Monday, September 22, 2008

Mancat Monday

Hiya kitties, Captain Jack and Dante here - no Kid this morning as he is in the PTU on his way to get his hoohaa-ectomy. We do not think he ever guessed what was going on - not even when Mommy picked up all the food and water bowls last night. Heck, he didn't even seem to care much when Mommy did not listen to our demands for treats this morning and instead said "I know Jack and Dante and I am sorry. You will have to wait until Fagin gets into the PTU to get somethng to eat cause you know he cannot have any." Sigh. And people wonder why we say the Kid drives us nuts! Well, if you can please purr for Fagin today. Mommy is a bit nervous as you know.

One more thing - as you may know Fagin did prove himself on the adventuring for Meow Like a Pirate Day (go here to learn about it) so we have decided to promote him from Cabin Kitten to something else. Since today is such an auspicious day, we thought that we will surprise him with his new name and title when he gets home from his hoohaa-ectomy. Since Captain Jack is obviously the Captain and Sir Dante Barbossa is First Mate - we ask you kitties - what should Fagin be called??


Anonymous said...

We think Fagin should be Commodore in Training! We think he has unlimited potentai!

Anonymous said...

Unlimited potential... not potentai, because that's just silly.

Tybalt said...

Does he get to be the Second Mate now?

Junior said...

We will be purring for Fagin....but we have no idea what rank to promote him to.

PB 'n J said...

Three cheers for "Fearless Fagin the Fine Second Mate"! Sounds kinda good huh?

Dood, we're so sorry about the hoo-ha-ectomy, but you won't miss them much after a while. - Jake and Bert

My Dashing Pirate ManCat,
You look so adventurous sitting in the windows! My how I love looking at those pictures of you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Purrs and nosekisses,
Your Black Pearl

whatloknows said...

You are a gorgeous kittycat Mr. Mcat.


lucky, june and pengs
-wlk crew

Daisy said...

I think Fagin will be so excited about his promotion from Cabin Kitten, he will not even notice his missing parts.

DEBRA said...

Captain Jack
I think Daisy is right. He will be so excited to be promoted from Cabin Kitty to (maybe) second mate's that he won't notice his itty parts are gone..oh we are purrin for Fagin and we hope he feels OK when he gets home with efurryone...

Purrs and Headbutts
Your devoted lady love
Miss Boo

The Meezers said...


We would tell billy to not ask Fagin to play after his hoo-ha-ectomy, but after Billy hadded his, he was bouncing off the walls at the v-e-t and at home. So he doesn't know it's supposed to hurt

Fat Eric said...

Hmm...Midshipman Fagin? Second Mate Fagin? Purrsonally I like the sound of Bo'sun Fagin!

Hope his little "procedure" goes smoothly!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh, we are purring very hard for Fagin. Is he home yet? We hope that his procedure went well! Wow....he is getting a promotion! That is fantastic! Hmmm....we don't know much about the different levels of pirates.

Fagin, we hope you are doing well!

The Island Cats said...

We hope Fagin's hoohaa-ectomy goes well. And we're glad he's finally getting a promotion. That should make him feel better.

Wally & Ernie