Friday, September 19, 2008

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Aye me mateys! Welcome aboard the decks of the most fearsome of pirate ships, The Black Furrball. I am your Capt'n, Capt'n Jack Kitten and this be my first of mates, Sir Dante Barbossa and over there be our cabin kitten, Fagin The Kid. Welcome to the second annual Meow Like a Pirate Day adventure. As we get ready to make way to meet up with the most infamous of pirates, Cap'n Nels of the Cat o'Nine Tails and may want to get ready to look as fearsome as any good pirates should be. If ye did not bring ye own gear, we have some extras and you can get your eye patches, swords, and other pirate gear from this little fella. Make sure you know how to swing those blades about, as we plan to board any catnip or stinky goodness ships we may find along the way!!

Alas, ye might have heard tale that our human pirate lady, Red the Purrageous Mom, lost another pirate kitty last night - that magical pirate known on the Seven Seas as Merlyn the Magnificent and that our mission was almost aborted. Have no fear kitties, we thanks you for yer kind words, and Red has decided that Merlyn would want us kitties to pilage and plunder and today, we shall do so, in that kitty's name!! ME' ARRRRR!!!

Oh be ye a woofie, do not fear, Cap'n George of The George is docked right besides us so there be plenty of room for all!

Now sit back and relax, and if you fear your stomach is rumbling loud enough to summon the royal navy and give us pirates away, never ye fear! On the way to port this day we were able to round us up some grub and grog.

As you see we have a seafood extravaganza and below decks we have gastronomical delights the like of which ye have never before seen!! So eat, drink and be merry kitties, and we are off to find our destiny on the open sea. Cap'n Nels, we are on our way!! We shall find glory and treasure!! Now, all together, MEOW LIKE A PIRATE!!! ME'ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


The Meowers from Missouri said...

oh, woe! woe! woe! we mourns the untimely passin' o' magical merlyn the magnificent!!

we be heart-broken to hear these evil tidings!! it saddens the whole crew, even while our nostrils twich wi' the scent o' hammmmmm.

but we salutes ye fur carryin' on in th' tradition o' the sea--thank'ee! we be holdin' merlyn close this day--he will allus sail in our memory!!

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Me'Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, me mateys! Merlyn would be proud!

DEBRA said...

me'orrrrrrrr Merlyn me hearty we sail in yer honor...hoist the sails on the Mighty Black Furball and let us cast off...

purrs and headbutts
First mate Boolicious

Jimmy Joe said...

Yarr, it be a fine day for piratin' and plunderin' the shrimps!
Yer buddy, Grog-master Jim

Tybalt said...


Avast and Away, Me Hearties!!! There do be some fierce adventures ahead o' us! Fer that great kitty, Merlyn! *waves cutlass*

PB 'n J said...

We shall sail with a kitty angel on our side - the Magnificent Merlyn will help us to victory and glory!

We've brought the George along side and we're ready for battle! Me'Arrrr!
Deadeye Jake and Sealegs Bert

My Dashing and Dangerous Sir Dante Barbossa,
I'm at your side and ready to do battle!
Purrs and Piratey Nosekisses,
The Black Pearl

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Me'arrr, we be here to sail in honor of Merlyn da Magnificent. Be der grog der be us. Set sail Cap'n Jack 'n be ye ashured we is sea worthy pirate kitties.

Kellykat said...

Avast me hearties! We shall go forth on this journey in the Magnificent Merlyn's name.

I be here to offer me soul and me sword to the Black Furrball.

I be afraid me scullery maid be tagging along behind me, perhaps she could walk the plank.

-Stryder (& Scotchy)

Tesla said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! May i join yoo in yoor quest fur golds?!

Gattina said...

You look terrific ! Arthur and Rosie will storm your ship and help themselves with the good food !

Isis said...

I'm coming with you guys!

Beezer said...

Me will drink a o'da grog in honor of the most won'erfull mancat Merlyn!
Who will join me? All a yous scally wags I'm talking to you!
A toast to Merlyn!
Arrrrrgggg! Dat be fine grog.

Now, shiver me timbers an' weigh anchor -- dar be adventure on the horizon, and booty for all!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh the only ship to be on!!! Merlyn would want us to keep going on.


Rossetti and Kirara said...

Purrmission ta come aboard, Cap'n?

We would join this fearsome crew, and pillage with all our kitty furriends!!!! Rossetti and I raise our mugs o grog to our fallen comrade, Merlyn. A fine, magical cat, be he!

Find us da horizon, good Cap,n and let's shove off to ports unknown fur adventures both great n small...


Rossetti and Kirara

The Meezers said...


FAGIN!!!! swashbuckle!!!! PLAY!!!!! swab the deck!!!! (what does SWAB mean?) - Billy

Shadow / Molly said...

Capt Jack! We request the permission to board the ship. We already claimed mutiny on the mutt who was the captain of our ship to here.

