Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Fagin


Yep, today it has been one year since FAGIN came to live with Mommy and Daddy and Samwise and Captain Jack and Beaux and Dante. YAY!!! It is hard for FAGIN to remember that he ever lived anywhere else but FAGIN did for a few weeks before he got to come HOME furrever and ever. Anyway, Mommy says we cna have a party to celeybrate FAGIN's Gotcha Day and not just any kinda party - a Kitteh Slumber Partay!!

So come on over, bring your favorite blankets, cups, beds, snuggles, everything and we can have a real live slumber partay. Mommy says we can stay up late watching movies and eating NOMS! We'll have hamms and chick-hens and steaks and shrimps and fishes and cheezburgers too. We also have tons of toys (including FAGIN's Cheese Chase game) but bring your own too and we can have one wild night. What's that Mommy? Oh. Mommy says to say to tell your beans that she and Daddy will be here t0 supervise (and scoop the boxes and cook the NOMS) so we will be chap-e-roned. We hope you can make it. We will PLAYPLAYPLAY all night long!! YAY!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Heya kitties, it's ME, FAGIN! YAY!! Mommy said that I should do this week's Thankful Thursday post cause guess what Saturday is!! GUESS GUESS GUESS!!! Here, I has a hint for you:
Do you know? Can you guess?? Well kitties, Saturday is FAGIN'S FIRST EVER GOTCHA DAY!!! YAY!!! Yep, it means that FAGIN has been living with Mommy and Daddy and Samwise and Captain Jack and Beaux and Dante for ONE WHOLE YEAR!! YAY!! Do you remember these pictures??FAGIN'S first meeting with the bestest big brofurr ever, Dante!! YAY!!! Do you kitties remember that Dante never once growled at FAGIN but immediately began to PLAYPLAYPLAY with me?? He's is AWESOME!!Ah, when FAGIN first met the Cheese Chase game. Look at how TINY I was!! FAGIN was playing on the kitchen table here if you can believe it. I remember when FAGIN was little I would sit on one side of the game and Dante would sit on the other and we would BAP the play back and forth to each other!! FAGIN still PLAYPLAYPLAYs with this game sometimes.

So kitties, this week FAGIN is thankful for his furrever home, and to Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave for keeping FAGIN alive and healthy so that FAGIN got to come home. Mommy says FAGIN can have a par-tay on Saturday if ME wants. What do you kitties think? Should FAGIN have a Gotcha Day party?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kinda Wordy Wednesday

Aunt Susan has a coffee mug with this picture on it. While we've always liked it (cause birds are nummy) we have it on our bloggie today to show you what Mommy's day was like yesterday because this is what she looked like when she came home from day hunting. She was not pleased at all! Even when Daddy got home from his night hunting gig early and brought her a burnt marshmellow and nutella milkshake (they are nummy kitties! They are Mommy and our favorite milkshakes from Daddy's resturant) she STILL was not happy. And then Fagin and Samwise played in front of her and you know what kitties, she still looks like that nummy bird!! So kitties, we have got to figure out a way to make our Mommy smile again. We took turns sleeping with her overnight and Samwise did too but she is still not happy. Do you kitties have any ideas? Being cute and cuddly has only had a little effect and we need something BIG!! What do you kitties think?