Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fagin Good Kitten

Kitties, ME think ME is saved!! You know how I told you kitties yesterday that ME lives with Samwise Santa Paws? Well, ME think Samwise Santa Paws may have forgotten all about BAD FAGIN because while FAGIN was nice all last night, Beaux was BAD!! And ME mean BAD!!

First, Beaux pulled on the table cloth and knocked all of our kitty food to the ground AND a mug of Mommy's too. The mug shattered and Mommy and Daddy were not happy. Then, Beaux chased us a lot and gots in BIG TROUBLE for that. And THEN, Beaux ATE MOMMY'S EYEGLASSES!! ME not kidding - he chewed up one whole side to the point Mommy said she is gonna have to buy new ones cause you cannot fix the old ones. Mommy has contacts so she is not blind but she is not happy at all.

So I think ME am safe kitties!! Beaux is the BAD ONE and I made it a point to be cute and cuddly and even gave Mommy and Daddy the Puss-in-Boots look - you kitties know that look - this one!!Mommy said all ME needed was a hat and ME would have been PURRFECT!! hehehehehehe. See Samwise Santa Paws? ME good kitten. Nice, sweet kitten. Me should gets LOTS of TOYS and TREATS!! YAY!!!!!


Chance said...

I wouldn't worry about being bad to Samwise Fagin. You're a kitty and Sam is a Woofie. Kitties are supposed to be bad to woofies so woofies know that kitties are in charge. Whapping and bitey of the woofie tail is actually a good kittie thing to do! Course Beauz being a naughty woofie helps too. Hehehe.

DEBRA said...

We think you are in the clear, but Samwise might find some coal in his christmas stocking this year!

Purrs and headbumpies
Your devoted lady love
Miss Boo

Daisy said...

I think as long as you are more good than bad, then every cat and dog will get presents from Santa Claws!

Sunny's Mommy said...

What a relief you don't have to worry now. Beaux will be the one getting coal in his stocking ;-)

The Crew said...

If in doubt, blame it on the dawg, Fagin. It works every time!

Merry Christmas you guys, and to your family too.

The Crw

PB 'n J said...

Well that's a relief Fagin - if Beaux is worse than you, then you won't get the coal in your stocking!

My darling Dante,
I await your rescue, I only hope you can get here through all the snow! I'll be here trashing the house until your arrival.
Purrs and Nosekisses,
Your Black Pearl

George the Pup said...

Um Fagin, Are you sure it wasn't you that did all that stuff? I just can't believe that the most handsome and galant pirate pup Beaux could have done all those things!

Dear Beaux,
I'm certain that the kitties mus have framed you - I know that I get blamed for stuff that they do all the time (like when they slobber-chew a fuzzy mouse beyond all recognition and then leave it in my bed). I'm sure santa paws saw it all and you won't get coal in your stocking.
Woofs and wags,

The Island Cats said...

See Fagin...we knew you'd be okay...but we're a little worried about Beaux!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Fagin, thank goodness Beaux was such a bad boy - now you look so good that Santa Paws is sure to give you good stuff.

Anonymous said...

heheh Fagin as if you wouldn't but with pulling "that" face I bet there is going to be heaps heaps more! :))


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh Fagin! That is great news you don't have to worry anymore. I think Beaux is OK too. Santa Paws is very forgiving and he understands we can't be good ALL the time.

Mommy promises to email soon. She is very tired by the time she gets done with work and Christmas stuff and we go to bed VERY early right now.

So far so good tho!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh man, sounds like Beaux is gonna get coal! Yeah, we think yoor in da clear Fagin...