Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kinda Wordy Wednesay

How many kitties can you spot playing in the new cat cubes in this picture?
Captain Jack says: Keep that kitten away from me or you both get the laser eyes!!

Can You Help to Name the New V-E-T Clinic?!
Now for the Wordy part. As you guys probably already know, our Aunt Susan (who rescued Dante and Fagin) is also Dr. Aunt Susan, our V-E-T. Currently she is working as an emergency vet at a large clinic. Well, we have exciting news. Aunt Susan will be opening her own practice/clinic in the fall! And Aunt Susan needs the blogosphere's help too!!

Aunt Susan is trying to figure out what she should name her new clinic and she has asked us to get all of you involved. The clinic will be in historic Norcross, GA (in the historic downtown section if you google it). So far she has come up with two names and they are:

1. Sherwood Forest Veterinary Clinic
2. Ye Olde Norcross Veterinary Clinic

Now, Aunt Susan is willing to consider any and all suggestions that you have so you can cast your vote for an existing name or recommend an entirely new one! If you recommend a new name and she picks it, she promises to send you a prize package! Mommy says that we may just pick a winner somehow from everyone who enters a vote or suggestion and send them goodies too. We're going to make this a sticky post tommorow and keep the contest going for a few days (we'll find out when she wants to end it) and if you have any questions that we can answer to help you come up with a name, let us know and we will answer. Thanks for your help guys! We know Aunt Susan will appreciate it!


TT said...

We likes the Sherwood Forest one.

What's about the BIG kitty she helpeds take care of, that just went to the Bridge not long ago, names it after him/her? (I can't seems to recall what the kittys name was, but I knows it was a huge wild kind.)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We like the Sherwood Forest one better too butthey're both so long. (Jan hates writing out the long name of our vet clinic and wishes it were shorter.)

She suggests Norcross Animal Clinic. Short, easy to remember, and easy to spell. And since we can't think of another name to suggest, we'll just submit her suggestion.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

What about "Norcross Arbours Vet Clinic" or something like that? It seems to be a really nice name these days (Meowmy owns an architectural firm). Something calming is always great for stressed pets and humans. Also, when looking in the phone book people love names that have the town in them especially in historic towns. Its VERY exciting!!


The Meezers said...

how about Dr Aunt Susan's Vet Clinic?

ok, we like the Sherwood Forest one too.

DEBRA said...

Captain Jack
YOU look so dashingly handsome lying there on your blanket. Did you know you have the most handsome expressive eyes? I think I see two kitties in the cube, Dante are you have fun playing with Fagin? Oh goodie a contest. We are so happy that Auntie Susan will be opening her own clinic this is wonderful news. We will have to put our thinking caps on...

your loyal and devote lady pirate love
Miss Boo

Daisy said...

How exciting for your Dr. Aunt Susan! I wish I could go to her clinic, but I think it would be too far to drive. How about: "Creature Comforts" That sounds soothing to me.

Tybalt said...

I have a fondness for the Sherwood Forest . . . but I kind of like the Meezer's suggestion of Aunt Susan . . .that way people could tell their kitties "Don't worry, we are just going to Aunt Susan's!" That sounds a lot less scary than going to a v-e-t.

PB & J said...

Oh all the names are good, but we do kind of like the Meezer's suggestion. It sounds good "we're going to Aunt Susan's, be back soon!" - it doesn't sound scary or pokey at all!

Sweet Dante those new cubes of yours show of your handsome ginger furs so well! I think I can see Fagin there as well, but I only have eyes for you!

Purrs and Headbumps,
Your Black Pearl

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

I see Dante and Fagin in the cubes! I just love how Dante likes to play with baby Fagin, it is just so darn cute! I like your new cubes, mine are pink and for some reason whenever I go in them I like to howl : )

How exciting for Dr. Aunt Susan, that is such a great accomplishment to start your own clinic! I will try to think of a name and get back to you.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We don't like long names either. The one we go to is Norwood Animal Clinic the Home of Planned Pethood, but effuryone just sez Norwood. So if yoo call it Sherwood Forest dey could just say Sherwood! Mom likes da idea of telling us we is going to see Aunt Susan...much less scary.

goldenshade said...

We like Sherwood Forest. Has a magical ring to it!

Purrs, Shade and Goldie

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

If you did Sherwood Forest you could decorate with the Disney version of Robin Hood, very cute!! ~Queen Snickers

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

We like the Norcross one. Maybe add a "The." Like it is "THE" Norcross clinic (kinda like "THE" Ohio State University.

no Bendrix, we aren't going to suggest she call it "Aunt Susan's we'll kick your VET's butt to get your pets better clinic"

2 two 2 kitties in a cube! you take all the time you need Jack. I hope you're not lonely with Dante and Fagin being buds.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I liked the Sherwood Forest--it made me laugh--and I bet people won't forget it! :)

SophieKitty said...

I like Sherwood Forest!

Skeeter, LC, and Ayla said...

Wow, guys, we can't read read yer post on that wallpaper! We only found the comment link by guessin where it was (an then it lit up). Are we doin somethin wrong?

Jimmy Joe said...

How 'bout "Auntie Susan's Vet Shack"? Too country?
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Derby said...

I thinks she should call it

"Dr Aunt Susan Pet Clinic"

very homey!

Camie's Kitties said...

We too immediately thought of Dr. Aunt Susan's Vet Clinic or something similar. There is just something about getting to go to your Aunt Susan that is better that going to the dreaded V-E-T. But of the two given - we like Sherwood Forrest better.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

The Furry Kids said...

Samwise, I tagged you for a meme.

Your pal,

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Well, we like Sherwood Forest (is that Aunt Susan's last name?). But we also agree with others that:

Aunt Susan's Vet Clinic would be purrfect!

We see two kitties in the cubes! Hi Fagin & Dante! Captain, are you enjoying some alone time?

Lux said...

I like the Sherwood Forest one best!

Poppy Q said...

Yup we like the Sherwood Forest one too. Good luck Aunt Susan in your new business.

The things we like about our vet are:
- they ring up a couple of days after you has gone home to check how you is doing.
-if you stay in their cattery they check your teeths are ok, and you are not too fat. And your mum gets a report card about how much you ate and if you wanted cuddles while she was away.
- they do home delivery pet food
- they send out sypathy cards when your bet goes to the bridge.
They are super nice folks too!

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...

I like Purrageous Pet Clinic. It might be a little catcentric but then I'm a cat.

Sue me.

You could add Howlific but then again dogs can't read...