Mr. Tigger said...

Ahoy, meorrrrrrrrrrrr!, me mateys, shiver me timbers! Aye, we have an angel on be side today, Magical Merlyn, shiver me timbers! we be reporrtin' for duty adn ready t' sail the se'en seea with you, Cap'n Jack and the Black Furball Crew! Yarrrrrr!
Ye scurvey FL mateys,
Kat Backstabber n' Black Blood n' Guts

Kellie The Orange Cat said...


Oh, being a pirate is so much fun! I love riding the waves on The Black Furrball!

I have an award for you over at my blog.

Have a great weekend guys and stay close to the Mum.

Daisy said...

Merlyn the Magnificent would be proud! I am so glad to board The Black Furrball and share in yer grub and grog and reminisce about all the brave pirate cats.

The Crew said...

Yo ho, ho & a bottle o' rum!! What a fine feast ye've put out, Jack. We'll eat a shrimp in honor o' Merlyn the Magnificent.

Kimo and Sabi said...

Arrrg! WE welcome the delight of yer bountiful buffet!

The Island Cats said...

Arrrrrr! We're setting sail with ye, Capt'n Jack! Save us some of yer grub and grog...less ye be walking the plank!

Mad Redbeard Wally, Black Neck Snapper Ernie & Bloody Mistress of Death Zoey

Arrrrr! We're sorry to hear about Red the Purrageous' loss....

George the Pup said...

Ahoy the ship! Ahoy, Black Furrball! The George is here to take on the might battle with you!

Beaux, you are the best first mate a pup could ask for! Maybe if we're done sailing soon we could watch the sunset together?
Gunwalls George

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

We raize da schoonerz o' nip, in homage to da Mighty Merlyn!!! Arrr Arrr! May he travful on peg legzez to da magical world of da Bridge!!! ArrrArrr!

aJ said...

ahoy, matey!
my KOGA is an avid pirate cubb.
he's much overjoyed to found fellow furriends sailing the mighty seas.
he asks to join the crew.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Ahoy to the crew of the Black Furrball! We be here to help on the plundering and pillaging. We thinks we should plunder a PetSmart.

First, a swig of grog in the memory of Merlyn the Magnificent. Gar

Tiger Lily said...

We mourn the passin' o' such a great pirate as Merlyn the Magnificent 'n send our {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to Red the Purrageous Mom.

We actually convinced Mom to let us post today! Ye'll laff at our pirate gear but we had t' join ye 'n the Meowers from Missouri on such a fun-soundin' adventure. Today we sail in honor o' Merlyn.

Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

China Cat said...

Oh, woe! I be so sorry for the untimely demise of the Magnificent Merlyn. However I be here to help with the plundering in honor of Merlyn and for the honor of the Black Furball.

Arrrgh, China Cat aka Mad Charity Bonney today

Willow said...

Avast, me hearties, I be here to join in the plundering for the honor of Red the Purrageous Mom's Magnificent Merlyn.

Aaarghs and purrs, Willow aka Calico Bess Rackham

HotMBC said...

Aye n Red be a brave pirate. Salutes to ya for hoistin the sales!
(And fanks for all the fish)

Black Cat said...

Aaaaarrrhhh! Magnificent grub and great post. I iz very sorry for your Mom's loss too.

Bozonerous the Atrocious and the Scurvy Black Old Deckhand:) xxx

Mickey said...

Ready to follow Captain Jack!!!
WE will pause a moment and pay
tribute to Merlyn the Magnificent!!
We can only hope to live up to his fine standards!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Pirate Mick the sword Test Dummy
Pegleg Bessie Backstabber
Smugglin Shakira Hawkins

whatloknows said...

Well done matey!

Sooo cute too, have to say.

How does my mom sign up my sister Lucky for the black furball?

wlk crew

Mr. Echo said...

Ahoy, this has been the best pirate ad'enture e'er. Me parrot wood concur, but alas he's bin serrved fur dinner. Gar!

And we praise ye for the golden utterances of purrayer for our sick and ailin mother. She's bak abord ship and we don't think we'll need to consign her to the briney deep jes yet.

One-Eyed Jack said...

MeARRRR! We be raisin' a toast to the Magical Merlyn with this here grog!

And gives us another, for we be needing it this fine day, what with our treacherous Opposable Thumb Wench bein' up to no good!

~One Eyed Jack

Oooooooo! Shrimps!!!! MeARRRRR!

~Persephone the Pirate Princess

whatloknows said...

Hey fellow furballer!

Its Saturday, and mom posted a story about me the black furball.

Come see.
Is there a badge for us shadow kitties?

Sunny's Mommy said...

That's a spectacular seafood extravaganza you had yesterday! I'm sorry my cats missed it.

Purrs and hugs for your Mommy on Merlyn's passing to the Bridge.