Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Hi kitties!! Do you like my new blanket? Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave brought it back for me from New Orleans (It's an LSU blanket with Mike the Tiger on it!). They say it is really for all of us (Mommy and Daddy too) but I know that its really mine. I am the Captain, and therefore, everything is mine! In fact, I have been laying here on my new blanket thinking about LK coming to live here and have decided that LK can only come here under these 13 conditions:

1. He has to be the cabin boy. I am the Captain and I shall always be the Captain.
2. He cannot have more treats than me, ever - not even on his purrthday.
3. New toys have to be inspected by me before he can play with them.
4. The Nip is mine! And the chick-hen! So is the rum!! And the stinky goodness (I will share with Dante)!!
5. Samwise and I sleep on the bed. We have this right. No one else does.
6. In the den, I get to look out one window and Dante gets the other. LK will have to wait until someone moves if he wants a window - we are not sharing!
7. Mommy is mine. I only share with Samwise. LK can have Daddy with Dante and Beaux.
8. On the porch, I get the corners to sit in and look out on my domain (backyard) and I do not share.
9. Window hunting for birdies is my hobby and again, I do not share.
10. LK can lay on the antique cat bed, as long as he stays on the other side and fetches my drinks when I want them.
11. LK has to stop beating up Samwise. If he hurts my woofie, I will be very displeased.
12. What's mine is mine and what is his is also mine!
13. LK cannot have my LSU blanket. I really like it.

In fact, I think I will lay here the rest of the day and think up more rules for the little squirt!! Or I may dream about my Pirate Lady Love. Oh yes, I shall dream of my Absolutely Beautiful Lady Boo - unless she would care to come and share my new blanket? I would share everything and anything with My Lady Love!!!


Kelly Cat said...

Excellent blanket, Captain! I see two fierce felines in that picture. No one would dare try to take the blanket away from you.

Tybalt said...

I'll keep my paws crossed that LK learns all of those rules quickly.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That's a great blanket, Jack. Those are good rules, but we think you'll have to share some things with LK.

DEBRA said...

Oh Captain Jack
I would love to come over and share your new blanket. It looks very comfy and warm and snugglin up to you would make all my purrs go into overdrive.
LK is going to have to learn to share...and I think since he is a little tyke he will be amendable to learning the ropes..or else walk the plank.

Your devoted and loyal lady love
Miss Boo

Daisy said...

I think those are fair rules, and I'll bet LK will like to be the Cabin Boy!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

I tried all those rules before Empress came. :( It didn't work out so well. Now there is a puppy too. At least she can't steal my cat perch spots! ~Queen Snickers

PB & J said...

Wow that's a lot of rules for such a little kitty! Hope he's a quick learner!

Dearest Dante,
Of course the invitation is for today as well, any day that you would like to visit! It is wonderfully sunny again and may even creep into the 50s (that's big news!).

Purrs and headbumps,
Your Pirate Girl Pearl

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I am wondering how long those rules will last once LK gets there!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

Captain Jack, that is a very nice blanket and the rules you have set out for LK sound reasonable for me.

I keep trying to think of a great pirate name for LK, but can't. I do like Oliver though.

Lux said...

I love you on that blanket - the colors are quite nice! You'd best give that list to LK so he can get used to it!

The Furry Kids said...

That looks like a great blankie! I hope LK learns the rules super fast. Some of them sound super tough.


TT said...

That blankie looks very warm. Do you at least share it with Samwise?

LK is very lucky to have a great household!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I believe continuing to think up new rules for LK is too stressful for you. Think about Lady Boo instead ;-)

SophieKitty said...

Your new blanket looks very comfy. Your rules are very strict, you may want to rethink those if you like the Little Guy.

Jimmy Joe said...

Those are good rules, Captain. Tough, but fair. You know, there was a famous pirate named Kidd. Maybe you could just call LK the Kidd Pirate.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, nice blankie! Dude, we are not so sure about LK being cabin boy immediately...he's young and will need proper training and he'll need to grow some afore he can fetch yoo drinks. But we bet he'll learn real fast and be a great cabin boy.

Karen Jo said...

Those rules are pretty tough, Captain. I think you may end up sharing a bit more than you think now.