really good picture of your Mommy!!

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave brought us back this print from the Hemmingway Home & Museum which they visited during their dive trip in the Florida Keys last month. It is called "Charlie and Princess" and was painted by Samuel Mendez. It features two of the most popular cats at the museum, Charlie Chaplin and Princess Six Toes, posing in front of the Home. Mommy says she remembers Charlie well and even petted him when she and Daddy visited there a few years ago. Isn't it a great picture? Thank you Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave. We loves it!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ticked Off Tuesday

You will not believe this new development at our house kitties - the humans, they got ANOTHER WOOFIE!! This means THREE WOOFIES in our house now kitties!!

No kitties, we did not, I promise. That was Grandpa's and Nana's woofie. Remember Grandpa came over to help Daddy fix his truck? Well, he brought Max too so Max would not have to be at home alone.

But Mommy, you allowed ANOTHER WOOFIE into OUR HOUSE!! And he slept on Captain Jack's LSU fuzzy blanket too!!

He has gone home now - Grandpa took him home yesterday. And I will wash the blanket, I promise. I took some pictures of him though, can I post those for everyone to see? He's really cute!!

NO! No pictures of WOOFIEs until you post one of us! Where are our pictures??!!

Daddy is still trying to get them off of my laptop...

You took pictures of a WOOFIE yesterday but not us!! HOW RUDE! Woman, we want tuna for this indiscretion before we will even consider forgiving you. Woofie pictures, no pictures of us, no tuna!! BAD MOMMY!!!! We are going to go on strike!! No more purrs and cuddles for you until we get tuna and temptations and fish and chicken and hamm and whatever else we want. BAD MOMMY!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

No Picture Monday

Hi kitties! We're back - well, kinda. Mommy promises that she will help us blog more this week (she thanks everyone for their concern about her - last week was a bad week for her and we are all hoping that this week is beter) but that some of the posts we wanted to do will have to wait. You see, Saturday Mommy tried to boot up her laptop and it wouldn't boot! Daddy says he can fix it but he is afraid that it will take wiping the hard drive and starting over. The sad thing about this is that the pictures for the posts we wanted to do are on that laptop. We hope Daddy can get our pictures off before he wipes the hard drive!! Until then we are going to have to use Daddy's laptop (yes, we have more computers than any sane household should have. Daddy sells them and networks them together for a living so we somehow wind up with one per room in the house. This laptop was brought home specificaly so Daddy can play World of Warcraft all over the house without being tied to his desktop - Daddy is an ubergeek. That is what Mommy calls him).

The good news is that both Mommy and Daddy are home with us today!! Mommy has the day off of day hunting because it's some human holiday (Columbus Day) and Daddy is home because Grandpa is coming over to help him fix his metal machine (truck). We wish they were home with us everyday!! We always get more treats and more cuddle time when they are home, and we know we'll get extra pets from Grandpa too!!

Mommy should be glad that she is home with us - she has a lot of work to do to make it up to us for not helping us blog last week. Bad mommy! We require more Temp-ta-shuns before we will even consider forgiving you!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kinda Wordy Wednesday

Look at this kitties! ME have heard that for some beans, the stuff Daddy has in that glass is like nip for us kitties. ME have had the stuff humans like called wine and champagne (well, one sip of each followed by someone screaming "Fagin, NO!") but ME have never had beer so ME thought ME would try it.
First, ME had to be sneaky. If ME get caught someone will scream "Fagin, NO!" at ME again. Here ME am making sure Daddy is paying more attention to the Saints game than to ME. Yep, he is, so here ME go!!
ME got ONE NOM in before Mommy screamed "Fagin, NO!" and Daddy said "Fagin, you alcoholic, NO!" hehehehehe. Mommy says ME have to be 21 to drink big bean alcohol. ME is 7 months old now - how long until ME am 21?? Is it soon, cause ME likes big beans drinks!!

In other news, Mommy is feeling just like this picture:

She has heard nothing about the job she wanted and she says her hope has faded and left. She said she will help us to visit our friends soon, but right now its hard to help us out when she is so sad. We'll be back to visiting soon, when Mommy is feeling a little brighter.

Monday, October 6, 2008

It Was a Miracle!!

Kitties, it was absolutely amazing - a true miracle. We thought that our beloved DrinkWell water fountain had gone to the Bridge. We comforted ourselves with visions of it providing water for all of our loved ones who went before us. We had almost accepted the loss when the miracle happened. IT STARTED WORKING AGAIN!! Daddy did something to the motor and IT WORKS NOW!!! YAY!!!!

