Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Guess what kitties? It is our Daddy's Birthday!! YAY!! Dante is most excited about this as Daddy is his human. He made this graphic for Daddy and is preparing to purr and purr at him all night.

Look, we even made Daddy a cake!! We hope he doesn't mind a few cat hairs here and there!! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
Happy Birthday Daddy!! We all love you very much!! YAY!!!

We hope every kitty, woofie, bean, bun - all of our friends - has a very good weekend. Mommy also wanted to thank all of you for your continud purrs and purrayers. We intend to lay on her all weekend so she is forced to rest! Have a good Friday!!! YAY!!


Colby and Cheddar said...

Happy Birthday to your bean! Dat cake looks delicious! Cheddar wants to eat it up, so I's holding him back, cause he is fat enuff already. We hope your Mommy feels good today, cause that will make the Daddy smile, too!

Purrs to your gang,

Chance said...

Happy Purrffday to yur Daddy! Mayk shur yoo givs him extwa purrss an kitteh kissies frum me. Oh an sum sloppie woofie liks frum Shadow too!

PB 'n J said...

Happy Purrthday Purrageous Dad!!! Jake agrees with Dante - he thinks Daddy's are the best too!

Don't forget to stop by and pick up the special present we have for your guys :-)

Hugs and Loves and Purrs to my Dashing Pirate ManCat!
Your Pirate Girl Pearl

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

ZOOLATRY said...

Yup, everything is better with cat-hairs on it, or in it...
Happy Happy Purrthday to your Dad.

Tybalt said...

Happy Birthday to your daddy!!!

Daisy said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Happy 44th Birthday to your Daddy :-D I hope he has a wonderful birthday!

PS: Have a great weekend siting on your Mommy and making sure she rests :-)

DEBRA said...


Tell your Daddy Happy Purrday! Guess what? It's our Momma purrday today too! Your Daddy and my Momma are virgos...oh and guess what else? My Daddy purrday is in two weeks!

Captain Jack wanna come ofur and have some cake?(Please bring Dante and Fagin too!)

Purrs and Headbumpies
Your devoted lady love
Miss Boo

Shadow / Molly said...

Happy Purrthday to your dad Sir Dante! Is yoo goin to take him out on the pirate ship too?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Have a wonderful day and don't eat too much cake!

Parker said...

Happy Birthday Dad!
Enjoy your special day!

Derby said...

Happy Purrthday to The Dad.

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Happy Belated Birthday Purrageous Pirates Dad!
Your FL furiends,