Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

We are so glad that it is Finally Friday, for lots of reasons. First of all, our woofie Samwise is home and safe. This is a picture Daddy took of Sammy yesterday morning. We think he was saying "I do not like it here. Can we go home now, please please please?" The V-E-T had to pull two of his teeths and was unable to sew the wound up (not enough healthy tissue because the teeth were very bad) so he has an open wound in his mouth. What this means is Samwise gets lots of Auntie Botiks and pain med-a-shuns and he gets to eat as much stinky goodness as he wants for a few days because he cannot have crunchies. Thank you all for your purrs and purryers. We all really appreciate it.

Secondly, we are thankful that it is Finally Friday because both of our beans will be home all weekend - unlike last weekend. Last weekend we had Mommy all to ourselves all day on Caturday because Daddy had to go and cook FOODS for people, at a cemetery no less (Purrageous Mom: It was a dinner for participants of a Halloween event at this particular historic cemetery so that is why they had the dinner there). Here is a picture of Daddy cooking - he is in the black shirt on the right.

Can you guess who is on the left? He has on Halloween makeup so he looks a little different than normal. Mommy says if you or your beans are something called "a foodie" then his hair should be a huge hint. Your other hint is that this person has been has been on TV lots. Do you know?

Finally, we are happy it is Friday because Fridays now mean Daddy is home with us from day hunting, all day. Yay!! That means we have someone to wait on us and serve as as we should be taken care of. Oh, and he can make sure samwise is doing well too! Have a great weekend everykitty!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Samwise at the V-E-T

That is right kitties. As we type this, our woofie Samwise is at the V-E-T getting ready to have his teeths cleaned. Daddy took him this morning. The very good news is that his cornea is completely healed and the V-E-T is very happy with his progress there. She just wants him to have his eye cleaned and Auntie Botiked one more day and then his is done there. The bad news is Daddy had to leave our Sammy at the V-E-T so they can so all sorts of awful things to him - they may call it teeths cleaning but who knows what they will do to him!!!!

We are worried about him and so is Mommy. Mommy says she is worried because they will put him under 'stesia so they can clean his teeths. We do not know what that means but it sounds scary - What Daddy? It means make Sammy take a nap? But he will wake up again, right? Daddy says he will wake up just fine and that Daddy will pick him up at 4:30 from the V-E-T and bring him home. Mommy is still worried though so any purrs or purrayers would be much appreciated. Thanks!! We will keep you updated!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mandog Monday Update

Today we have an update on our puppy brother Samwise. As we told you kitties about on Friday, Sammy had to go to the V-E-T because he had owies in both eyes! Well, Daddy came home early from day hunting on Friday to take Sammy. That vet, Dr Becky, who is friends with our Aunt Susan, put dyes is Samwise's eyes and yep, he had a very stratched left eye. His right eye is okay, just irritated from Sammy pawing at his face. He is on the same pain medication and topical eye Auntie Botiks that Aunt Susan put him on. However, when Dr. Becky was looking at Samwise's mouth, she found some really nasty teeth. Aunt Susan showed them to Mommy on Saturday and Mommy says they are not pretty at all. What this means is Sammy has to go back to the V-E-T on Thursday to have his teeths cleaned and has to take an oral Auntie Botik to help clear up that infection. Poor Sammy!! Four V-E-T checks in one week - of course two of them were Aunt Susan either coming to our house or Mommy taking him to her house where he got to see his girlfriend Storm and her sister Romy, but still!! Poor Sammy!

Wait, what was that Sammy? Oh, yeah! Sam wants us to thank all of your for your purrs and purrayers that he feels better. He thinks that is why his eyes are healing so very fast. He would also appreciate it if you would all purr for him on Thursday, when he had to go back to the V-E-T. He is a bit nervous about that, as they will have to knock him out to clean his teeth. Mommy is nervous about it too! Thanks everykitty!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Samwise has an Owie!

Heya kitties! It's Captain Jack and I am here with some unhappy news. My woofie, Samwise, has an owie - two owies actually. Yesterday when Mommy got home from dayhunting she looked at Samwise and realized something was not right! One of this eyes was completely closed and leaky and the other was only half open and leaky and both were really RED! She called Aunt Susan who came over to look at him and Samwise has owies alright! He has a very obvious ulcerated cornea in one eye and the other eye is very red and inflamed. Aunt Susan also said from his eye dialation that Sammy is in pain from his owie eyes. She had some eye Auntie Botiks that she and Mommy put in his eyes and Mommy has some pain med-a-shuns for him too. Today, Daddy is taking him to a V-E-T clinic to have dyes put in his eyes so the amount of trauma can be determined (Aunt Susan could not do this from home so we're going to the clinic our Aunt Mary works at). Poor Samwise!! We hope our favorite puppy cat gets better soon!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy Has a Sad

Heya kitties! Sorry it has been so long since we last updated but we've had lots going on with the Cabin Boy coming soon and all. We've got lots of pictures to show you of our pirate hangout room being converted into the Cabin Boy's nursery but those will have to wait until Mommy can locate the cable that gets the pictures onto the computer from the camera. Daddy has been selling lots of computer stuff on Ebay lately and that cable is somewhere in the abyss known as "The Study" and Mommy and us have been scared to go down there lately to look for it!!

In other news, the Cabin Boy is growing big and strong. At least check he was almost three whole weeks ahead and getting bigger everyday. Unfortunately, when they stole Mommy's bloods a few weeks ago they discovered that she has something called di-a-bee-tus from the Cabin Boy. Do you know what this means kitties? NO ICECREAM OR FRENCHY FRIES FOR US!! We is not happy about this at all!! Mommy says that when the Cabin Boy gets here we will be able to have ice cream and frenchy fries again but that is such a long time away. Purrageous Mom: It's less than two months kitties. He will be here around Turkey Time. See, it is a LONG TIME!!!

Finally, we just wanted to say that Mommy has a sad today. She found out last night that a Special Person passed away on Tuesday. This Special Person was like an adopted grandfather to her while she was growing up from a kitten and she is very sad. He passed away on the 6th anniversary of Daddy's brother's death so it has been a sad week all around.