An update on Mommy - we think that she may need a miracle herself. She has not heard about the job she wanted (they said first of this week she would know) and as every moment ticks by she is getting more and more depressed. She does not think it will happen for her (maybe she is cursed she says) but after looking for a new job for a year, she is really down. She knows she should be thankful that she has a job (Uncle Mark and Gradpa do not) but she feels so unhappy and so very trapped. One more miracle is all we ask. If the DrinkWell can return from the brink maybe.........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Water Fountain

It is with heavy hearts that we must report to you kitties that the worst has happened to our beloved DrinkWell water fountain. Sometime in the night, the motor quit working - yes kitties, our beloved water fountain has gone to the Bridge and left us kitties bereft of its soothing splash, its wonderful taste, its purified water. We are crying here on the Black Furrball. We loved our water fountain so much - just look!! We have pictures of it in it's younger days.

Here it is beside Fagin as he begs for fresh shrimp. You see, the fountain was helping Fagin by using its relaxing sounds on Daddy as Fagin begged for FOODS! Our water fountain was a true friend.

Here it is behind Dante. Our fountain was always there for us kitites, supporting us always and providing us with wonderful, clean water. We are so sad. Mommy says she will buy us a new one, but will it ever be the same?

PS: Purrageous Mom here! I am going to get the kitties a new fountain soon. This one was given to them by Aunt Susan so I will be checking prices, etc on different models and picking out the best one. Does anyone have any fountain recommendations for me? Pretty much only the kitties use the fountain so I do not need one big enough for the cats and the dogs. Any assistance is much appreciated!!

PSS: Mommy said the interview went well yesterday and that they told her she would know if they will offer to job to her early next week. Please keep purring for her. We all really want her to get the job!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

In light of Mommy being stressed and busy at work, and now stressed for her interview this afternoon as well, we have decided that for this Thursday Thirteen we will list the best places at our house to relax:

1. The back of the living room couch. This way you can lie down AND hunt birdies at the same time!
2. The top of the stairs. This way you can see what is going on all over the house and you will see enemy pirates long before they see you!
3. The big bed - as long as Mommy is there and Samwise is not!
4. The guest room bed - us kitties get it all to ourselves and there are extra blankets and pillows to sleep on top of too.
5. The back of the couch in the den - if you sleep in just the right spot, the warm air from the computer fan will blow on you.
6. Since autumn is here and winter is fast approaching, we must say in front of the fireplace after the beams build a fire.
7. On Mommy's legs as she is laying in bed either watching TV or sleeping.
8. The futon in the den - the doggies stay away and its comfy.
9. The screened in porch - you can feel the wind in your furrs, smell all of the outside smells, and hear all the birdies too
10. A sunbeam! Oh its heaven!!
11. On the kitchen table - that way you know when the FOODS are coming!
12. On Daddy while he is watching TV. You get to hang out and be all manly while not giving up any comfort.
13. Another sunbeam after you first one moves off - don'tcha just hate it when that happens?

PS: Thank you all for you good wishes for Mommy's interview. Please keep them up for as long as you can. Mommy really really wants this job!! Please and thank you!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordy Wednesday

Okay Mommy, this is getting ridiculous!! You have now forgotten our pictures not 1, not 2, but 3 days in a row!! Granted you did come home from work sick yesterday with a migraine, and sure we are very sorry about that, but come on woman!! We are being neglected! Fagin and Dante just barely convinced Jack not to call the ASPCA or the police to turn you in for being a BAD MOMMY! Hendrix and Bendrix and MrsAuntHendrix is gonna think we all hated the mail that they sent to Fagin. Miss Boo and Pearl are going to think we do not love them anymore and Fagin has been very sad that he has not gotten to talk to his bestest friend Assistant Quartermaster Billy Sweetfeets. Something has got to give woman!!

How should we punish her kitties for such horrible neglect? Should we use furrball warfare? Meow at her at 2am? Run around the house like mad kitties while she is trying to sleep? Hide and make her worry that we've left her for good? What do you guys think??

PS: In better news, Mommy was called today to schedule a second interview for the job she wants. The interview is tommorow afternoon so kitties, please purr and purr that it goes well and that she gets it. We would really appreciate it lots!!!